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Help me reunderstand the market pls

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PlasmaStorm's AvatarPlasmaStorm
PlasmaStorm's Avatar
Okay so uni has been kicking my ass around and I forgotten how much the market has changed in terms of summon items. If any of you are active in the summon trading part of pokefarmq or knows anyone that collects summons that I did not include in my part of the journal, post below. I'll give people who helped out some gems/boxes thank youuu
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alien713's Avataralien713
alien713's Avatar
Hello! A lot of people from your list aren't playing anymore (for example Meihru) and some of them changed their nicknames (for example Röjuröu to Doduo). I can help with checking that if you want Also, love your idea of making list of summon collectors <3
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xRequiemx's AvatarxRequiemx
xRequiemx's Avatar
-Eltafez is still collecting jade orbs. -La.ti.as collects Red Soul Dews. -I think Sandslash666 is collecting Gold Statues, Kane, Kanaloa and lono idols but you may want to confirm they're still collecting. -I'm collecting wishing stones, cloned sashes and lustrous orbs. -Xaandir quit and isn't collecting wishing stones anymore. - Remilia isn't really collecting Hyperspace rings anymore in light of the reboot and recent melans.
a) LunaOokami: I'm quite sure she isn't collecting Jade Orbs and Cloned Sash anymore. She's collecting Diamond Tiaras, buther Diancie hunt is already underway, and she's got a melan but is aiming for a second one at the moment. b) Dracojax is collecting Kanaloa Idols. c) Midnightsp is collecting victory medals. d) Karakara isn't looking for Ice Feathers anymore. e) Yinyun Giranite is starting to collect Rock Statues. f) Sandslash666 is no longer collecting Ku Idols, instead she's looking for Lono Idols. g) BlackNova is now known as ShadowNova, however, I believe they are in the process of quiting at the moment. h) Minjoo hasn't been on for 8 months, so I'm assuming they're quitting. i) Milkåmel is collecting Spectral Leimano j) Niwatori is collecting the following at the moment: Kanaloa Idol,Kane Idol, Komaninu Figure, Nightmare Shroud, Life Antler, RSD k) Zico is in the process of quiting. l) Arebani is collecting Lustrous Orbs and Music Boxes m) Absol is now collecting Gold Statues and Koas, no longer collecting magma stones n) Setsuko isn't collecting Lunar Wings anymore, rather they are collecting Thunder Fangs and Death Wings now. o) Sanguine collects Death Wings p) Sherrice is quiting. q) VanyaBraginsky is now know as Stellaluna r) Hinode is no longer collecting White Stones, but they're collecting Victory medals s) Sanae Kochiya is still collecting Raijin's Lamp, but I don't believe they're collecting Order's crest still. Gotta go for now!
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Grïmslëy666's AvatarGrïmslëy666
Grïmslëy666's Avatar
Im collecting Gracidea seeds so uh.. you can ad me to the list of people.
Zlyveon's AvatarZlyveon
Zlyveon's Avatar
I've started collecting sea crowns, so you can add me to that- triibu is collecting Fire Fangs and eclipse Flutes
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la.ti.as's Avatarla.ti.as
la.ti.as's Avatar
can confirm that yes, I am still collecting Red Soul Dew. Gracidea is collecting Gracidea Seeds (but I'm not sure whether she'd still be buying them as she has started her hunt.)
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DarkRaven's AvatarDarkRaven
DarkRaven's Avatar
If you don't mind adding me to the list! I'm saving up for Fire Feathers!
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PlasmaStorm's AvatarPlasmaStorm
PlasmaStorm's Avatar
Good grief my post is outdated Just woke up thanks for the responses! I'll update list in a bit and will send stuff soon.
Roxion's AvatarRoxion
Roxion's Avatar
I'm currently collecting Sapphire Orbs, but I'm not collecting Griseous Orbs or Order's Crests at the moment ^^
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Buying for 60zc/equiv.

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