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The Everstone Daycare- Actual Roleplay

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SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
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Seeing trust in this Ralts that just randomly came up to her, the Snireep just fluffed her fur up (to make sure they didn't get shocked) and curled up next to her. She wasn't asleep, just drowsy as of now. Her light faded a tiny bit, but was overall still glowing.
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(Wow I was gone long XD)
| Cotton | Daycare | Nursery | Cotton woke up and started to wonder how long it had been since she fell asleep... She looked around and poked Avagon and Echo, then looked down where the egg should have been and saw it was gone! In a few seconds she paniced and started to look around in fear, there were a million thoughts in her head like,: 'Where is it?', 'How did it escape?', and 'is it hurt?' Then she looked on Echo's tail and saw that it hatched and was now hugging Echo's tail. | Echo | Daycare | Nursery | Annoyed by being woken up so early, with a rude tone she said: "Whats your problem Cotton?? Oh wow! It hatched and now its on my tail! hahaha" | Avagon | Daycare | Nursery | Also annoyed, she said with the same tone: "I don't really care! This is my only resting time!" And went back to sleep.
Painted94's AvatarPainted94
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Sharon seemed very snug next to the electric type, didn't shock much if you didn't move too much. Plus of course the wool was just as soft as a cloud and who could resist that. She seemed content with being in the fluffy dreamland she was going to escape too and sleeped away the nap. Only to eventually awaken in a groggy tone, rubbing her hidden eyes and yawning in a squeaky childish way. The comfort was amazing and warm that she almost wanted to go right back to sleep.
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