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Pokémon rp (I don’t have a name)

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loucariogirl's Avatarloucariogirl
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Private roleplay between 3 people Don’t post unless you are me, z3ro, or serenandpeach
I'm always looking for roleplays. Pm me if you'd like to roleplay with me! ChickenSmoothie/Flightrising/Toyhouse/Discord
Lia/Lou (Plus Ultra!)#0694
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SuperPanda101's AvatarSuperPanda101
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What kind of rp do you like to do? i might be inrested!
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Z3r0's AvatarZ3r0
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@SuperPanda101 This is the actual rp thread, please either pm lou or seek out the set up thread. Also as for starting the rp, Lou and Serena, please give me a bit of time and I can grind out a starting post. If needed
Z3r0's AvatarZ3r0
Z3r0's Avatar
Sorry for the double post, but there's no bump option for when you edit a post "Where in the heck did that filthy mutt go?! Find him!" shouts echoed throughout the block of a large town. The shouts were followed by several rushed footsteps and the distinct sound of cocking guns. A bit away from the source of the commotion, the sound of paw pads and claws running across stone arose, there was also a mix of breathing and mild laughter.
Sounds arose from the crowd, the sound of someone... or better yet, something... teleporting about, and the screams of another being. The two entities had found a place far enough to where the teleporter could stop and rest for a hot second, before they began running, the other being behind them. The one if the front, an almost galaxy-like blur was laughing and giving shouts of excitement, whilst another pinkish creature that was right in tow was in a panicked sweat as they ran. A third dropped in to join the two in running: a robotic entity that began running with the pair. Despite what it looked like, the robot was actually quite nimble.
loucariogirl's Avatarloucariogirl
loucariogirl's Avatar
The quiet and quick taps became faster and faster as a riolu ran. She held on to her hat as the wind blew directly in her face. Right behind the clothed riolu, there was a Bulbasaur running slowly. He wasn’t the fastest but didn’t want to get caught. His uncontrollable vines were a huge nuisance in his hiding, as they gave away his place multiple times , causing him to leave soon after.
Z3r0's AvatarZ3r0
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A purple Houndoom suddenly came flying around a corner of a building, darting under an overturned wooden crate. They were soon followed by a group of four humans with various weapons. They didn't see where the Houndoom went so they kept heading down the street.

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