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delta shiny gragon ufa

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ashtx's Avatarashtx
ashtx's Avatar
gragon are 10k ehp exclusives


sb: 200zc hb:


sb: 200zc hb: Ecalypse - Tidal bell, white stone, and 95 ZC (200)


sb: 200zc hb: SubwayWolf - 200zc (200)


sb: 200zc hb: Jøltz - e flute and tidal bell (200)
albino delta gragon for auction rules: snipe guard: if a bid is placed within the hour before auction's end time the auction will be extended an hour increments of 10zc/equiv 10zc: 50gp : 50k cr ratio

summon worth

ice statue
thunder feather
gs ball
victory medal
fujin's lamp
cobalt epee
terracotta epee
lono idol
magma stone
100k cr, 100gp or 20zc
rock statue
steel statue
gold statue
inari's lamp
diamond tiara
soul heart
fire fang
thunder fang
gracidea seed
wishing stone
apprentice's epee
kane idol
kanaloa idol
ku idol
fire feather
150k cr, 150gp or 30zc
ice feather
viridian epee
ice fang
adamant orb
lustrous orb
griseous orb
life antler
death wing
hyperspace ring
sea crown
lunar wing
200k cr, 200gp or 40zc
clear bell
tidal bell
sapphire orb
ruby orb
komainu figurine
origin sash
helix orb
black stone
order's crest
lucky seal
plasma koa
250k cr, 250gp or 50zc
nightmare shroud
white stone
gray stone
spectral leiomano
red soul dew
blue soul dew
cloned sash
ancient drive
275k cr, 275 GP, or 55 ZC
jade orb
mage orb
music box
500k cr, 500gp, or 100zc
eclipse flute
azure flute
black prism
750k cr, 750gp, or 150zc
beast ball
1000k cr, 1000gp, or 200zc
boxboxes are worth 100zc; delta points
in the form of s/a/m mons
are worth 2zc per 1dp auctions will end on reset for aug 25th
SubwayWolf's AvatarSubwayWolf
SubwayWolf's Avatar
zc sb on steel!
zack - journal - shop - july '19 team buying: deltas avatar: official gen 4 sprite
Jøltz's AvatarJøltz
Jøltz's Avatar
An Eclipse Flute plus a Tidal Bell on the Ice one please c:?
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Ecalypse's AvatarEcalypse
Ecalypse's Avatar
Tidal bell, white stone, and 95 ZC on the grass delta? :>
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ashtx's Avatarashtx
ashtx's Avatar
all updated!
ashtx's Avatarashtx
ashtx's Avatar

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