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How Do You Sort Your Fields?

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I base my fields off of UFT, Types, and Favorite My UFT is front, then Fakemon, Shinies, Lengendaryies, etc. Then Types, and last is Level 100(or close to 100) and Favorites. I don't sort my type fields because a. It takes too long b. I'm lazy, so I put them all in 1 pile.
LF: Currency(Mostly and )
Any Box
For Badges,and Hunting Sneasel
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I base my fields off how important they are or how I want people to see them as :3 1st: Staff field 2nd: UFT fields 3rd: RTES & 2 level up/form change 4th: Shinies, Albinos 5th: collections (Purrloin, Sneasel, Vivillion, etc.)
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Shinies > Albino > M > Special > My Raichu collection > Pokemon Type
New to the game despite account age. Still trying to figure stuff out, really. Raiveon is my Pokesona. Avatar by Teddieursa. Running Sprite by Mataamoja. Sig stuff by Gallade.

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