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"Welcome to PokeSchool!" A Ninetails greets you. "I'm Mystic, one of the teachers. Are you looking to join our school? Apply here!


Note to teachers: Your room numbers/locations were randomly decided. Ask Mystic if you want to change locations! Type Advantages and Disadvantages - Room 101, taught by Ms. Kinara Effects of Status Conditions - Room 101, taught by Ms. Kinara Battle Tatics and Basic Battle Knowledge - Gym, taught by Mirage Music - Music Room, taught by Aqua Astronomy and Exploring the Universe - Astronomy tower, taught by Selene Mechanics and Machines - Room 126, taught by Norman
STORMY A strange storm-like Swablu flies in front of the new building. "Wow!" Stormy whispers, looking at the new PokeSchool. Stormy heads inside, and a Ninetails appears in front of Swablu. "Greetings, I am Mystic, one of the teachers!" Swablu looks at Mystic. "Okay...? Now where are my new classmates?"
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A Pachirisu of brown coloration walks in with a small smirk on her face. "Ok, hopefully there are no bullies he-" *bang* Cherry sees she walked into a red Buneary. "H-hey! That wasn't g-good of you! Y-you're a really mean person! Nyuh!" He snatches a small coin off of Cherry. "Huh? Oh, they only took a coin...wait, is that a stormcloud Swablu?!" Cherry paces over to the rare bird with a sense of glee running through her. "Hi! Who're you?"
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Stormy The storm swablu turned it's head. "Hello! I'm Stormy!" Stormy says. "Rain clouds trail wherever I go.... whether I want to or not. Even indoors! Oh, sorry!" A small storm cloud appears over the Pachirisu and starts to drizzle. "I can command my clouds to strike with thunder or rain hard, but I can't make them stop... you might want to move a little farther back, sorry!" Mystic Mystic entered the assembly room holding a clipboard with one of her tails, seeing Cherry and Zak arrive. Mystic approached Cherry and said, "Greetings, welcome to PokeSchool! You must be Cherry and Zak," Mystic said, looking at the clipboard. "I'm one of the teachers, Mystic! If you have something to say, don't hesitate to tell me. Class will begin after a while, please wait in the assembly room!"
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Cherry didn't mind getting wet. "Nah, it's fine! This frosting might come off easier now, since I'm a Chocolate Frosting Pachirisu and I like eating it. And yeah, I'm Cherry!" 'Oh God ', Cherry thinks. 'I hope Stormy doesn't think I'm weird for saying that. ' Zak just walks to the assembly hall, and pulls a pink scarf out of his bag before putting it on. He wraps the scarf around his mouth to hide he was blushing. "I sure made a bad impression on her... but she seems cute as well." ((To be clear, the first sentence is for Stormy while the second is for Mystic. And I'm referencing a character by how Zak is acting. Do you know it? Fine if you don't.))
Mystic Mystic looked at the clock and said, "Class will begin in a few more minutes! Come to me to recieve your locker numbers and locker combinations." Stormy went up to her. "Your locker is number 105, here's the combo! The lockers are over there," Mystic pointed to the right. Stormy accepted the piece of paper, and Mystic began handing out the locker combinations to students. Stormy Stormy headed to the area Mystic pointed at, and saw many lockers in the hallway. "Where is locker number 105..?" Stormy wondered aloud. "Oh! Here it is!" Stormy looked at the small piece of paper, entered the combination, and put the greyish blue backpack into the locker. "My stuff will be safe in there." Swablu said, and flew off. Stormy didn't notice the piece of paper with the combination number had fluttered to the ground near the locker.
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The red and pink vulpix was just walking to the poke me school, conscious. "Hope there are no bullies!" She thought. @any bully
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Selene and Nova

Selene and Nova A galaxy-like Lilligant floated into a space-themed classroom that was decorated with plants. Perfect room for her. Waddling behind her was a little Mime Jr, who was carrying a rather small backpack, and a small bag of cookies. The Lilligant landed on the ground, and looked at the Mime Jr. She couldn't help but tear up. "My little Nova is all grown up. Have a wonderful first day of school son." "Alright mom!" "Stay out of trouble. I know you like playing pranks, but for now, please keep those for at home, alright dear?" "Yeah yeah, you already told me to not play tricks at home!" "I know... I just wanted to make sure you got the message." "I got this mom! No need to worry!" Nova quickly hugged Selene, before running out of the room excitedly.


Honey A small, furry, bug like Pokémon began flying through the halls silently. She was only observing daily lives of students there. The Nidodrill, Honey, had no intrest in messing with others, although her nature begged to differ. But, she just kept buzzing along, looking for her locker.
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Aqua A Vaporeon arrives at a classroom with all sorts of instruments and music themed decorations. She looked around the room testing the instruments, making sure they're not broken. "Alright, everything is ready! Now I just need to wait for the students!" Maple A Pumpkaboo nervously floats into the school, carrying a small bag of things for class. She looked around, looking at the many students walking by. Maple didn't want to bump into any bullies on her first day, so she went to find her locker. Cosmo A Ralts enters the school with a few books in his bag. Okay, it's my first day of school! I wonder what I'll learn here today? Cosmo thought to himself, he went to find his locker.
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"Eh? Lockers? Guess I can find a way to keep stuff in there, huh." Zak walks past Stormy's locker and sees the combination for her locker on the ground. He picks it up and brings it over to Mystic. "Hey, i found this on the ground near locker 105... could you possibly return it to their owner? And, could I get my code too?"
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Drew As Drew walked up to the tall building that was his new school, he carefully carried a large bag of drawing stuff and notebooks in his jaws, seemingly not heavy to the small Eevee. He pushed the large bag through the door, dragging it through the hallway. He was busy looking around for his locker and his classroom, excited for what the day beheld. Ms. Kinara Ms. Kinara was tidying up her classroom, dusting off the desks and addi small plants around the room. She started to write the day's lesson plans on the whiteboard behind her, her tail swishing lightly as she hummed a small tune to herself. Once she was done, she placed pieces of paper and a pencil on each desk, along with a random snack. She wanted to make all of her students feel happy. She sat back down in her computer chair, waiting for her students, and perhaps her grandson, to arrive. ((I'm not using Garrison atm, I'll wait until people show up in their classes.))
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