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Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
Norman clicked in a grumble, rolling his eye and shaking his head. This... was why he was probably never gonna have kids. Plus social security probably wouldn't be that happy about it... point is, he floated on to his empty classroom.

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Look, don't touch
Ava walked into music class and said "I'm so sorry i'm late! I'm new and couldnt find the classroom." She went over to a piano and started breathing heavily..
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Toku got her papers and locker number "Now, The Reasonable thing to do is put my stuff away before i head to...Uhm...Music?" She said, Reading her paper and went to her locker, putting her Backpack away and carefully set her white flower crown on her head, then went to music class, Having a late pass she asked for from the office, and gave it to the teacher
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
Schatz swiped the late pass, grumbling and jerking a thumb behind him. If he had a visible mouth, it would have yawned. "Ya know how ta play acoustic?" Umbreon could learn Pyschic, right? ... eh. He didn't really care. The only other things they had free were maracas, a drumpad, and a couple cleaned wind and brass instruments.
“Uh, this is type advantages and disadvantages, right?” Drakor asks as he takes a few nervous steps towards an empty spot. “Sorry for interrupting, it’s my 1st day...”
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Toku gave a sort of nod and went looked over the other instruments, Deciding which one to play
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
The Darkrai rolled his eye. "This's music class, kid. Grab an instrument."
Ava sat down infront of the piano and started playing 'The legend of Zelda' theme..
Toku grumbled and Picked up a trumpet, Looking at it and sat down with it, Playing a small tune on it
“Uh, ok I guess...” Drakor says as he walks over to a flute. “I’ve played this before when I was little”. He brings it to his mouth and plays hot cross buns (look it up, it’s short but sweet)

Pages: 123··· 151617

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