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Idk if I'm even allowed to talk about this here but I really need to get it off my chest Couple years ago when Pokefarm transitioned to PokefarmQ a lot of people quit the game. Now I get it, we get to keep our Pokemon(gotta work for it again though sorta) currencies might pull over but what about the people, i for one am tired of this, I really hope this isn't going to be a regular occurrence! But its the people I'm most worried about man, I lost two of my most best friends on the first go around. I managed to get in contact YEARS after the site went down but we seriously drifted too much to stay as friends. I have the absolute worst time making friends on here so I'm starting to break down because I'm worried that the few connections I have will be lost again and worried others are gonna lose people too. People don't like change, I'm not saying everyone but i for one have a hard time with change but I'm gonna really try this time. What are you guys gonna do, are you gonna quit after this or move on? If you do quit please make sure you try and keep that connection outside of pfq i regret not getting the courage too in the first place.
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staying lol especially if the people who quit are people who have been looking for a chance to quit for the past who knows how long. i hope they find a site they'll enjoy more and not feel the pull to come back here if they arent having a good time. hopefully, the people who're staying here are people who like the game and enjoy the game, so maybe it'll be a little bit less.....bother-y, in the future. >_> one can dream i dont mind starting fresh at all, especially since we can keep our specials. it'll be nice to have something else to do besides melan hunting, lol me finally catching up to arceus rank was the most fun i'd had in almost a year, for the short period of time it lasted. it'll be a nice little jog to get up to that point again. it's gunna take a lot more than that to make me leave, hahA
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I'm definitely staying.It's thanks to my younger brother that I joined the PokeFarm Q community.
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I'm staying, 100%. I was worried about a lot of things, but Garthic's last post calmed a lot of those fears, and, honestly, I can't wait. I'm not looking forward to getting all the UBs again, but hey, third time's the charm right? XD
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I'm glad you all are staying really makes me happy.
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I’m definitely staying. I love PF and nothing will ever make me leave <3. Even if I lose my rank, Pokédex and maybe items.
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I will probably stay if and only if they make account upgrades and items transferable... and if deltas/dp will exist there. Deltas are the only reason I'm on this site to begin with anymore - as well as my future summon hunts. I'm not looking to spend more money on top of the hundreds if not more of real life money I've spent here to get back on track for a totally unnecessary reboot. I just think it's super duper unneeded and find it really hard to trust that any effort I put into the new site won't also be a complete waste. I didn't like getting Arceus - I hated filling my pokedex. I didn't even, really. I dex'd most everything. I don't want to do it again.
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I'm not as active as I was in the past but I'll probably stick around. I've done it once, I'll do it again. I guess I'll have 2 old trainer cards in my profile heh. To bad I didn't take one from pre-recode, but I guess that wasn't quite the same.

QUOTE originally posted by Silverclawzz

I'm not looking forward to getting all the UBs again, but hey, third time's the charm right? XD
Sorry if this is the wrong place for speculation, but I've been thinking - if there's a heavier emphasis on quests, perhaps stuff like UBs won't have to go the expensive = challenging route?
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I know I don't say this much, but I used to be here years ago, playing this, and I've quitted before, yet that's because of a different reason, one I can't really explain here. But regardless I'd rather stay, I know people here don't get me at all or even understand me, but what can I say I don't feel alone when I'm here, I feel like I can trust others, get to learn more about people all over the world. Yet if anything Its been a long time since my own self returned, some familars that I see on the site, some new ones, There's a lot that has changed over time, some new stuff on the site, still some old stuff, yet here's one thing I will put to this. "No matter how far away you are from that person, you will always be connected, even from words alone, because anything is possible, when you want it to be, same goes for creating a possibility, they can become endless." Sorry for being a bit late on this as well, yet were all a Team at the end of this, we don't leave anyone out, regardless, well I won't anyway. ( was busy thinking about what to type as well, my bad.)
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QUOTE originally posted by söbble

I will probably stay if and only if they make account upgrades and items transferable... and if deltas/dp will exist there.
Garthic did say in the announcement thread that as long as you have the base Pokemon on the Reboot, you can transfer all of your Pokemon here, Deltas included. That said, it'd be a good idea to assume that features here will be part of the Reboot until Noot, Sei and/or Garth say otherwise. With that out of the way, I'm gonna stay, even if that means my Melan Crystal Maravol hunt has to start from fresh because for some unforseeable, unavoidable reason the Reboot happens before I get my Shiny and Melan Crystal Maravol
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