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Kip’s Art Shop ☆ [OPEN]

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Katskip's AvatarKatskip
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Welcome to my Art Shop!

For this shop I’ll begin relatively slow before I find how many requests I can take at a time~ What you can find here; or what will eventually be added
  • Adoptables
  • Full Body Art
  • Chibi Art
  • Custom Variants/Fusions

You can order up to three artworks at once, and it only takes up one slot. Slots; 1☆ . open ~~~~~~~~~~~ payment 2☆ . open ~~~~~~~~~~~ payment 3☆ . open ~~~~~~~~~~~ payment Waiting List; 1★ . open ~~~~~~~~~~~ payment 2★ . open ~~~~~~~~~~~ payment 3★ . open ~~~~~~~~~~~ payment note; people from the waiting list move up to a slot
Will Draw; ~ Any Feral/Animal (canine/feline/mostly any animal) ~ Pokemon ~ Dragons ~ Mostly Anything that’s Non-Human Won’t draw; ~ Humans / Human Based OC’s (It’s just not my strong suit)

Completed so far!

Li for dorgoat. -


  1. Please subscribe to the thread, I don’t want to hunt ya down and all that trouble.
  2. Credit me to this website wherever you use the art I make
  3. Have your payment ready when you order
  4. I try to do my best on each artwork, so more complicated works may take longer depending on my schedule. Please respect the fact it may not be done right away.
  5. Do not order when all the slots are full. This means when all the slots and waiting slots are full.
  6. I have the right to refuse any order. I will not draw inappropriate things or anything related to that manner.
  7. Please have a photo reference for your character unless it’s a fusion or variant.
Also, it’s okay to pm me if you don’t want to publicly post. Or if we need to discuss something through pm’s if you want WIP’s or anything like that. I do prefer posts in-shop. ^^

Thanks for taking the time to read!

tips are appreciated to help me survive


< forms

Full Body

[i][b]Full-Body Order Up[/b][/i] [b]Character Reference;[/b] picture of the character [b]Type of Shading;[/b] soft/hard/flat [b]Background;[/b] If none put n/a, if you want a background give me a general idea I can go off of. [b]Any effects?;[/b] if none put n/a [b]Payment;[/b] [b]Other;[/b]


[i][b]Chibi please![/b][/i] [b]Character Reference;[/b] picture of character [b]Type of Shading;[/b] soft/hard/flat [b]Any effects?;[/b] if none put n/a [b]Sticker Shadow?;[/b] yes/no [b]Payment;[/b] [b]Other;[/b]

Variant Pokémon

[i][b]Switch it up[/b][/i] [b]What Pokémon?;[/b] [b]Type/s;[/b] ex. normal fire growlithe goes to grass. or grass and ice. [b]Payment;[/b] [b]Other;[/b]


[i][b]Mix em’ up[/b][/i] [b]Pokémon 1;[/b] [b]Pokémon 2;[/b] [b]Do you want it based more of one Pokémon?[/b] ex. growlithe and vulpix fusion, based more off the growlithe. [b]Payment;[/b] [b]Other;[/b] Copy and paste and fill out!

Examples & Pricing

Here are the types of art works you can order, and the shading/effect options! Just a note that these prices aren’t set in stone, but I will only be taking currency and Fire feathers! My rate; 5k=5=1 = 45zc

Full Body (no background)

<> These are full drawings of the character/Pokémon. I will only do one poké/character in each artwork. • These may take a few days to complete. • Transparent

Example (flat)

Bahama owned by CatEnergetic
|250k|250|50 |

soft shaded

Bahama owned by CatEnergetic
| 300k| 300| 60|

hard shaded

Chime owned by CatEnergetic
| 300k|300| 60|

Full Body (with background)

<> These are full drawings of a poké/character with backgrounds! These cost a bit more since it takes longer to make a background. • Please tell me what you’d like the setting to be, or I can’t make a background for you.

Example (flat)

Nyx owned by Plu
| 700k| 700| 140|

soft shaded

just a cat draco from dragon heart tigerstar’s death
| 750k| 750| 150|

hard shaded

longtail’s death wolf owned by me
| 750k| 750| 150|

with effects

Nyx owned by Plu
+ add on of | 150k| 150| 30|

Chibi’s (no backgrounds for these)

<> These are just chibi versions of a character/Pokémon. • You can request the white sticker background if you’d like one, just because it’s in the examples doesn’t mean it is always like that.


Ice for Ice
| 150k| 150| 30|

soft shaded

Ice for Ice
| 200k| 200| 40|

hard shaded

Ice for Ice
| 200k| 200| 40|

with effects

Ice for Ice
+ add on of | 100k| 100| 20|

Variant Pokemon (no backgrounds for these)

<> These are basically delta Pokémon to the max extent. If you request a grass type growlithe, I’ll make it look like an actual grass type Pokémon. • You can request dual types, like the ones in the examples. For instance a ice/water type growlithe. • These cost a bit more due to the fact I have to make up the Pokémon myself.

Example (Flat Fire / Steel Bidoof)

Belongs to Gale’s Wings
| 500k| 500| 100|

soft shaded (Flying / Electric Bidoof)

belongs to Gale’s Wings
| 550k| 550| 110|

Fusion’s (no backgrounds for these)

<> This is where you give me two Pokémon you want fused, and I make a fusion of the two. Only TWO. • If you want more of it based off one of the Pokémon just tell me so I know.

Example (Arcanine / Umbreon)

Belongs to me
| 500k| 500| 100|

soft shaded (Arcanine / Umbreon)

Belongs to me
| 500k| 500| 100|


None atm!

| ?k| ?| ?|
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Avatar by Gezeïchnet ~ ♡ My Art Shop ~ My Journal
Future legendary shiny/albino/melan hunt
/ ??
will buy for gp/zc - shoot me a pm!
Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf


(: 0)

A strange, gold-coloured leaf.

Sells for 1,000

Lv. 100 — +1,794,432
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Spicy food
Happiness 27%
Naughty nature
Katskip's AvatarKatskip
Katskip's Avatar
reserved just in case.
Katskip's AvatarKatskip
Katskip's Avatar
This shop is now fully open!
Katskip's AvatarKatskip
Katskip's Avatar
Prices have been lower to almost half. Bump!
funnyvictini's Avatarfunnyvictini
funnyvictini's Avatar
heya can i ask a thing. could you do a jewelpet commision/cusmon (if you dont know what a jewelpet is i can send a wiki entry about jewelpets)
Katskip's AvatarKatskip
Katskip's Avatar
@funnyvictini Sorry for taking so long to respond, I was inactive for quite a bit. But I looked them up, and they seem do-able. Would you mind if I pm you about details and pricing so we can figure it out?
dorgoat's Avatardorgoat
dorgoat's Avatar
Full-Body Order Up Character Reference;


Type of Shading; hard Background; N/A Any effects?; N/A Payment; 1,000 GP! Other; ur art is so cute and u deserve a lot more than you're getting,, i would order like sm if i wasnt broke lol-
i'm gonna munch i'm gonna crunch avatar by Halographic!
Katskip's AvatarKatskip
Katskip's Avatar
@dorgoat Ahh thank you so much! You are my first order so far. Accepted! I’ll get to work on her later today.
Katskip's AvatarKatskip
Katskip's Avatar
@dorgoat Here you go! Sorry for the delay!


Send over the payment whenever you can <3
Katskip's AvatarKatskip
Katskip's Avatar
Boop ~

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