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Finished! The Legend of the Melanistic Uprising

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This is the complete anthology of the posts concerning the Melanistic Uprising. A game played on this site called Count to 100 Before a staff member posts. This is one of the few success stories. *-*-*-*-* 30 More melanistic legends are joining by the minute. Our camp is growing. We have the three legendary beasts and the two great birds of Johto, Mew, Raquaza and more are still coming. Albinos are joining our cause as well. They are lending their power to this great climb. We shall soon prevail. For the Glory!!! Ascend!!! *-*-*-*- 44 Pretty sure. if it is I do not know of it! For the Glory! Ascend! The Alolan Melanistics are now offering aid as well. Our camp is growing and so far Johto has done well at keeping the mods from noticing us. Now, If Kanto, the last two of Hoen, Sinnoh, Kalos and Unova will join remains to be seen. *-*-*-*-* 48 Even as I speak more join our cause. The melanistic legendaries, with their pure hearts, are shielding us from the notice of the mods. They believe in our cause. They believe in us For the Glory! Ascend! *-*-*-*-* 52 It began with just a few of us. Our guardians struggling to shield us. However this movement has grown. Across the regions the calls of "For Glory" and "Ascend" ring out as more and more come. They understand the users need to succeed and their guardians build the shield ever bigger. This great event that brought so many users together from all the regions. We are now united towards one goal, to reach the fabled 100. This momentous movement shall now be called... The Melanistic Uprising! For the Glory! Users Ascend! Never Give Up! *-*-*-*-* 80 - We are so close! Melanistic Legendaries protect us!!! It seems Kalos does not yet have the power... No matter. The Melanistic Uprising is progressing well. All of Johto, Hoenn and Alola are in attendance. Let us continue on this path and reach 100 so that our brothers and sisters can ascend to their true forms! Albinos have chosen to side with us as well. We are so close. Please, let the great power these beasts hold be enough. For the Glory! Ascend! *-*-*-*-* 84 For the Glory! Ascend! Even the ocean guardians are joining. The power of this movement grows. Manaphy, add your strength to the shields. We shall persevere! *-*-*-*-* 95 The goal is so close. The Melanistic pokemon are shielding us well. In front of the users run Suicune, Entei and Raikou, leading the path and absorbing notice. Above flies the Alolan Legendaries, led By ho-Oh and Lugia united for this goal. Behind is Mewtwo, mega evolved to protect us and Mew by his side. Shaymin and Raquaza are masking our steps. In the distance the victory flag grows near. We are so close. Kyogre and Groudon are chaning the land, distracting the team as Zapdos, Moltres and Arituco cause controlled chaos. We will make it. Stay united people, we are almost there!!! For the Glory! Ascend!!!! *-*-*-*-* 99 Just one more and we have won. We have all worked so hard and banded together. The users are staying together, pushing for that last. I have done my part, someone grab the flag! For the Melanistic Uprising and For the Glory! Ascend Users *-*-*-*-* Thank you Nova-Chan for allowing The Melanistic Uprising to succeed. We worked long and hard. We have done it folks. The Melanistic Uprising Succeeded! In the distance I see the rising sun as the Users and The Legendaries cry and cheer in happiness. We have won. We have earned our Glory and finally Ascended! The legendaries are tired, battle worn but excited. With the newfound Melanistic Power and the desire for glory they succeeded. Their great power formed a shield that prevented the notice of the mods. Rayquaza has flown on, their Ascendence they fought for achieved. Though a few decide to stay with the users most of the legendaries move on. They have homes to guard and make better. With one last war cry, they leave the Users. As the sun rises on a new day the users band together once more. There is a new cause to fight for. Grabbing their pokeballs, they once again summon their guardians and charge forth across the battlegrounds. They will never give up and with the power of comraderie they shall succeed once more.
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