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LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
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I’m real sorry but I’ve got a lot of other things I need to do so imma drop out
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
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It's fine, and you can rejoin at any time.

Hey! Why not check out my Sprite shop while you're here? Dragon Cave profile Or... come ask the Psychic expert your burning queries...
Hi, I'm just posting here to let you know that I'll be gone for a few days, so I won't be RPing for a while.
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Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
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K, I'll just say they fell asleep.
octoren's Avataroctoren
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Lucas (Regular Pokemon)

I would like to drop off a Pokemon! Username: SerenaandPeach Pokemon Species: Riolu , Male Pokemon Name: Lucas , Straight Appearance: A melan Riolu that's wearing a Choice Band on his head and a navy blue hoodie. Age: 11 , Child Other: Lucas was taken in by Peaches at a young age. He trusts her the most, and stays around in her sight Moveset (Optional): Power-Up Punch Counter Protect Agility (egg move)

Peaches (Caretaker?)

I would like to drop off a Pokemon! Username: SerenaandPeach Pokemon Species: Goodra , female Pokemon Name: Peaches , Demi Appearance: A Shiny Goodra who carries a baby carrier on her back. Other than that, she has a sliver locket that's shaped like a heart, a gift from her mother Age: 35 , Adult Other: Peaches has trust issues when it comes to others. Unless she knows they won't try anything, she barely trusts anyone, besides Lucas. Moveset (Optional): Dragon Pulse Rain Dance Draco Meteor Sludge Bomb
icon is a screenshot from splatoon!! callie, as well as splatoon, are owned by nintendo!!
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Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
Accepted, now there's two Goodras. Huh.
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
And they're both shiny as well. This is going to get real confusing. In a XD kinda way.
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Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
Boopity bump
Username: Mijumarulover1 Pokémon Species: Mewtwo, male Pokémon Name: Mirage, asexual Appearance: Mirage looks a lot like a normal Mewtwo, but he has a speaker on his stomach Age: 12, teen Other: Mirage wears a purple bandana as a little scarf. Also, he's around 5 or 5.5 inches. Moveset (Optional): Roar; Flash (a flash of light); Psychic; Aura Sphere
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Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
Mewtwo can't learn Roar or Flash. Also, did you mean inches or feet? Because 5.5 inches is t I n y.

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