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🎵 Unayden Music art shop 🎵

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Unayden's AvatarUnayden
Unayden's Avatar
  • 🎵 Welcome 🎵
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Current status: OPEN Hello there! Welcome to my art shop, where I can compose an awesome music track inspired by the pokemon game series for you, everything created by me. 'v') You can listen my tracks here!
Slots: 1. 2. 3.

🎶 Rules & Info 🎶

- All PFQ Rules apply. - Half payment must be sent upfront after I accept and the other half after I finish. - Mixed payment is accepted. - Only 3 slots at a time. - The max duration of the track will be 1 minute. - The order must contain a reference (ex a song you like) and a description of which style or ambientance you want. (like a battle theme, or a chill theme) - I'll give a high quality .mp3 file, but if you need a .wav or another sound format i can send it too. - You can ask any doubts you may have and I can accept PMs about it. - I have every right to deny your request. - These will be done in one day or max. 2 days depending on your position on my queue. - Do not rush me. - Do not claim the track as your own, just common sense! - Give me credit if you will use it on a video/another project linking my soundcloud profile here!

✔️ Will do / Won't do ❌

Will do: - Any genre or style, like Electronic music or Metal
Won't do: - Replicate a song - Remixes.

⭐️ Form ⭐️

[b]Type:[/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Reference:[/b] [b]What would you like?:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b]

⭐️ Form Explanation ⭐️

Type: (Which music genre you want) Username: (Put your username here) Reference: (Send a link with a song/ost) What would you like?: (Please try to be specific about your order, example: which style or ambiance would you like, just a description of what you want.) Payment:(type of payment, if mixed or any extras)
🎼 Pricing rate 🎼
100 500 500,000 $1

🎧 1 minute track 🎧
500 2,500 2,500,000 $5
🎧 30 seconds jingle 🎧
250 1,250 1,250,000 $2,5
🎶 Others 🎶
Mega Stones
50 250250k
Egg pass
50 250250k
Any summon (Fire fangs highly preferred)
50 250250k
Daycare Pass x60
100 500500k
Box Box
100 500500k
Shiny Charm
150 750750k
200 1k1m
PR Memory Stick
300 1,5k1,5m
Hypermode Vouchers
500+ 2,5k2,5m

Note: Other items can be used as add-on in a mixed payment.
Here you can find all finished work by username! Thank you so much!
Welcome drawing by KaseyLicht of my Pokesona
Unayden's AvatarUnayden
Unayden's Avatar
KRIS's Avatar
I am very interested but I will order once I have saved enough GP/Currency/Summon Items.
Avatar made kodiyak
Unayden's AvatarUnayden
Unayden's Avatar
Thank you for the interest, I'll be waiting! 'v')
Type: Medival - Some sort of world opening music Username: RubyIllustration Reference: Accumula Town DR V 3 Scrum Debate These are just few ideas- I sadly cant find any good Medival Music that I liked What would you like?: The ambience must be some sort of opening towards a new world on a new Era . As if its like some sort of ' Anime ' Opening .. I want to keep it like upbeat with some parts of the scene where it has it downfalls - [ Like going for a darker theme which replicates the occuring of Villians ] ... Try to keep it most expresive in a way . The music basicly shows of a group if heroes that wants to give it all up before they were given a chance to prove themself they can be better.. In a world full of hope . It more like a upbeat in a way Aha i cant describe music Payment: 1 Box Box and 200 Zc! Just let me know if you have diffiuclities!
Ruby | Aro | Fem | 17 | MLY Aromantic To The Max Comm / Custom R Open #BLM! #LGBTQ+ ! Icon by Cloudtail!
Art @gezeichnet
Unayden's AvatarUnayden
Unayden's Avatar
@RubyIllustration Sure! I have some ideas that could work, but if you can send more references of what you want it would be nice! 'v')
ashtx's Avatarashtx
ashtx's Avatar
Type: electronic/edm Username: ashtx Reference: shelter, porter rob / feel good / this is just a full soundtrack rip but i love em all What would you like?: other than i rlly like sort of calming tones/layered instruments or beats like the above, free reign? Payment:(type of payment, if mixed or any extras) boxbox, egg pass and 2 megastones


Type: indie pop/alt Username: ashtx Reference: we are giants What would you like?: maybe something with buildup like this one? if that makes sense/free reign Payment: i don't have fire fangs unfortunately; 3 ice fangs, 3 thunder fangs, 3 terracotta epees and a ice statue?
Unayden's AvatarUnayden
Unayden's Avatar
@ashtx Okay! Nice songs btw, i really like Illenium, please send half payment 'v')
Unayden's AvatarUnayden
Unayden's Avatar
@RubyIllustratiøn Here is your song finished, hope you like it! Thank you for being my first customer!! Now you can send the other half of the payment, please! 'o')/ @ashtx Im working on your order now! Please wait 'v')
nickit's Avatarnickit
nickit's Avatar
i just wanted to pop in and say your music is lovely, this is such a cool idea for a shop!
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