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EeveeLover10's AvatarEeveeLover10
EeveeLover10's Avatar
Cherry curled up on the rock, wrapping her fluffy tail around her
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BlöødPixie's AvatarBlöødPixie
BlöødPixie's Avatar
In the distance, a shiny Persian was seen laying down on a rock near the shore of the beach, her tail gently swayed left and right as the sound of the waves calmed her. "Today is a nice day..." She smiled before she gently opened one eye and glanced over to the other pokemon nearby. she sighed playfully, they looked like they were having fun, but fun wasn't her thing. She would rather relax and soak up some rays rather than run around or anything.
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Crash decided that he should check outside of the bush now. In which, he noticed Cherry, but didn't see Taimorl. "..?" Now, he knew better then to just run up to another Pokemon. That might end up getting him attacked, so he just casually went back into the bush.
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EeveeLover10's AvatarEeveeLover10
EeveeLover10's Avatar
Cherry heard the rustle in from the bush, making her ears perk, but ignored it
A pink Gardevoir named Maggie sat on the sandy beach, taking in the sights of the sea, watching for bird Pokemon to fly overhead. She was dragging shells in the sand, making intricate little details with them as she watched the waves come in and out, washing her designs away. What better way was there to spend the day than just relaxing on the beach, making small drawings in the sand? Of course, her attention was turned to an off-colored Persian in the distance. Maggie wanted to go investigate, but didn't want to leave the comfortably of her spot on the shore. But, she gave into the temptation of meeting the cat that sat near a rock, and began walking over to her.
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SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
Krissy was beginning to feel confident in exploring the island before a spiked blue ball flew last her rapidly. '°Aaah! What the heck was that thing?!" She falls backwards and rolls headfirst down the hill she was currently on and ended up in the clearing where Taimorl and Cherry were, only bad thing being she was knocked unconscious after hitting the rock full force. It wasn't bleeding though. The spiked ball, Xaiver uncurled himself and panicked upon seeing what he potentially done. ("Oh sweet lord, what've I done?! This is low, even for me.. ") (*= In the characters head " °= Really loud. Really, really loud.
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BlöødPixie's AvatarBlöødPixie
BlöødPixie's Avatar
Upon resting beside the shoreline on her rock and watching some of the other pokemon play, or hide in some cases, her ears had perked as she sensed something, or rather, someone, was watching her. Her ears flickered lightly in the Gardevior's direction before her crimson eyes shifted towards her. Luka gave a small nod as she watched the Gardevior walk towards her, she secretly enjoyed the company of others, but knew she wasn't very approachable due to her snobby Persian nature. So she would try to make a friend if she could. "Good afternoon, miss Gardevior," she purred lowly, her tail still swishing back and forth gently, "What brings you here to this side of the beach?"
EeveeLover10's AvatarEeveeLover10
EeveeLover10's Avatar
Cherry stood up, shaking her warm pelt from any debree that went on her, and padded away towards a small cave in the forest, just big enough for an eevee to fit in*
Crash, who had heard something close to someone hitting a rock, flinched, causing the bush to rustle. Crash does not want to know what happened. So, he continues to hide in the bush.
Maggie, who had finished skipping over to the Persian, gave a huge grin as she looked at the Persian, before beginning to speak. "Hi! I'm here because I thought you looked a bit lonely, and that you could use a friend!" Taking her little hat off, she sat down next to the cat, still grinning. Maggie put her hat to the side as she decided to introduce herself. "I'm Maggie, and you are?"

Pages: 1234

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