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EvilAngel's AvatarEvilAngel
EvilAngel's Avatar
Will you swap your shiny Darkrai for my shiny Registeel in my favs field?
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Zenobelle's AvatarZenobelle
Zenobelle's Avatar
200GP + 100k crs for red soul dew?
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BlöødPixie's AvatarBlöødPixie
BlöødPixie's Avatar
Hey there! ^w^ If you dont accept EvilAngel's offer for the Darkrai.. Could I offer you 2500ZC for both Darkrai and Melmetal? I can throw in 2 Wishing Stones as an add on to your liking ^w^
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Hello! My order got pretty long so I put it in a hidebox to keep it from clogging the thread ^^'

Order hidden for convenience

I'd like to buy a bunch of your delta Eevees if that's okay! Marking down the types, amounts, and how I'd like to pay for them: (also as a sidenote I'd like to get males wherever applicable, hence the prices used for them) -Your Dark delta for 20 ZC -a Water delta for 50 GP -Two Grass deltas for 100 GP -a Normal delta for 75 GP -an Ice delta for 25 GP -a Fire delta for 15 ZC -a Fairy delta for 15 ZC -an Electric delta for 50 GP -a Psychic delta for 15 ZC All of these together should amount to a payment of 300 GP and 75 ZC, if that sounds right to you! though I wouldn't turn down a bulk discount, haha. I only joke though, the price as is seems perfectly fair to me :)
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AstroCat's AvatarAstroCat
AstroCat's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by EvilAngel

Will you swap your shiny Darkrai for my shiny Registeel in my favs field?
Sorry I'm not too fond of registeel but thank you for your offfer! All other offers are accepted and trades sent! ^^ Thank you! I will update the list when I get home, getting ready to head out for the day, if it doesn't have a background like then it's not mine anymore! ^^
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BlöødPixie's AvatarBlöødPixie
BlöødPixie's Avatar
Thank you again AstroCat! :3 Enjoy your day! ^w^
AstroCat's AvatarAstroCat
AstroCat's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by BlöødPixie

Thank you again AstroCat! :3 Enjoy your day! ^w^
You as well thank you! All trades are up to date! I think I have the list fixed but my computer's acting a little goofy ^^
AstroCat's AvatarAstroCat
AstroCat's Avatar
Bump :)
AlexAnimates's AvatarAlexAnimates
AlexAnimates's Avatar
Could I buy the Delta Blaziken for 50 GP?
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Zicø's AvatarZicø
Zicø's Avatar
250gp for the leiomano?
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