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What do you spend GP on?

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Whimbie's AvatarWhimbie
Whimbie's Avatar
Well, I used to spend it like crazy when I first started and felt the need to buy every upgrade possible as soon as possible (I was also oddly obsessed with coloring Kecleon for some reason when I first found out about that feature???? Can't remember why....), but now I'm less active on here than I used to be, so I hoard it like crazy. My current count is 18,231. I really should do something with it, like buy shinies or albinoes or custom sprites or something. I'm lacking like 98% of shiny and albino dexes.
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Dark Deltas. I'm obsessed. Especially when I see auctions, I just can't help but pour Gold on the auctioneers. It doesn't even really matter what the Pokemon is or if I already have it. I am simple girl. I see Dark Delta for sale, I buy. I currently have 200+ and there's no stopping me.
By Mataamoja
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6530b's Avatar6530b
6530b's Avatar
Latest large purchase was dexes... 185 gp. Before that it was shelter pass X. I'm saving up to trade for zc currently though!
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Karakara's AvatarKarakara
Karakara's Avatar
I spend GP only ooooonly on Persephone days of at least 10% and only on Day Care Passes and Lucky Eggs. c: In between I regather GP in order to do so again and always hold a solid amount of both these items at my disposal to drag me through some GP-discount-dry spells (you know less than 10% discount days xD) *sits on a lovely chunk of gold*
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Mostly on Mega Evolutions, I have a lot of gold so it's easy to Mega evolve my Pokemon without spending most of my credits on it. I also use it in shops, too.
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