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Not Lucky Hunts: Cheap Extras and Type Race Albinos (S/A)

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notluck's Avatarnotluck
notluck's Avatar
Yes! I'll send the trades.
avatar made by evipona
evipona's Avatarevipona
evipona's Avatar
do you do gem trades?
notluck's Avatarnotluck
notluck's Avatar
I'll swap 1 med gem for 1 med bug gem!
Hiya! I'd like to purchase an albino Volbeat; any nature is ok for 2 med. Fire, 1 med. Dark, and 1 med. Water. If I can scatter out the gems, I'd like an albino, if not, a shiny is ok too.
Avatar made for me, by lucaferthedemon.
Hypatia's AvatarHypatia
Hypatia's Avatar
Hi ^^ Can I get albino https://pokefarm.com/summary/Rf3r2 and shiny https://pokefarm.com/summary/RPzCg for 3 boxes ?
Liriodendron tulipifera Photo made by me
notluck's Avatarnotluck
notluck's Avatar
@YeltonLongNose and Hypatia, both are fine~ Go ahead and send trades.
notluck's Avatarnotluck
notluck's Avatar
Halographic's AvatarHalographic
Halographic's Avatar
could i get a shiny and albino? both for normal medium gems ^^
mdzs's Avatarmdzs
mdzs's Avatar
may i take a gentle natured shiny for 35kc? =0
notluck's Avatarnotluck
notluck's Avatar
Sure thing, both of you! I'll send the trades

Pages: 1234

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