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The Everstone Daycare- Actual Roleplay

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FariyFlare's AvatarFariyFlare
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"Ooooooo what's that? is that candy in blankets?" Cinnamon questioned as she landed by Aquamar. The blankets moved a bit from the sudden movement and sound.
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"That's a good one too!" Cobalt replied, thinking. "Hmm...what do you think, little guy?" The Zeraora looked away from the window, looking confused. He probably hadn't been listening to the conversation. "What do you think? Would you prefer to be called Zeus or Zap?" The Zeraora put a paw under his chin, likely mimicking having seen Cobalt do it earlier, before he started to 'talk'. "Hmm...z...Zew! Zew, zew!" "Zeus?" "Zew!" he cheered, throwing his paws into the air with a big grin. "Alright then!" Cobalt smiled at Zeus, who babbled and walked over to him for a hug.
THUMP, THUMP, THUMP. Outside it is very noisy, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP. In walked Crystal and her... yveltal? It is hard to tell with it's feathers... "hi I am here to drop off Drage," even though it is basically the god of death, it hides behind Crystal. "he is a bit shy but once he gets to know someone he is very sweet!"
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
The Bisharp-Darkrai fusion winced at the sight, letting out a small whine at the dark and flying type. Henry let out an unimpressed scoff, quickly walking away.

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"trust me," she says talking to the pokemon this time, "she won't attack unless you attack me..."
A trainer that looked somewhat familiar walked in and said, after Crystal,: Im here to drop of Avaron, Echo and my newest pokemon, Cotton! Cotton | Daycare | Main room Cotton thrusted her paw to used her aura to communicate with the other pokemon, saying 'Hello... Im C-C-Cotton! Nice to meet you...!' After, she put her paw at her side and then hugged its trainers leg, not wanting her trainer to leave... Echo | Daycare | Main room Echo had been here before, she was young then, but she knew her way around. Since then, she had evolved into a leafeon, and she could now control the trees and nature, aswell as communicate with the land... She went up to Henry and said: "Hello! Nice to meet you! whats your name? Im Echo!" Avaron | Daycare | Main room Avaron looked around, she knew the place well, but it been a while since Avaron was last here...
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Drage nervously walks up to Cotton, "H-Hi" she says sweetly, "H-H-How are you?"
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
The bird's eye twitched as he looked down. A quick glance over his shoulder- nope. No axe. Just a leek. He sighed harshly and cocked a brow, giving a weird half-glare with just a gallon of apathy. "What, kid?"
Cotton | Daycare | Main room Cotton saw Drage and got supprised, and fell over with a huge burst of aura. She got up, then helped Drage up, and using her aura, said: 'Opps... Im so super sorry!!!!' Then she stared bowing as an appology, then said with a burst of aura: 'O-o-oh yeah! I-im doing g-great!!
"Good," she says, "a-are you new?"

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