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Not Lucky Hunts: Cheap Extras and Type Race Albinos (S/A)

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notluck's Avatarnotluck
notluck's Avatar
I'm starting to accumulate quite a bit of shinies and albinos on my way to my first mel so I'm trying to get them out quickly! My goal in each of my hunts is to do whatever it takes to get a mel so as it goes, I'll go ahead and update this shop with whatever it is that I'm hunting. If you have a preferred nature, please look for them in my first field.
Currently hunting: Volbeats!
Next hunt: Taorus! Be on the lookout!
x22 LF: 35k / 35 / Any 2 Med Gems (cept bug) / 1 Box
x1 LF: 70k / 70 / Any 4 Med Gems (cept bug) / 2 Boxes
LF: Offer! Looking for other S/A Poke or ZC for them
LF: Currencies, S/A Pokemon
  • Cobalt Epee x1
  • Death Wing x1
  • Life Antler x1
Looking for my Volbeats' other halves? Find Shiny and Albino Illumises here!
avatar made by evipona
Hello! So, you're saying that a shiny Volbeat is only 35 gp? If so, then can I have one?
notluck's Avatarnotluck
notluck's Avatar
Yes! I'll go ahead and send you one
id love to buy a shiny volbeat for credits!
!! quitting !! quitting thread
notluck's Avatarnotluck
notluck's Avatar
Sure thing! Sending your way now
notluck's Avatarnotluck
notluck's Avatar
bump! updated stock. come get your bugs!
notluck's Avatarnotluck
notluck's Avatar
added troll twins auction!
Spensir36's AvatarSpensir36
Spensir36's Avatar
Hi! Can I offer the starting bid for the twins in credits? I could also offer boxes instead if you’d prefer that :)
notluck's Avatarnotluck
notluck's Avatar
Boxes or credits, either works! I'll put you down as top bidder, thank you!
SilverRose's AvatarSilverRose
SilverRose's Avatar
Can I buy a shiny and albino for 6 medium fire gems?
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