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Trade Forum Rules

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The rules in this thread are in addition to the main Site Rules.


Once a trade is agreed upon by both parties it is ironclad – meaning that the trade can’t be backed out of. If you wish to change the agreement, then both parties must agree. If you can’t find an agreement, then sadly the trade must continue with the original deal. Failure to go through with trades is a reportable offence.

Completion of Trade Threads

When a thread's purpose is complete, delete it.


The BUMP rule is changed here to allow 48 hours between two consecutive posts. This ONLY applies to the owner of the thread - the original poster in most circumstances. This restriction may be relaxed if you're posting an update and not just BUMPing (this does not mean repeat updates are acceptable, ensure that time between them is still reasonable!) Updates; the following ‘reasons’ are the only acceptable updates that can be used to go around the 48-hour bump restriction. These are the following:
  1. User is announcing they’re locking the thread for over 48 hours.
  2. User is going inactive for over 48 hours and will not be responding to the trade thread due to reasons causing the inactivity.
  3. User has updated their rules to the extent that it's paramount that those offering must read them in order to eliminate miscommunication/accidental warnings. Example; putting restrictions on how much Zophan you can buy at one given time.
  4. One single early bump is acceptable in cases of major changes to pricing or content. After that you must wait a full bump period before doing it again. Note; in the case of co-owned threads once used by one of the owners all must wait a full bump period before it can be used again.
  5. User involved in a joint thread announces that their co-owner is inactive and will not be responding for over 24 hours.

Offsite Trading

You MAY trade Pokémon and other PokéFarm items in exchange for off-site services. However, we accept no responsibility if you are scammed, so do so at your own risk.While we do allow off-site trading, not all sites do. Make sure you check the Terms of Service of the other site to make sure they allow off-site trading too. We will not allow you to trade something on our website if it is against the Terms of Service on another website. All off-site trades are done at your own risk. They are not logged or tracked by our system, and we cannot be held responsible if you lose out. Please only engage in off-site trading with people you trust. As this is becoming an issue, please note that DeviantArt and FlightRising trades are NOT permitted on PFQ, as per their Terms of Service.

Regarding Offical Games

We do not allow the trading of Official Pokémon games Pokémon (ie. Sun / Moon). Unfortunately, Nintendo's systems can't verify hacked Pokémon. If they can't do it then we have no chance - and sadly, with the number of hacked Pokémon flying around that we've caught, we're no longer taking chances.

Offering what you do not have

NEVER offer the same item twice, unless you actually have two or more of them. Offering the same item to two different people is extremely rude. Similarly, do not offer something that you do not yet have. Don't offer a Hydreigon if you only have a Zweilous, and don't offer Eggs until they've hatched.

Prepaying is NOT ALLOWED

Prepaying is not allowed - full stop. We have had far too many issues with people getting scammed after they pre-pay and thus being unable to get their stuff back because of it. It is Not. Worth. The trouble. Pre-paying is the act of paying for something that is yet to exist, and there is no definitive timing on when it will exist. If something does not exist and it is being paid for - this is pre-paying. This also includes the shiny and albino radars, as you can not guarantee someone will get a single shiny in 100+ pokemon.


The lending / borrowing of items / Pokémon (as part of a trade) is not condoned by the staff as there is no way in which we can guarantee that the lent / borrowed Pokémon will be returned. You may do this at your own risk, however.

Breeding/Mass-clicking/Levelling Services

Threads offering breeding (for Shiny Hunts, etc.) are not allowed, neither are you allowed to ask for people to breed for you. The same goes for mass-clicking and levelling services.

Thread Deletion due to inactivity

SYSTEM automatically deletes threads in the Trades forums older than a certain treshold. Trade shops are periodically perused upon staff's discretion. A once-active shop may be left alone even after a month of inactivity, whereas a clearly unfair trade request may only last a few days.

Rules Specific to the Trades Forum

  • Each thread should have a single purpose. "Purpose" may refer to a single trade (ie. "Looking for X, offering Y"), or a number of related trades (ie. "Need X, Y, Z, offering A, B, C", or "Summons for sale"). As a general rule, you should not add more to a thread in the Trades forum.
  • Do not repeatedly remake the same temporary trade thread. The temporary trade forum is for quick trades that are to be completed within two weeks and no longer. If you wish for something permanent, please make a shop.
  • Make sure the name of your thread clearly states what you are offering and/or looking for.
  • Please avoid using special symbols in thread titles, as this makes it harder to read.
  • While you should avoid having more than one trade thread open at a time, it is not forbidden provided you are actively dealing with both/all of them.
  • When a trade thread is completed, please be sure to delete the thread. This helps us keep things neat and tidy. It also avoids overflow within the forum.
  • The trade forum is subject to a 'Two week old' deletion policy. Threads that are older than two weeks old, no matter their activity will be deleted.

Rules Specific to Auctions

  • Make all bids public knowledge so that there is a public record of the deal taking place for the winning individual. This does not apply to 1-1 immediate transactions. This also assists us in not needing to look through someones PMs if something does actually happen that warrants such a course of action.
  • If it is not publicly stated that "I will take 'x' as a minimum bid - anything less than that and there will be no trade", then once the bidding is complete, you have no right to deny the "winning bidder" their trade.
  • Make sure that a clear set of rules are placed and follow them - this means a SET END DATE. Altering the end date is altering the rules of the bid. This includes setting an end date with multiple possible end-choices (eg. "11th - 20th, I can choose to end it between these 2 dates" <-- Not acceptable).
  • Treat all bidders with the same respect. Do not show favoritism to another bidding individual. If one bidder is shared certain information, you should share this information with all the other bidders as well. To not do so would be considered disrespectful and is certainly rather rude (as this, for example, could lead to one bidder offering shinies that they know you value highly, where another person is unaware of this - but could also be offering the same thing).

Rules Specific to the Trade Shops Forum

  • Each user may own one and only one thread in this forum. If you want another, you must delete your old one. - Note; There is a one-week grace period for which you must delete your old shop. This is to allow you to announce your new shop and have your current subs move to the next shop. The old shop must be locked straight after the announcement and it is not allowed to be reopened. If it’s reopened and posts are seen it will be deleted and the owner of the thread PMd by staff, repeatedly doing this may result in a forum lock. Abuse of this grace period may also result in a forum lock. In short, you are only allowed one active shop which is unlocked at a time. There should be no more than two shops seen by once user. The inactive shop and the active shop.
  • That said, threads may be "co-owned" by friends. This should be explained in the first post. You may "co-own" as many threads as you can keep track of, but only one thread can list you as the author.
  • Mass shops joint shops are not allowed for a number of reasons, these are not limited to; web browser crashing, unnecessary bumping, drama and disorganisation. As of such when it comes to the trade forum there is a maximum of three co-owners, this includes the original poster.
  • The 48-hour BUMP rule applies to the owner and all co-owners collectively. Co-owners may not post back-to-back to artificially BUMP the thread.
Note that these rules, as a general, apply to "trades" overall - even if specified as 'specific to this area'. In example, requesting for someone to breed for you in a PM is still a violation of the trade rules despite it being under the list of "Specific to the Trade Shops subforum". (It's listed under that because it basically shouldn't be anywhere else to begin with anyway). These rules are subject to change at any time. Last update: 2nd/June/2018
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