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Sanguine's AvatarSanguine
Sanguine's Avatar
@CherryClaw Hello! I was wondering if you're willing to convert your gems to mediums! If so, may I purchase 35 medium water gems for 455 gp?
CherryClaw's AvatarCherryClaw
CherryClaw's Avatar
Hello! Yes, I will convert my medium gems for you. I'll send em all over once I finish converting them. Thank you~ Edit: I'm very sorry for the inconvienience, but I only have 5 trade slots. I'll send the rest over as soon as you accept the gifts and the trade.
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CherryClaw's AvatarCherryClaw
CherryClaw's Avatar
Bumpity bump~
jin the great's Avatarjin the great
jin the great's Avatar
i want 1 electric gem.
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Nootwoot's AvatarNootwoot
Nootwoot's Avatar
may I have a shiny dratini? (cherry)
CherryClaw's AvatarCherryClaw
CherryClaw's Avatar
Of course, sending!
RayRay598's AvatarRayRay598
RayRay598's Avatar
Cherry! I'd like a shelter hunt! Pokemon: - Aegislash - Simisage - Corsola - Alolan Rattata - Treecko Quantity: One of each. Gender Preference?: All female. Nature Preference?: N/A Other: Just wondering, is the five pokemon limit just for one day? Or can I come back later and order another shelter hunt?
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CherryClaw's AvatarCherryClaw
CherryClaw's Avatar
You're on the list! The 5 pokemon limit only lasts per order, so as soon as this order is completed, you'll be able to come back and order more.
CherryClaw's AvatarCherryClaw
CherryClaw's Avatar
Bumpity bump~

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