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PMD: Deep Shadows RP Thread [OPEN RP] [SEMI-LIT]

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Character List

Snivkins's Characters

Snivkins Sid Male Scyther A fast-talking, easygoing renegade who puts on a tough guy act almost constantly. He does have a softer side, however, and hopes that one day he'll be able to make an honest living. Sid was forced onto the streets of Tourmaline Village at an early age due to unfortunate circumstances involving his parents. He became a thief just so he could survive. Regular Pokemon He works alone, for now at least. Nothing yet. Older character from a past version of this RP.

SnivyQueen15's Characters

~Username: SnivyQueen15 ~Name: Sonia ~Gender: Female ~Species: Snivy ~Personality: if anything, Sonia is shy, really afraid of Deep Shadows, and beauty obsessed. There's nothing she's really confident about... at least for her. ~Backstory: Not much is known about her, but she only has a traumatic memory of her sister becoming a Deep Shadow. ~Transformed human, regular Pokemon, or Deep Shadow?: Regular Pokemon ~Team Name+teammates, if applicable: Shes perfectly fine with going alone. ~Other relationships:


Montè, Eevee, Brother, Regular Pokemon. Hayley, Shiny Snivy, Sister, Deep Shadow. Diana, Serperior, Mother, Regular Pokemon. Jack, Umbreon, Father, Regular Pokemon.
~Extra: Nope! Hope I did this right! ~ SnivyQueen15 ~ Atrician ~ Male ~ Absol ~ A brave adventurer who claims he's the only Pokemon to go up Shadowcrag Mountain and return. This is semi true as he made it to the foot of there, but never actually went up there. ~ Atrician highly prefers keeping his past a secret. ~ Regular Pokemon ~ Prism Breakers- Fioza, Marx, Rezor. ~


Fioza A loyal yet stubborn Glaceon who is a useful addition to Atrican's team by having a useful Ice Beam they can use to cross water, and she is a overall good friend to Atrican. Marx This cowardly Frogadier is anything but a proud adventurer - it was that Atrician and Fioza saved him from a tight spot that made him join their band of heroes. He has proven vast smartness and ability on few occasions, but he is a shy character nonetheless. Rezor This proud Buizel is a brave fighter who was able who, with help from Prism Breakers, miraculously find a Golden Fern on his own when he was corrupted by True Void and restore himself. He unnaturally gained Shiny coloration while doing so, and Atrician saw potential unlike anything he'd ever seen. Rezor has helped him out since then.
~ Nope!

darknessdawn's Characters

~Username: darknessdawn ~Name: Robert ~Gender: Male ~Species: Pawniard ~Personality: A bit of a wild card, it's hard to know what he'll do next, but he's deeply devoted to his friends. Mischief reminds him of someone he used to know. He loves puns. ~Backstory: He'd always been an odd one, and even with his amnesia that hasn't changed. ~Transformed human, regular Pokemon, or Deep Shadow?: Transformed Human Team Name+teammates, if applicable: Team Dark - Mischief is his partner. ~Other relationships: ~Extra: A renamed version of my character named Shadow. Renamed for obvious reasons. ~Username: darknessdawn ~Name: Mischief ~Gender: Female ~Species: Zorua ~Personality: Shy but mischievous, she loves pranks but suffers severe crowd anxiety. Almost always disguised. ~Backstory: She'd been packless from the day she hatched, so when Maverick started acting as her older brother she clung to him like Velcro. When he was taken by True Void and turned into a Deep Shadow she ran, and never forgave herself for it. ~Transformed human, regular Pokemon, or Deep Shadow?: Regular Pokemon ~Team Name+teammates, if applicable: Team Dark - Partner to Robert ~Other relationships: - Maverick (adoptive "big brother"), Deep Shadow, male Absol ~Extra: Another Zorua character named Mischief. I'm definitely not recycling the same character idea over and over. ~Username: darknessdawn ~Name: Maverick ~Gender: Male ~Species: Absol ~Personality: Before being taken over by True Void, Maverick was a quirky but good-natured Absol with a hero complex. His obsession with luck, especially his own consistently good luck, led to a dangerous habit of taking risks. His luck finally ran out, apparently, and now he's nothing but another of True Void's soldiers. ~Backstory: As a youth, Maverick was quite reliant on his almost supernaturally good luck, often being careless in his activities. When he met Mischief, he took her under his metaphorical wing. He eventually lost control to the being known as True Void. ~Transformed human, regular Pokemon, or Deep Shadow?: Deep Shadow ~Team Name+teammates, if applicable: Uh, yeah. No. ~Other relationships: - Mischief is like the little sister he never had. ~Extra: This one is the closest to the original version I used in WAAPT.

littlemrdoom's Characters

~littlemrdoom ~Orbeck ~Male ~Yamask ~He might come off as mean and antisocial, but deep down he cares about those around him. if you manage to make friends with him, he will put his life on the line for you. ~As a human, he studied dark magic, and though his intentions were good. others thought him wicked and evil for studying such magic. but, moments before his exicution, he was pulled into another world, a world that needed his talents. ~Trasformed Human. ~none yet. ~none yet. ~he still has staff and spellbook, but he has forgoten most of his spells.

Braixen101's Characters

~Username:Braixen101 ~Name:Octavia ~Gender:Girl ~Species:Primarina ~Personality: She is calm as all primarinas. She loves to play with her balloons (there) ~Backstory fine if I can’t think of one? ~Transformed human, regular Pokemon, or Deep Shadow?Transformed human ~Team Name+teammates, if applicable: ??? ~Other relationships:no... ~Extra

SerenaandPeach's Characters

~Username: SerenaandPeach ~Name: Vivian ~Gender: Female ~Species: Gardevoir. She wears a white jacket with green accents. ~Personality: A happy-go-lucky and kind Gardevoir. Vivian is always willing to help out, no matter what the problem is, even if it's a super dangerous mission, or a small problem. She's super friendly, and always willing to have a chat if someone is down. But, no matter what, she keeps her head high and always tries to stay positive! ~Backstory: Simply put, Vivian had a hard life growing up. In and out of foster homes, until she was 16, which is when she met her friend(who in this context isn't important) Rosie. She moved in with her, and the two became super close. She also never felt comfortable in her own skin, but only when she was younger. She was born male, but because of her feeling uncomfortable as a male, and when she was old enough, and had enough money, she transitioned to female. ~Transformed human, regular Pokémon, or Deep Shadow?: Transformed Human ~Team Name+teammates, if applicable: Team Laven(Team), Jeremy(teammate) ~Other relationships: Jeremy(Friend, Teammate) ~Extra:Nope ~Username: SerenaandPeach ~Name: Jeremy ~Gender: Male ~Species: Audino. He wears a lavender scarf and has a little tuft of fluff on his head. he's actually really fluffy. ~Personality: Shy and reserved. Jeremy isn't much for conversation, though a little while back, he would talk up a storm, and he was much less quiet... Maybe it has something to do with his best friend Michael going missing...? ~Backstory: When he was younger, he had met a Shuppet. Jeremy deemed him Michael, and took care of him to the best of his ability. The two were close, like brothers. But, one day, years after Michael had evolved, Michael went missing... Since that day, Jeremy has been quieter than ever. ~Transformed human, regular Pokemon, or Deep Shadow?: Regular Pokémon ~Team Name+teammates, if applicable: Team Laven(Team), Vivian(Teammate) ~Other relationships: Vivian(Friend), Michael(Best friend) ~Extra: Nope ~Username: SerenaandPeach ~Name: Michael ~Gender: Male ~Species: Banette.

Here's what he looks like.

~Personality: Before he became a Deep Shadow, Michael was adventurous and ambitious, dragging Jeremy along quite a lot on his adventures. He was always a loudmouth, but always meant the best. He had a big heart, and was one of the most cheerful and sweet Pokémon Jeremy had met. However... that all changed when the fire nation, aka the True Void, attacked. After that, Michael went missing... ~Backstory: Michael, after just hatching, has met Jeremy. The Audino couldn't bare to see the Shuppet alone, so, he took Michael with him. From a young age, Michael loved exploring, and would get into all sorts of trouble. This behavior continued as he evolved, but Jeremy thought of it as charming and sweet. However, one day, while out exploring, he somehow fell under True Void's control. His legs became incased in dark slime, and his eyes went black. After that, he wasn't seen again. ~Transformed human, regular Pokemon, or Deep Shadow?: Deep Shadow ~Team Name+teammates, if applicable: hah, nope ~Other relationships: Jeremy(Former Best Friend) ~Extra: He's in there somewhere, and he's trying his best to fight the True Void!
~Username~ Still Smolphantump ~Name~ Kira ~Gender~ Female ~Species~ Axew ~Personality~ At first glance, Kira is stoic and methodical, acting much like you'd expect a knight to act. Kira is very formal and polite, with an incredibly startling lack of self preservation. Though, any mindreader, or someone good at picking up emotions could tell much more lies beneath the surface. If one were to examine Kira's unspoken thoughts, it would become much more evident that she is a terribly anxious, and struggled greatly to talk to and relate to others. She spends a ridiculous amount of time dealing with silent worries and fears, though she is too afraid to ever speak up about them. ~Backstory~ Kira was raised to be a hero. Her family trained her from an early age to be a brave warrior and assist in the fight against shadow pokemon. Once those foretold to save the world finally came about, Kira was told to go find them and assist them in whatever means necessary. ~Transformed human, regular Pokemon, or Deep Shadow?~ Regular 'mon ~Team Name+teammates, if applicable~ tba ~Other relationships~ Harp(mother) Blade(father) ~Extra~ Has a scar over her left eye +5 edgy points
RP NEWS ---------------- Nothing so far! ---------------- Okay, let's begin the RP!
https://dragcave.net/user/SuperstarSnivkins help my babs...blease..
Snivkins's AvatarSnivkins
Snivkins's Avatar
Bump ^^
((Ren's making the first move Walking on the outskirts of Tourmaline Village were two Pokémon: a Gardevoir donning a white-and-green hoodie, and a fluffy Audino, with a lavender scarf. They seemed to be discussing something rather quietly. "So, this is the village you keep talking about, eh Jerms?" Jeremy, the Audino, without saying a word, quietly nodded. The Gardevoir wobbled a bit as she walked into the village itself.
Snivkins's AvatarSnivkins
Snivkins's Avatar
A lone Scyther watched the two go by from a dark alleyway, a grin on his face. The Gardevoir seemed new to the area-which meant she was a perfect target. He snapped open his wings and quietly flew to the next alley over, watching the Pokemon closely.
The Gardevoir, Vivian, was somewhat stumbling as she walked around the town, examining everything as Jeremy kept tabs on her, making sure that she didn't fall. Vivian, absorbed in the small town, didn't even notice that she was about to trip. Good thing Jeremy kept her balanced. Once she was done, Vivian turned back to her friend. "So, where do we start?" "... I-I was thinking we could start in a few days..." Jeremy's voice was lowered to a whisper, "Seeing as h-how you're not used to being a Pokémon a-and all..." "Pfft, I'm all good Jerms! We look for your friend, find him, and bring him back! Total piece of cake!" "Y-You don't understand the stakes, Viv...!"
Snivkins's AvatarSnivkins
Snivkins's Avatar
The Scyther considered his options. Would a direct attack be best, or should he go for a stealthier apporach? He was unsure how powerful and observant these Pokemon were. What if he was spotted and quickly beaten? He then remembered the Gardevoir had just tripped over her feet in front of him. Yeah, stealth was the better option.
"Well, why not take the risk already?" "B-Because, it's not- wait..." Jeremy fell silent. Vivian looked a little shocked. Jeremy was quiet, sure, but he never cut himself off like that, unless something was wrong. "What is it, Jeremy...?" "I-I dunno Viv... Something just feels... off."
Snivkins's AvatarSnivkins
Snivkins's Avatar
The Scyther quickly darted behind a crate to avoid detection. He'd have to make his move soon..but he needed to wait first. Make them think they were seeing things.
Vivian was now trying to soothe her friend. "Maybe you just saw something and it freaked you out, per usual...?" After a few more seconds of silence, Jeremy nodded, and spoke again. "... Y-Yeah, maybe... I just need t-to calm down..."
Snivkins's AvatarSnivkins
Snivkins's Avatar
They'd dropped their guard again. Perfect. The Scyther flew high up in the air, making sure to fly as silently as possible. They'd never see it coming.

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