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CRASH! The sound of toppling trashcans woke up the "Eevee". Well sure it was a Eevee but it was different, it looked like a fusion between a Eevee and a Scraggy. The fusion got up and brushed off the trash. The fusion saw a Oran berry with a rotten spot and ate it, who would waste such a good berry. Then they heard something, it was footsteps! They ran to hide but fell due to their baggy "pants". Suddenly they were picked up gently by a Lycanroc's jaws as they went to sleep. "Hello? Hello?" The fusion woke up to a fusion between a Zubat and a Pichu. They had a goofy smile and big ears, they would be a great plush if they had eyes. The fusion noticed their opened wings, it was yellow thunderbolts with a purple background. "Heeello?" The fusion said, waving her paw in the fusion's face "Are you deaf? Can you hear me?" "Y-Yes" The fusion whispered, starting to shake "Oh cool, my name is Zubi" Zubi smiled again, her grin still goofy "I always wanted to meet another fusion that's my own age! Also what's your name?" "I don't have one" The fusion realized they had some berry stains on their pants "Hmm, maybe Stain?" Zubi responded "Sorry if that sounds mean" "No it's fine" Stain said "Most trainers called me worst things than that" "Oh that's sad" Zubi hugged Stain "But it'll get better, I promise" Then another fusion between a Lycanroc and a Skuntank came over to them. Stain hugged Zubi in fear since she heard about the danger of mother Sunktank and why messing with their little ones is a bad idea. Plus Midnight Lyranocs are excellent at fighting so it was a fight or flight situation and Stain was weak as a baby pokemon. "Dearie, who's that?" Stain's fear stopped after hearing the pokemon's strange motherly voice, she felt so calm "Oh it's my new pal, Stain" Zubi happily explained "I named her that because she has stains on her pants" "Yeah, trainers called me worse things" Stain still had some fear in her voice but it seemed to wore off "Oh, I will give your little new friend a tour then" The fusion nuzzled Zubi as Zubi let out a giggle. To be continued..
Hey gamers Whatup it's me ya girl, Storm. I'll hold your eggs and feed your pokemon because I want you to succeed in life Avatar made by KitKatta

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