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Magearna's Tale

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Prologue: The Tale of Two Pokémon

The bushes rustled, and the creaking of metal rang through the Winding Woods as the robot took their place, sitting on the ledge of a cliff. They pulled out a blanket, and set it down onto the patch of grass that they and their creator would always sit on nights like tonight. The robotic Pokémon, Magearna, looked out at the sky, stars and moon, tracing their hand across the stars, making out the constellations. Magearna quietly sighed as they observed the moon. When Magearna's creator was still around, he would take them out to the spot every week, teaching them about space, and showing them constellations. The nights were usually cold in the woods, seeing how close the two were to Snowbelle City, though the alchemist was used to the cold, and Magearna wasn't affected by low temperatures. "And that one right there...? That one's the Big Dipper. It's one of the most famous constellations. Almost everyone knows about it. Just like how one day, everyone shall know you, Magearna." The voice of their creator, Sir Grayson, rang in Magearna's head like a bell. This had caused them to begin sheading tears, despite it most likely being impossible for something just like Magearna to cry. This was because of the Soul Heart. The Soul Heart allowed Magearna to be... well, Magearna. It allowed them to feel, and have their own free will, and not just be a lifeless robot. Sir Grayson created the Soul Heart by collecting the souls of fallen Pokémon, and incasing them into the sphere that sat in Magearna's chest cavity. It was Magearna's true form. Their body was just a way for them to express themself further. And although Magearna loved nothing more than being what they were, they also hated being able to feel. Such was the life of Magearna, however. As Magearna was about to pack up and leave, they heard a rustle from the bushes behind them. Ready for attack, they noticed something that hadn't been there before: A small egg. It had a bark-like look to it, and looked like it would feel the same as a mighty and old oak tree. It was decorated with leaves, and it seemed to almost blend in with the forest. Attached to it was a note: To whoever may find this egg... Please. Take good care of it. I had found this egg only a few days ago. However, I cannot travel with this egg. It takes too much out of me to hold it all day as I move. I hope that whoever finds this egg is a kind, and caring person or Pokémon, who will raise the Pokémon inside with love. Keep them safe. Please. ~Selene Magearna seemed shocked at the idea of someone just leaving an egg on the ground. They picked it up. The egg itself was cold, and no movement came from it. This egg was far from hatching. Magearna held the egg close to the Soul Heart, and sighed. "... I... I will do my best Selene, whoever you may be. I shall take care of them to the best of my ability..."

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