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When Dimensions Cross

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Read me!

"When Dimensions Cross" features A LOT of fakemon and fusions. Of course, I will make a character list eventually just to clear everything up! Thanks for checking out my fanfic! Hope you like it!~
======================================= P R O L O G U E In the Fyore region, pokemon and humans got along fairly well with each other. Pokemon usually followed their trainers wherever they went and battled by their side. All was well, all was peaceful. Of course, until a new dimension was discovered..
check this stuff out;; - journal - forum game - my fanfic ---------------------------------- avatar credits: alphasystem on avatar abyss
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"How is this happening? This all has to be another dumb prank, right? No one would ever think to invade Fyore." "I don't know, but whatever it is must be stopped. We can't risk putting everyone through such treacheries." "How do we stop this? How does one close the portal without risking anything?" "We'll find a way, we always do." As the scientists continued scurrying for any information they got left, the residents in Fyore, unaware of what is expected to happen, continued their normal day. "Hey Sab! Good to see ya, how have you been lately? We haven't talked in a while!" As I turned to face my old childhood friend, I could feel nostalgia hit me as we conversed after what seemed like years of not seeing each other. {Sab's full name is Sabrina, but she will mostly be referred to as just Sab.} "Hey! I've been good. I see you have made a new friend." "Oh, yeah! This is my companion, Turtwig. We've gone on several adventures together." Weird part to end at to be honest, but I'll save the rest for later! :)
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Kaelyn {the other character} and me used to go on so many adventures to discover everything about pokemon! It felt so weird to finally see her again after such a long time. We eventually decided to head to the professor's lab together, as I still needed to get my first starter. As we entered the lab, Professor Cordata notified us that the following 3 pokemon were currently available; - Lyponic (Fire) - Chamyss (Grass/Fairy) - Swabulb (Flying) The one that attracted me the most was Swabulb. He looked so peaceful and calm when introduced, compared to the others, who look very intimidating. Kaelyn and I both agreed that Swabulb was the pokemon I needed to choose. "I'll take the Swabulb!" Professor Cordata replied, "Brilliant choice! I hope you two have many adventures together.". The Swabulb followed behind me as we were getting ready to leave, until a loud beeping sound, coming from the other room, startling us all. Professor Cordata instantly dashed towards the beeping noise while Kaelyn and I stood with confusion. "What do you think that was?", Kaelyn asked me. I replied with, "I'm not sure, I wonder what's going on..." We stood there waiting for the professor to return. After about 10 minutes of waiting, the professor finally returned back, but seemed to have a slight frown on her face. "Professor, what was that?", I asked. Professor Cordata hesitated before replying, "You CAN NOT let anyone else know about this. Our radar has detected a portal somewhere in Fyore, acting as a threat. When we first spotted it, the portal was very small. But now, it has grown larger and larger, and we fear that something horrible might be coming to us.". "A portal? To what?" "We suspect that the portal may lead to a new dimension similar to this one. Although, that is just a theory. We still have no idea what could happen, and we believe that it is a huge risk to pass through, especially with no expectations of whats to come." As we heard this information, a million questions flood through my mind: How do we get rid of this portal? Will it put all of Fyore at risk? Should we leave at once? What if something bad happens? What do we do? After a long pause, the professor told us, "It is best to keep this a secret, especially from the people that live here. Let's not give out false alarms until we know exactly what we are dealing with. Now, on a brighter note, I hope you enjoy your new starter!", and then walked back into the room. Kaelyn and I were both speechless as we left to lab and ventured home. Swabulb was on my head as we walked, and Turtwig followed behind Kae. If you couldn't tell yet, Swabulb was brought into the story here. Swabulb is in bulba's avatar (bulbasaurOWO), and we decided to bring him into the story along with the main character. More to come soon. ;) Also, yes, I did continue the professors named after trees. Cordatas are trees, thanks Google.

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