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PMD: Deep Shadows RP Thread [OPEN RP] [SEMI-LIT]

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darknessdawn's Avatardarknessdawn
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Shadow rushed in to help. "Scuse me coming through!" Mischief has little choice but to follow, but her eyes lock with Shadow's and he directs a blade to point at the Scyther. Shadow asks "Can you launch a Dark Pulse thataway?" Mischief nods and fires without thinking. A moment later she realizes Shadow just dragged her into a fight, and that she used a move that could potentially give her away. She prayed the Scyther didn't happen to have Croagunk's movepool memorized. It was possible he had, if unlikely.
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The Scyther frowned, veering out of the way of the Dark Pulse. Where'd all this company come from? It'd be almost impossible to steal anything now. His best option now was to get the heck out of dodge. He flew away as quick as he could towrds the other side of town.
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darknessdawn's Avatardarknessdawn
darknessdawn's Avatar
Mischief waits til the Scyther is out of earshot, and immediately starts fuming at Shadow. "What the heck Shadow?! I coulda got hurt if..." She suddenly stops, realizing she was in public. She shivered. Shadow crossed his arms. "Listen, I know what I'm doing. Unless you're willing to risk yourself you'll never save him. Period. No, exclamation point! You need to be willing to endanger yourself, and sometimes it's necessary to risk more than injuries." He pointed a blade at the disguised pup rather emphatically. "YOU need to learn to stand up on your own feet." Mischief lowered her eyes, looking away. Shadow looked around and waved at the other Pokemon, not caring that he likely looked a bit ridiculous. Mischief growled at him "Stop drawing attention to us..." She hated standing out in a crowd.
Jeremy gave a heavy sigh. Things were okay now. Vivian practically stomped over as she angrily glared at him. Jeremy just quietly stared at her, before blurting out, "WHAT?!" "I wanted to help dude!" "Well, you know the circumstances Vivi." Vivian just groaned, and shook her head. She hugged her friend, if only a quick one. "Look, I get it. You're just tryna protect me..." "Yes, I am. Now come on, let's get going." Jeremy grabbed Vivian's arm and began walking away, Vivian quietly following. He seemed to be a bit upset himself, his face kind of red. Vivian herself was just quietly staring at everyone as the two began walking down the town path. They were looking for a place to stock up on items, and that was the only thing they originally came for.

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