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6530b's Avatar6530b
6530b's Avatar
Just as the title says, I'm sellling stuff! Conversion rate is 5k credits/5gp/1zc, zc is priority. Not everything I have is listed! If you want somwthing that isn't listed just ask! New Breeding Pairs constantly being made, check my last 2 fields for up to date information!


Mega stone

x1 Luxraynite Q- 300k credits or equivalent


Offer- x2 Egg pass x19 Lab Reloader X1 Lucky Egg

Breeding Pairs

5gp or equivalent for regualars:

Rock (x4)

Rockruff- 92% + 96% + 98% Amaura- 95% (same in the ice tab)

Water (x2)

Magikarp- 97% Popplio- 95%

Normal (x2)

Eevee- 98% + 98%

dark (x1)

Poochyena- 97%

Fire (x1)

Growlithe- 97% Numel- 99% Litwick- 94% (same as in ghost tab)

Bug (x2)

Caterpie- 99% Wurmple- 92%

Ice (x1)

Amaura- 95% (same in the rock tab)

Ghost (x1)

Litwick- 94%(same as in fire tab)

Ground (x1)

Mudray- 93%

bug (x1)

Venonat- 99%

poison (x1)

Venonat- 99%
50k/50gp/10 zc

Exclusives/Variants (x3)

Glileo- 99% Ryukuza- 94% Houndour- 94%
I'm also interested in exchanging credits and gp for zc, at 5k:5gp:1zc also. I have: 2360gp and 749629 credits.
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Jøltz's AvatarJøltz
Jøltz's Avatar
Can I take all Dragonium Fragments and Crystals for ZC?
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Flappy's AvatarFlappy
Flappy's Avatar
Ice Z and ice frags for 100zc?
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6530b's Avatar6530b
6530b's Avatar
I'll send both trades now!
Sanguine's AvatarSanguine
Sanguine's Avatar
Can I get your 4 rockium for ZC? ^^
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Credit ∙avatarsignaturetrevenant
Can I get your Kinaster pair for gold please?
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6530b's Avatar6530b
6530b's Avatar
Oh, sorry, i forgot to specify that the exclusives dont go for the regular prices. Id prefer 50 gp or equivalent (i think that's what they're going for? Correct me if I'm wrong) since i tricked you Would 40 gp work haha?
That is fine i was expecting it to be higher than 5 anyway
6530b's Avatar6530b
6530b's Avatar
I'll send the pair right now then!
may I take your firium z for 350gp???
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