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🌟Field clearout sale!🌟 Shinies/Deltas/Exclusives/Legends

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Mass field clearout sale! Maybe you’ll find something you like? ^-^ I also have some free stuff too. Fields for sale: Every field marked “UFT,” or any field with Pokémon that I mention here. Also, anything in my “Dropoff” field is free. (No fields marked “storage” are for sale. Furthermore, no melans, shiny legends, or shinies/legends from my collection are for sale. Also, my Poochyena hoard is NOT for sale) Basically anything past my “Order of the Fountain” field is NOT for sale.
What is for sale? Shiny Espurr 80 gp/80k cr/16 zc (albinos are double) Delta Pokemon 45 gp/45k Cr/9 zc Legendary Pokemon 15 gp/15k cr/3 zc Azelf 5 gp/5k Cr/1 zc ^Buy two get one free^ Exclusives/Variants Each user gets to pick up to 5 free. Beyond that, it is 5 gp/5k cr/1 zc per. 90%+ Breeding Pairs 10 gp/10k cr/1 zc each Breeding Pairs <90% Free, just ask. Specific pokemon Glileo Breeding Pair: 25 gp/25k cr/5 zc Totem Togedemaru Pair: 40 gp/40k cr/8 zc
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Type Race Score: 744 I’m Flarina! :3 Feel free to message me about anything. ^-^ Signature by myself! Avatar made by Yukirona!
I have some polls in my Journal. I would greatly appreciate anyone that takes the time to check it out. ^-^
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Hello there! May I purchase this breeding pair: X X for 10k & get this shooting star clefariy please and thank you? ♥
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LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
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Could I have a 99% Magikarp pair? I’ll pay 10 GP for it!
PFP by me! Please also visit my trade shop, art shop, and joint art shop! Art Contest! Five prizes available! Ends August 31st, 2019 at Reset Time! Click on the banner for more details!
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Trades and gifts sent. :3

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