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The Shadowed Stars

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Characters that appear in this chapter: ??? (An unknown pokemon!) ~Prologue~ A lone pokemon was walking through the forest. "Mommy?" It cried. "Daddy?" It continued on, their tail brushing the dead leaves on the ground. The full moon glowed overhead, its beams scattered by the branches. The shadows seemed to be glaring at the young pokemon. Lightning crackled through the air. The pokemon, now very spooked, ran into the nearest shelter. It was a shack. It was the old, beat-up kind. And within that shack, there was something that would change the course of this pokemon's life. Forever.
Profile picture base by Recolor2001 on devianart ~Flippy the albino litten
Madeleine2187's AvatarMadeleine2187
Madeleine2187's Avatar
Characters that appear in this chapter: (PoV) (Dusky) (Light) ~Chapter 1~ "Hurry up!" an albino Rockruff cried. "What could it POSSIBLY be this time, Dusky?" I groaned "You'll see!" Dusky said, bounding towards a hill in a clearing. The foest around cast shadows that reached to the base of the hill. The grass looked orange in the dusk light. A tree that bore the most delicious pecha berries grew on the top. It was tall with twisted brances. It too had and orange color to it. My home, I thought. A smile broke across my face. Dusky ran up the hill, her tail wagging excitedly. She squeezed into the hole by the tree roots. I followed. We went down a tunnel to the main room. There was a piece of flatwood to put stuff on. A rug of bright green leaves sat on the floor. Slabs of wood with Mareep wool on them were used as seats. Torches lit up the room, making it so everyone could see. It wasn't much, but it was all we had. I noticed there was something wrapped in dark green leaves sitting on the flatwood. "Happy Hatching Day!" all the pokemon in there yelled. I nearly ran out of the room out of embarrassment. "Thanks guys," I said. "Open the gift!" an albino ralts said, gestering to the leaves. "Ok, Light," I said. I walked over to the flatwood. Probably another one of Dusky's pranks, I thought. I carefully moved the leaves. Under them was an everstone on a silver chain necklace.

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