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The Shining Ember of Alola (USUM/Ben 10 2016 Crossover)

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Mryaaaaaa, I said telepathically to Gwendolyn. I floated invisibly in front of a window, staring at the brunette boy asleep on the other side. Are you sure this is the kid? He looks real ordinary to me. I doodled on my notepad, staring at the Konikoni boy. He was wearing a set of Decidueye pajamas, and he was snoring. Very loudly, I may add! The window in question belonged to a house within a cliff wall near Konikoni City. It was right next to the Pokemon Center, rather convenient. Brunette kid with Decidueye pjs living next to the Konikoni Pokemon Center? the Gothitelle replied. That would be him, Madeline. That's Ben Tennyson, he's the kid. WHOA whoa whoa back it up, I psychically replied, shocked. He's a Tennyson?! As in, related to THE Gwen Tennyson? YUP, replied Gwen. I'd always found it funny that a Gothitelle shared her name with a Hoennese Contest Queen. They're cousins. And the Contest girl? Her mom's originally from here! GET. OUT! I shouted in my mind. The famous Gwen Tennyson is an Alolan? Oh my-! HANG ON, the kid's getting up! I almost missed him, what with the bombshell about the famous Contest Queen being an Alolan. The boy, who I still couldn't believe was related to Gwen Tennyson of Hoennese Contest fame, was walking for the bathroom and yawning. He nabbed something out of his closet as he went in. Huh, wonder what exactly was he gonna do that Gwen foresaw? (I know, I know, a very weak start but it'll pick up, I promise! ...I hope)
Profile pic made by CosmicWoof. To mods: I'm back home!
The boy came out a few minutes later, wearing an Alolan Meowth tee and a pair of dark green shorts. His green eyes seemed to shine with excitement as he headed down the stairs...which I hadn't even noticed, to be honest! I didn't follow him, seeing as he'd closed the window. A few minutes later, mostly spent gossiping about Luna and Hau, the boy exited the house. Thankfully, he didn't see me-I was invisible! He was grinning ear-to-ear and trotting off with a forest-green book. I wasn't close enough to read the cover, but I'd guess it's important to him with the way he was holding it close to himself. Not that I could blame him. My notebook is pretty special to me too. That's why I kinda don't decorate it. Everyone knows Murkrows are nuts for shiny objects! I just use a standard blue one. I do have a lot of notes, though. Thankfully nobody's ever stooped to stealing it. Where was I? Oh yeah, the Contest girl's cousin. He was walking towards the Incense shop. I flew in a bit closer to listen, thanking my lucky stars for Conversion 2. And for that Pikipek I ticked off. "Are you sure?" he was saying. "Yes, I'm sure, we're out of Pure Incense," said the lady at the counter. "And besides, kid, it has to be held by a Pokemon to be any good. I don't see any Poke Balls on you." "Shut up," Ben muttered. I made a note that he was looking for Pure Incense-who knows? I might find some for him. The boy rolled his eyes and set off towards the north side of town. (BTW bulbasaurOWO named our other protagonist, the one writing everything down)
It didn't take long for Ben to realize he'd gone the wrong way. He turned right back around, looking hilariously embarrassed. That was certainly going in the notebook! He muttered something about how Incense worked, then exited the city... OH MY ARCEUS IS HE INSANE?! He's going into the grass without a Pokemon! Ugh, I followed him to Memorial Hill to keep him safe. I told off as many Drifloons as I could. The boy looked around, seemingly calmed by it. Kinda weird. He likes Ghost-types? A Haunter appeared. I moved to tell it off, but it wasn't attacking. Quite the opposite. It seemed to like him! Ben merely nodded to the Ghost and continued towards the Akala Outskirts. There, he looked out over the water. "One day, Xurkitree," he murmured, before continuing on his merry way. Huh, where'd he hear of an Ultra Beast? The wild Pokemon didn't go after Ben-they seemed used to him. I opted to ask one of them about it. I floated down to a Raticate, dropping my invisibility. "What the-A MEW?!" he screeched. I shushed him before Ben got curious. "Yeah, yeah, I'm a Mew," I said, "but I'll be out of your fur soon. I just wanna know why you guys seem so familiar with that brunette kid." "Him?" repeated Raticate. "Oh, yeah, him. He comes through here every day!" "Thanks," I said, hearing the Raticate brag to the others over helping a Mew. I flew after the boy as he walked towards...the Ruins of Hope? What? I knew there was still another Tapu Lele there, who'd taken the moniker of Akala's guardian after the first one, Lele, was caught by Luna, but why would Ben be going there? He didn't have any Pokemon! (Yup, Madeline's a Mew.)
(In hindsight, it feels really obvious that Madeline's a Mew, because, y'know, there's a Mew on the banner LOL) The kid went in. He looked around, clearly not amused in the slightest by the puzzle set up by Lele. I wondered briefly how he'd get to the altar, before he answered my question by balancing on the edge of the pits to get around the blocks. Clever boy! I, of course, merely floated over said blocks. I followed Ben into the room where the altar was. "Tapu Lele!" he abruptly shouted. "Are you going to come out today? I'm not gonna stop pestering you until you do!" WHAT?! He's trying to get Tapu Lele to show up?! IS. HE. NUTS? This kid is nuts! "FOR THE LOVE OF SOLGALEO," growled Ben in frustration, "JUST GET OUT HERE!" He groaned in irritation and bonked his head against the wall. "This Tapu hates mee..." he whined. I honestly thought it might have something to do with him not actually going up to the altar, but hey, that's just me. For all I knew, Tapu Lele might actually be mad at him! When he left, I lingered for a moment, wondering if maybe the new Tapu would show with Ben gone. She didn't, so I left to follow him.
(EEK I'm back I'm back I AIN'T DEAD PEOPLE Also, to clarify, Luna is the name of the player character here. However, in this 'verse, Hau is Champion, not her) The boy sighed and plopped down on the beach. "Why does this Tapu hate me?" he wondered aloud. Just then, a shooting star streaked across the sky. Ben looked up, startled. The star shot off, going...this way?! UH-OH. Thankfully, the strange shooting star whistled over our heads and to the other side of the island. The startled-looking boy suddenly shot to his feet. "What was that?" he asked, looking in the direction it'd gone. "And, more importantly, are the Pokemon okay?" He darted towards Diglett's Tunnel. I followed. (oooh things are getting interesting Ben 10 fans know what's coming)
THAT WAS A LOTTA DIGLETT! Seriously I get the name now. We exited near Heahea, a few scratches on Ben but the both of us otherwise unharmed. The boy wasted no time. He darted off for Route 4, the place where we'd seen the meteor go down. Eventually, we found it. It sat in a steep, if small, crater. Ben's immediate response was to run for it and look around. "Are there any hurt Pokemon around here?" he called. One little misstep was enough to send the poor kid tumbling into that crater. The strange meteor suddenly opened up, revealing a black-and-gold wristwatch. Pretty bulky too-we're talkin Bastiodon bulky. Ben curiously peered into the stone when he'd picked himself up. He reached in a hand...and the watch clamped onto his wrist! (BTW it's black-and-gold because this 'verse is more closely based on Ultra Sun than Moon, although some Moon exclusives appear. If and when we see a Moon-based version of this, then that Ben will have a black-and-light blue version of the watch. Just telling you.)
Ben, of course, freaked out. He began running in circles. Honestly, I don't blame him, I was pretty panicked myself. He was also babbling something along the lines of, "ERGABERGABEEDLEBOO!" ...at least that's what he sounded like. After what was at least half an hour of that, he finally calmed down enough to climb out. He was quite audibly whimpering. Aaaand that whimpering attracted a bunch of wild Rattatas. Trainers shouldn't have a problem with these, but BEN DOESN'T HAVE ANY POKEMON. Even a Rattata could give him trouble! The boy nervously backed away from the incoming rats. He looked at his wrist, shrugged, and began shaking the strange watch at the rodent Pokemon. It beeped. The Rattata gave each other a look, as if to say, "What exactly is he trying to do?" "Should we..?" one Rattata trailed off to the others. Another one shrugged and went at Ben. The human bolted, jumping over one of the miniscule rodents in his panic. I don't know for the life of me why he hadn't tried that sooner. The Rattatas ran after him. (ooo things gettin INTEEENSE)
I trailed the Rattatas and their quarry from above. Ben was clearly freaked-out, big-time. Ben darted back towards Diglett's Tunnel. No clue why, it'd just amplify the issue. I flew in after him, watching his twists and turns as the commotion the Rattatas were making scared off the little enigmas that infested the tunnel. "Smart move," I murmured. Of course, the poor kid was still being chased. The Rattatas shouted in fury. Ben shouted in pure terror. They fled, running through Route 5 and to the Ruins of Life. ...Tapu Lele's not gonna be happy. (Sorry for short post)
...yeah she was in no way pleased with Ben bringing a Rattata infestation here. When Ben entered the ruins, the rats tailing him, the Tapu arrived, and all it took was a glare to get them to leave. "Finally! All it took was a bunch of Rattatas to get you to show?!" asked Ben, looking upset. Tapu Lele slapped him. Ouch. "Idiot," she said flatly, before leaving. Ben had a look on his face as if he'd seen a ghost. Well, I mean, he seems fine with ghosts, but you know what I mean. He had a look on his face like Arceus itself had slapped him. "...did Tapu Lele just call me an idiot?" he asked. Spot-on, guy. (oof sorry for another short post)
"OHMYBUZZWOLEATALKINGTAPULELECALLEDMEANIDIOT!" Ben screeched. ...I understood none of it. Tapu Lele suddenly returned, and shoved her face in his face. "What did you say?!" she hissed. Ben babbled some nonsense. "WHAT. DID. YOU. SAY?!" hissed the Tapu again. Yikes, remind me not to get on HER bad side. "Y-you can talk?!" asked Ben. WHOA WHOA WHOA, Tapu Lele can TALK TO HUMANS?! That's a new one! "...no, no, you're the unusual one," said Tapu Lele, "BECAUSE I KNOW FOR A FACT YOU DIDN'T UNDERSTAND ME BEFORE." WHAAAAAAAAA Ben fainted. "So, Madeline, any explanation?" spat the Tapu, glaring at me. "...how-!" "Heard about ya from Gwendolyn. Now, SPILL!" "I dunno, think it's that weird watch-!" "THANK YOU NOW HELP ME GET IT OFF" "Why?!" "BECAUSE LAST TIME A HUMAN TALKED TO POKEMON UNOVA WAS ALMOST DESTROYED!" ...can't argue with that (LOL I can't believe I brought that up!)

Pages: 123

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