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Silver Coin Shop [5IV, 6IV, Training, S/A, DP]

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ReiJyan's AvatarReiJyan
ReiJyan's Avatar
Hey there :) I would like to buy your 5IV Amaura and 5IV Tyrunt. Is it more expensive since it is female? Also Im trying to breed 5IV Togepi. Do you already have that one? EDIT: And can I buy 5IV Orthrus, too?
Terriac's AvatarTerriac
Terriac's Avatar
Hi Rebecca, I'm wondering if there is any chance you have a 5iv Lunupine hiding in your hidden fields that I could rent, borrow or buy. Thanks for all your hard work! Also may I please buy this Ponyta?
Gengarmaster's AvatarGengarmaster
Gengarmaster's Avatar
how much is the albino gastly?
Terriac's AvatarTerriac
Terriac's Avatar
May I purchase this sandshrew? Thank you!
Rebecca Gold's AvatarRebecca Gold
Rebecca Gold's Avatar
Hello Gengarmaster! Thank you for posting in my shop and really sorry for late reply! Albino Gastly has set price- 90kcr/90gp/18zc. I'll send you trade and feel free to reject the trade if you don't like the price, or let me know here if you changed your mind.~
Vespasian's AvatarVespasian
Vespasian's Avatar
Hello! I want to buy shiny totodile and shiny cyndaquil for 100gold
Tabunne's AvatarTabunne
Tabunne's Avatar
Good afternoon! Can I please buy your shiny sentret and your albino cyndaquil for GP please? Thank you for your time. ^_^

Pages: 123··· 545556

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