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Summons (+extras) for Currency

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Hi everybody! After saving boxes for a month to open on my recent birthday, I came across a lot of extra summons, and happen to need currency for my Snorlax hunt, so here I am! Prices are based off of market price, but I do try to go a bit lower, and haggling is welcome :) All currency is accepted but credits are needed the most! 5k credits = 5 GP = 1 ZC x1 Kagami - 150k / 150 GP / 30 ZC x1 Kusanagi - 175k / 175 GP / 35 ZC x1 Gold Statue - 175k / 175 GP / 35 ZC x1 Fujin's Lamp - 175k / 175 GP / 35 ZC x1 Raijin's Lamp - 225k / 225 GP / 45 ZC I've got some Z crystals and fragments lying around too, if anyone wants them! x2 Groundium Z x1 Groundium Fragment I had a very hard time finding references for average sale prices for these, so instead of setting an exact price, they're open to fair offers And besides those, I also have two extra shiny Snorlaxes at the moment! Both are male and locked at level 2, viewable in my UFT field. One is Hasty/Sweet and the other is Sassy/Bitter. Taking 200 GP each for them :) Thanks for taking the time to read, have a good day!
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joster235's Avatarjoster235
joster235's Avatar
would you be able to do the deathwing for 50zc? :D
Yes I would ^u^ I'll send a trade your way!
Grym's AvatarGrym
Grym's Avatar
Oops. My eyes betrayed me.. Nevermind.
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Captain's AvatarCaptain
Captain's Avatar
Hello! Could I please buy your Viridian Epee for 60ZC?
Absolutely! I'll send it over :3
rook's Avatarrook
rook's Avatar
How does 900k credits total sound for the Poisonium Z + 4 Poisonium fragments? (I'm also open to paying with GP/ZC/mixture if you'd prefer!)
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900k credits would be awesome! You have yourself a deal, my friend :3 I'll send you a trade!
Elsa's AvatarElsa
Elsa's Avatar
May I purchase your Origin Sash, Ku Idol and both GS Balls? ^-^ (Edit: I'll pay with credits!)
Currently purchasing
GS Ball
for 175k/35ZC My bestie is purchasing
Diamond Tiara
for the same price, contact him!
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BlöødPixie's AvatarBlöødPixie
BlöødPixie's Avatar
Hey hey! ^w^ May I do 50 ZC for your Helix Orb please? :3
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