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How to use Egg Pass?

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Oraanu's AvatarOraanu
Oraanu's Avatar
All previous posts addressing this question seem to be deleted so I have to ask again. I have been procrastinating claiming my mass-click weekend reward egg cause I didn't want to break my 450+ chain, but then I assumed I would be able to release the unhatched egg just like all other eggs. Now I'm frustrated to find out that you can't do that so I guess I will have to use an egg pass for the first time. How exactly do you activate/use it because I really don't want to risk losing my chain? Does it automatically do it or do I need to do something in my inventory prior to hatching the egg? Thanks
Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
Kiryu's Avatar
You can hatch reward eggs without breaking your chain. If it is going to break your chain, it will warn you before doing so, and you will have to confirm TWICE before it finally goes through to break your chain. This is also how you use an egg pass. IF the egg WOULD break your chain, upon going to hatch it, it will warn you that it will break your chain and give you the option of using the egg pass or hatching the egg anyway. Chose the egg pass and it will consume the item, and you will hatch the egg without your chain breaking. But either way, you should be fine, as reward eggs should not break your chain. Also, you /should/ be able to release eggs after 6 hours of obtaining the egg, but I'm not sure if reward eggs are special exceptions to this.
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Oraanu's AvatarOraanu
Oraanu's Avatar
Thank you so much! It didn't break the chain :)

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