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[Closed]ACottontail's Sprite Shop,will do almost anything

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POLL: What do you think of my prices

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POLL: What do you think of my sprites?

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POLL: What needs the most improvement on my first post

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ACottontail's AvatarACottontail
ACottontail's Avatar
Hello and welcome to my sprite shop. I offer a lot of different types of sprites, and I'm willing to try to sprite almost anything. I specialize in creative fusions, retypes and customs. Ever wanted a 4 pokemon star themed fusion in a specific pose? What about a dual retype cosplaying as a Jigglypuff? Want the two of them interacting in a scene? Well I got you covered. Don't be afraid of giving me something to hard to sprite, I like a challenge.

Rules and Notes

  • Understand the payment system. By ordering a sprite you are saying that you can, and will pay up to the maximum price in that sprite's category for the sprite. I will give you the price when giving you the sprite. The price will never be more than the maximum price for that sprite's category.
  • Send payment within 48 hours of receiving your sprite. If you are going offline for an extended period of time please tell me. I will hunt you down if you don't pay.
  • Don't use other people's sprites without their permission. Do not use sprites other people have ordered. If you want to use sprites made for other people ask for the permission of the person who ordered the sprite as they paid for it and now own it. Do not harass people for not answering or not letting you use the sprite, or be overly pushy. Doing so will get you banned from my shop.
  • Give credit when using sprites. You can use sprites I make for you anywhere for any purpose as long as you credit me for making the sprite. I am okay with you editing the sprite you ordered, just don't forget to give me and the person who edited it credit. If I made the design for you, while I don't expect it everywhere, in places such as art galleries for the character please give credit to me for the design.
  • Each separate sprite you order will have it's own price. If you don't make it clear you are asking for multiple sprites in your order when you are ordering multiple sprites, I will ask for clarification before doing your order.
  • I can reject orders for any reason.
  • If you want me to do something to a gen 6+ pokemon you will have to find a sprite for me to work off of. Though I do have a small amount of sprites I have made myself a while back if you want me to use one of those. However many of them are old, and if they are in the white box I recommend finding a free to use sprite for me to use.

Gen 6/7 sprites I've made

Notes to remember
  • Specify what you want out of a sprite. Feel free to specify things like pose, color pallet or anything else you can think of. I can have some very weird interpretations of things. One time someone asked me for a shiny Umbreon with wings. This is what I gave them when they latter specified they wanted this. If you want to avoid this please specify details.
  • I like to get creative with my sprites. For things like fusions and retypes I try to make their designs unique and treat it like the buyer has the intent to make it into an OC. Making a simple sprite feels like cheating so I do my best to avoid it.
  • Don't be afraid to give me a challenging sprite. I like a challenge. Besides, the worst I could do is say no, or fail trying.
  • You can combine as many types of sprites as logically possible. The price for these will fall into the highest max price of the sprite types selected. Where I say I can also do this to fusions is shorthand for saying I can also do this to fusions, retypes, customs, and pretty much is this note.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for stuff off of the menu. I will tell you what max price category it falls into, and will start making it once you agree to that max price. Unless it falls into PWYW, then I will start making it immediately(assuming there are no other orders).
  • I have a tendency to procrastinate. I'm not the most motivated spriter. I can put things off for a while, and I have taken 2 months to start to work on a sprite before. Though be assured when I finally do get to spriting I don't take shortcuts. I do my best to put my artistic vision of your request into sprite form, anything else feels like cheating.
  • If you have any criticisms or ways to make my sprites or this first post better, please tell me. I am always looking to improve my sprite work. I also feel like this first post and shop name are a little barren, so any advice would be appreciated. I can also make edits to your order if you see something is wrong with it.
  • Tips are greatly appreciated. I take tips as a sign how much people like the sprite I made them. I want to believe that people will tip so they are paying what they think the sprite is worth. I feel like every fusion, every retype isn't just putting parts onto a pokemon to make a sprite. It is something I have to design and then put into sprite form. This is to the point I often sketch out the design of them on paper(I can send you an picture of it if you want). For stuff like fusions I feel like you aren't just buying a sprite, but also a design. I've seen adopts go for significantly more, and while I expect absolutely no one to pay 200-500GP for a single sprite, I feel like the design should still count for something. I see other people paying a lot more to other people and I wonder, what am I doing wrong? How can I make my sprites better? I don't want force people to pay a lot for my sprites if they don't think they are truly worth it. I understand people not tipping if the art is already expensive, but are my prices really that high? It's a bit disheartening to see so many people pay the bare minimum. I want to do my best to make sprites that people think are worth something. I want to give things like fusions creative designs in poses few others would go through the effort to make. I want to be the one who makes that sprite which consists of 5 different sprite types every other sprite shop was sane enough to refuse to take on. I want to sprite whatever you want as long as I have the tools to take it on. If you think the sprite I made for you is worth more than the price I gave you for it, please pay me what you think it's worth. Arceus this turned into a rant, didn't it?


I will give you the price of the sprite when giving it to you. The price will never exceed the maximum price of that sprite's category. Here is what I am looking for, listed in order of most wanted. Mixed payments are allowed. Exchange rates: 1=5=5,000, 1 = 1,500 , 1 = 400 .
  • Gummis are worth 1,500 credits. Yes, I really want your gummis.
  • This is my only method of getting them so.
  • Ready to evolve bug, normal, dark and poison type pokemon. Normal type evos are worth 1,000 credits because Eevee exists. Bug and Poison type pokemon are worth 1250 credits because a level ten Weedle is worth 5,000 credits. Dark is worth 6,500 credits as Poochyena evolves at level 18.
  • I typically prefer to buy things in GP over credits. I also have a better idea of what things are worth in gp over any other currency so I will calculate the price of sprites off of gp.
  • I will measure how much you paid in credits. There are gummis on the market. Credits can buy things on the market.
  • Bug,Poison,Dark,Dragon,Steel and Normal small gems are worth 100 credits. The rest of the gems are worth 400 credits. 1 medium gem is worth 10 small gems and 1 large gem is worth 100 small gems. These are not a priority thus the low value.
Tips are appreciated.
Alternate payments
These are some other things I am looking for. Please discuss these when ordering instead of when I give you the sprite and the price. This is due to the variable nature of the items or them being enough to pay for multiple items.
  • Art trades. I have hundreds of monster, non-pokemon characters I would love to have drawn. I don't have digital art or references for most of my characters, though I can draw some traditional pictures and give you a description of them for reference.
  • Good pokemon for battle. I am always looking for pokemon to add to my team. For the most part I am looking for pokemon with natures that boost their higher offensive stat, preferably adamant/modest, and good IVs. Please don't offer pokemon I've already trained(Megas count as separate pokemon) or pokemon with low base stat totals in their final form(lower than 400). See my first few fields for what I already have. Legendary/Shiny/Albino/Delta pokemon that are good for battle are worth more.
  • Shinys/Albinos/Delta. I base the value of these more on how they look than how much EXP they took to hatch. I am less likely to accept ones I already have as payment.(I will also accept all Melans, not that anyone would actually pay with one for sprites)
  • A toyhouse code. I have a TON of characters and I would like a place to organize them all. (Seriously, I have over 200 characters).
  • Relic Vases and beyond. I need them to upgrade my badges. One could probably pay for multiple sprites.

Here is where I list the people who have discounts for whatever reason I see fit.
  • Aikra - 99% off sprites for being my best friend.
  • KilalaMikal - 10% off sprites for paying in gummis when this shop was PWYW.
  • FennekOoba - 10% off sprites for paying in Zophan and leaving a tip when this shop was PWYW.
  • DatzArebal - 10% off sprites for paying in gummis and gold poke when this shop was PWYW.
  • BjornDH - 20% off sprites for having a button made for my shop, and advertising it in their signature. 50% off character and Veteran sprites for suggesting them
  • soxterluna - 30% off sprites involving Goodra and Spewpa for ordering sprites that involved me making sprites for them, and then allowing me to use an edited version of the sprites for other sprites. This also applies to the OC sprites ordered that required me to make Goodra and Spewpa in the first place.
Battler's discount - a 10% discount to everyone who has either a)Beaten my gym or b) has beaten me in their gym under rules I feel are fair. My gym is right here, if you want to give it a try.
  • Rebecca Gold
  • Foxat
  • Luxnight

What I can do (57 types available)

Sprite index

Use control+F to quickly jump to what you're looking for. PWYW Recolor (Inverted - Inverted inverted - Trainer - tron) - Shadeless - Lines - Silhouettes - Galaxy - Shadows - Devamp - Revamps - Charms - Half Shiny - Infected Shiny - Missingno glitched - Partners - Teams - Simplified - April fools Cyan tier - 25GP max price Fusions - Half-Fusions - Self-Fusions - Imposters - Cosplays - Undertale Styled - Amalgamates - Berry - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Poses - Painted (Flags - Melonistic) - Substitute Plush - Gijinka - Derpmons - Face swap - Lineless (Pencil shaded) - Stickers - Aura - Veteran - Tail - Cat - Bird - Parts - Banner - Surprise Determination tier - 50GP max price Customs - Retypes - Characters - Fakemon - Back Sprites - Sprites from scratch - Scenes (Rider) - Custom animations
Extra stuff I'm willing to do for free for almost any sprite you order if you ask for it. Replace a pokemon's image - I can give you CSS code to make one of your pokemon look like a sprite I made for you. Give me a link to the pokemon you want it on and I'll send you the code. The code comes from this helpful CSS code guide. Dex entry - I can write up dex entries for the sprite you ordered. These will include a description of the pokemon's life, typing, ability and notable moves. *Please make sure the sprite makes some sort of sense for having a dex entry. I will make it a joke entry if you want me to give one to something like a Silhouette.*


Iripster - the ice wolf pokemon - Iripster tend to live up in icy mountains. They are capable of great feats of agility during a blizzard. Their eyes have adapted to see well during blizzards. Iripster tend to be rather serious pokemon. They try to intimidate intruders in the mountains. However Iripster tend to take pity on lost travelers and lead them off the mountain. Iripster's fur is incredibly soft, smooth and cold. Abilities - Fur coat / Keen eye, hidden - Snow cloak. Notable moves - Ice fang, Shadow claw, Blizzard, Agility. Cherry Grotle - the cherry bush pokemon - Cherry Grotle are a fairy type variation of Grotle. They have evolved closer to cherry blossoms, and have grown more magical than plant based. The scent and flowers on Cherry Grotle appear to have healing properties. Seeing a cherry Grotle is said to cause hallucinations of a cherry or strawberry taste. Abilities - Sweet Veil / Flower Veil, hidden - Aroma Veil Notable moves - Aromatherapy, Magical leaf, Aromatic Mist. Shadow Mothim - the sad shadow moth pokemon - brown/sad type Once upon a time there was a Mothim. He was so ugly he put the ugly barnacle to shame. Because he was so useless he turned to the dark side. However he failed that and became brown instead. Now he just sits in the corner crying on pizza boxes. Ability: Failed Shadow - Anything black Shadow Mothim sees makes him sad about failing to turn to the dark side. This lowers all of his stats by one stage. Notable moves: Real Tears - makes the opposing pokemon sad once they realize they aren't fake tears. Struggle - Shadow Mothim faces the struggle of everyday life. Ponder - Shadow Mothim ponders the reason why he exists. ^That is what happens when you ask me to give a dex entry to a Silhouette.
Shinys - I'll add on an extra recolor for the shiny variation of the sprite your ordering. *I will not do this for free for animated sprites.*
These are the sprites that are really easy for me to make. Pay anything you want for them. Recolors - The classic recolor. I can base the color off of something or create a new pallet. If you want something more than just replacing the colors of a pokemon see painted below.

Recolor Variants, (3) Inverted, Inverted inverted, Trainer

Inverted - I recolor a sprite based off of it's inverted colors. I may leave some colors the same due to them looking better. Inverted inverted - I make an inverted recolor, then invert the colors of the recolor. Also comes with an inverted recolor sprite as I need to make one for this sprite. Trainer recolor - a recolor, but with trainer sprites. Tron - Where I make most of the pokemon dark, but make a few parts neon to really make it stand out.
Shadeless - I go through and remove all of the shading. Lines - I quickly go through and get the lines of the pokemon. Silhouettes - I fill in the entire pokemon with one color. Usually black but you can specify another color. I can also make the color an image of your choosing. Galaxy - I make parts of the pokemon look like a galaxy. I can do this to either the full pokemon, or parts of a pokemon. The galaxy background is by JL Field on needpix.com. Pictures there are free to use commercially with modification. Shadows - I add a shadow under a pokemon. Can either have a sinister red face or not. I can also make them in different angles. Devamp - I can give a newer gen sprite a gen 1 color pallet. I can also do this to fusions. Revamps - I can revamp any gen 1-4 sprite to more closely resemble the gen 5 sprites. I can also do this to pokemon that were in the gold/sliver prototype. Feel free to request older generation sprites when ordering a sprite. Please note: There is only really 1 way to revamp a sprite, and these take more time to make than any other similar looking sprite. I will reuse these for my other sprites. I am not insane enough to redo these like the rest of the similar looking sprites here. Due to this these are pay what you want. These take about as much effort as a 25 max priced sprite so please don't order 20 of these at once because they are technically free. Charms - I attach the ends of the shiny charm to a pokemon's minisprite or an item's sprite to make it look like a charm. I can recolor the minisprite if you want. Half Shiny - Where I make half of a pokemon normal and the other shiny. The change can be horizontal or vertical. There will only be one change. Infected Shiny - Where I go crazy with the selection tool and make the pokemon partially shiny. This are randomized for the most part as when I try to be careful with it, it usually ends up looking worse. Missingno glitched - Where I glitch the pokemon into a reversed L shape, then paste recolored missingno sprites into the background. Comes in two styles, background glitched where there are holes taken out of the background like the first example, and transparent where all white is removed like the second example. Partners - A trainer with one or few of their pokemon. I can recolor the trainer and/or the pokemon if you want. I am willing to do small edits in this. Based on what I saw a lot of people doing on smogon. If you want more see scenes below. Teams - I copy and paste a trainer and pokemon sprites together. If you want something more complex, such as the trainer and pokemon interacting or doing poses see scenes below. Simplified - Where I remove details, lines and shading to make a pokemon sprite look simplified. April fools - Is 50 gold poke to mUch for you?!? Well fOr anything you can get a sPrite from sCratch!!1!1!! Done at lIghtning quiCk paces of 5 miNutes, without a referEnce just like how Real artists do it! What is this qUality you speak of? In seriousness I will jokingly scratch a sprite up. These are zero effort and very low quality.
Cyan tier 25,000:25:5
These sprites require more time and effort for me to make. You will pay at most 25 gold poke or equivalent for these sprites.


Fusions - Half-Fusions - Self-Fusions - Imposters - Cosplays - Undertale Styled - Amalgamates - Berry - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Poses - Painted (Flags - Melonistic) - Substitute Plush - Gijinka - Derpmons - Face swap - Lineless (Pencil shaded) - Stickers - Aura - Veteran - Tail - Cat - Bird - Parts - Banner - Surprise
Fusions - In fusions you specify what pokemon you want me to fuse together. You can ask me to fuse as many pokemon as you want. Also feel free to give me a theme for the fusion such as a fusion of all the eeveelutions that is also a flying type eeveelution. Expect to almost always pay 25 gold poke or equivalent for fusions. Feel free to specify a pose you want the fusion to be in. Almost all of the sprites I've made in my previous fusion focused sprite shop can be found here. Half-Fusions - Half fusions are fusions where a pokemon are two different things split across the center. I can do things like different pokemon, angle/demon, two different types, or pretty much anything else you can think of. Self-Fusions - Fusions where the pokemon is fused with it's self. Imposters - Where I make one pokemon, entirely using parts from a different pokemon. These have the tendency of being cursed. Please specify what pokemon you want me to try to make, and what pokemon you want me to make it out of. Cosplays - Pokemon wearing outfits of other pokemon. I am willing to make fusions wear an outfit of another fusion. Please provide the sprites for the fusions as saying a Pichu/Eevee fusion dressed as a Lugia/Ho-oh fusion counts as three separate sprites. Expect these to cost about 20 gold poke or equivalent. Undertale Styled Sprites - these sprites are styled after the battle sprites of Undertale. You can tell me which parts of the pokemon to make black and white, and I can also make them in colors other than black and white if you want. These are not recolored lines as I tend to be a lot more careful with these, going pixel by pixel and occasionally filling in big chunks of color as opposed to just quickly making all the lines black then coloring the rest white. Expect these to be about 10 gold poke or equivalent. Amalgamates - Pokemon that are monochrome and melty. May also have eyes and mouths where there shouldn't be. I can also do this to fusions. Berry - I will make a pokemon look like a berry. I recolor and fuse on parts for these. I can also do this to fusions. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - I remake a sprite or art of a pokemon of your choice into a PMD styled sprite. I can use any of the poses the games offers. I can only do this to fusions, retypes, recolor, customs, etc, whose base is a gen 1-4 pokemon. I can scratch on parts, and may be able to add on small parts of gen 5+ pokemon. I can not do this to fakemon. Poses - when requesting a sprite feel free to request a pose and expression for it. Asking for a sprite to be in a certain pose will not make it count as two sprites. Basic poses like the Psyduck below will cost about 10 gold poke or equivalent. Painted - I recolor a pokemon to your specific liking. This involves any recolor that isn't just changing the colors of the sprite. This can add patterns, or scratch on images onto a pokemon. I can do this to any pokemon or fusion.

Painted Variants, (2) Flags, Melonistic

Flags - Where I recolor a pokemon and add markings based on a flag of your choosing. Melonistic - I've heard these are all the craze these days. People hatching many eggs to get a melonistic. I will make the pokemon look like a watermelon. And yes, this is based on a pun.
Substitute Plush - I fuse a pokemon with a substitute doll in order to make a plush of the pokemon. Tiny lines are added for the seams. Expect these to cost around 15-20 gold poke or equivalent. Gijinka - I can make pokemon into trainers. Feel free to specify the trainer. I can also do this to fusions. I try to make the design of the gijinka make sense if they were a human. Derpmons - Where I fuse a small pokemon with a legendary to try to create the silliest sprite possible. You can specify the small pokemon, legendary or both you want used. Expect to pay around 10 gold poke or equivalent. Also comes with silly names. The examples are named Who's better now Pikachu? and Oddish on fire with four legs. Face swap - Where I replace a pokemon's face with another pokemon's face. Expect to pay around 10 gold poke or equivalent. Lineless - This is where I remove all of the lines of a pokemon, and replace it with shading. It costs around the equivalent of 15 gold poke.

Lineless Variants (1) pencil shaded

Pencil shaded Lineless - I took the lineless above and used the pencil brush to give it softer shading. This can also be done to non-lineless sprites, though it doesn't look as good.
Stickers - Makes a pokemon look like a sticker. Expect these to cost about 10 gold poke or equivalent. I can also do this to fusions. Aura - Gives a pokemon an aura. Feel free to specify color and width. Expect these to cost about 10 gold poke or equivalent for a 3 pixel width. I can also do this to fusions. Veteran - Old pokemon that have braved many battles to protect others. Suggested by BjornDH. Tail I give a tail to a pokemon that doesn't have one. Cat - I give a pokemon cat ears and a tail to make it look like a cat. Expect to pay around 10 gold poke or equivalent. Bird - I give a pokemon bird wings, beak and legs to make it look like a bird. Parts - I separate the different parts of a sprite. Useful if you don't feel like doing it yourself, or just want easy access in case you have a fuse every pokemon with Luxray project. (Though to be fair, you can just go to the spriter's resource and find the part sprite sheet used in game there for free. Not going to link because it has a comment section I'm unsure of the moderation of, but I can give you the link if you ask me via pm.) Banner - I create a banner for something. Please specify color, size, sprites you want used in it, text and background pattern. Please provide sprites for the banner as me having to make new sprites for the banner counts as separate sprites. Surprise - This is where I give you a completely random sprite of a pokemon you ask for. This will always be somethings along the lines of something like a fusion or custom. This will never be something like just a recolor or lineless of the pokemon. I try to stray away from scratching large parts onto these sprites to keep these at the 25gp maximum price. If you want me to scratch large part onto them please tell me so, and say that you are okay with a 50gp max price for it in your post.
Determination Tier50,000:50:10
These sprites have the possibility to get very scratch heavy. Due to scratch taking longer to do than anything else these sprites are more expensive. You will pay at most 50 gold poke or equivalent for these sprites.


Customs - Retypes - Characters - Fakemon - Back Sprites - Sprites from scratch - Scenes (Rider) - Custom animations
Customs - In other words I will try to sprite pretty much anything onto a pokemon if you ask me to. I can work off of references, descriptions or themes. If you want me to make something like a pokesona, angel or Christmas version of a pokemon it falls into here. DO NOT JUST SAY YOU WANT A CUSTOM OF A POKEMON. This is intended to be an expanded pokesona option, not a random option. Please give me a reference, description or theme to work off of. If you want a random scratch heavy sprite see Surprise and tell me you want me to scratch large parts of the pokemon. All examples below are fusion heavy and would cost around 25 gold poke or equivalent.
Made for Aikra, for their use only
Retypes - Where I change the typing of a pokemon. I almost always try to make a theme for them. Placed here due to their tendency to get very scratch heavy. I can also do dual types and can do this to fusions. Feel free to specify a pose for the retype. Characters - I make a pokemon version of a character. Feel free to specify the pokemon I should use for it. Please include or link to the direct image(Nothing but the image appears in the link) of the character in your post when asking for one. The examples for this are of the characters Undyne and Alphys from Undertale. Fakemon - I can work off of references or create new fakemon off of a few concepts. I can do this either from scratch which is most likely what I'll do if you give me a reference, or from other pokemon+scratched on parts, which is likely what I'll do if you want me to make a new fakemon. The first example I did from other pokemon+scratched on parts and the second example is an old 100% scratched sprite. Back Sprites - I make a back sprite for any sprite you give me. These can either be gen 4 styled like the example on the left, or gen 5 styled like the example on the right. Please specify what style you want when you order. I cannot do the gen 4 style with gen 5 pokemon. The max price of the sprite will be the max price of the category the sprite you give me to make a back sprite of is. Placed in the 50gp max price category because you can order back sprites of sprites in this category. Sprites from scratch - I can sprite from scratch. These take longer than any other sprite to do. Feel free to specify what pose you want them in. (These are more recent then the gen 6/7 sprites above, I put these here so you can get a better feel for my skill now, or simply scroll down to my first two orders). These will always be 50 gold poke or equivalent. Scenes - Scenes are where one or more pokemon does something. I can also use fusions in scenes. Please provide the sprites for the fusions as saying a Pichu/Eevee fusion happily riding a Lugia/Ho-oh fusion counts as three separate sprites. Placed here in case they get complicated. The example below would cost about 10 gold poke or equivalent.

Scene variants (1) - Riders

Riders - Where I make one pokemon ride on top of another pokemon.
Custom animations - I can create an original animation for a pokemon or fusion. These are pretty basic as I do not have to much skill in them. I can make body parts rotate, and make pokemon make expressions. I can't do stuff like animate fire. I can not do recolors of the official pokemon animations. Want something that isn't here? Feel free to order sprite types not listed. I have a lot of spriting experience and chances are that I will be able to sprite it.

Past orders

Do not use sprites other people have ordered. If you want to use sprites made for other people ask for the permission of the person who ordered the sprite as they paid for it and now own it. Do not harass people for not answering or not letting you use the sprite, or be overly pushy about it. Doing so will get you banned from my shop. If you don't want anyone asking if they can use the sprites I made for you please tell me, and I'll add a note next to your name. All of the sprites link back to where I first posted them, which usually includes some incite on making the sprite. LeviTeh - Trikzter - KilalaMikal - FennekOoba - SnivyQueen15 - DatzArebal - BjornDH - bulbasaurÔWÔ - LemonZesty - AudreyC27 - EvilAngel - Aikra - teto - Bugdaze - PerilsPride - Rascal - Delilah Vee - Føxxshadow - SuperPanda101 - DrakoTheDragon - UnownShadow - GijinkaMagenta - soxterluna - Umbreon Master - Leafamber - loveybabylulu - EchoingVoices - jaydnd -


[b]What do you want:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]
Check out my gym, and my Journal. Vearus sprite + banner by me. ~The trainer of raging dragons~
LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
LeviTeh's Avatar
What do you want:Fakemon Of the Pokémon... Payment:4 steel gems
ACottontail's AvatarACottontail
ACottontail's Avatar
@LeviTehLillipup accepted. Thank you for being my first customer. I'll start working on it right away. Done! Here are the Normal and Shiny versions of Pitteaf. Still, thank you again for being my first customer. I have nothing to say on this one but that tail. So many leaves to line, color and shade.
LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
LeviTeh's Avatar
What do you want Fakemon of the Pokémon... Payment 4 steel gems
ACottontail's AvatarACottontail
ACottontail's Avatar
@LeviTehLillipup, accepted. I should get it done sometime tomorrow.
Trikzter's AvatarTrikzter
Trikzter's Avatar
What do you want: Amalgamate of Milotic! Payment: 2 medium flying gems!
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A strange, gold-coloured leaf.

Sells for 1,000

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ACottontail's AvatarACottontail
ACottontail's Avatar
@Trikzter accepted, I'll get to work on the sprites everyone ordered. @LeviTehLillipup, the sprites are ready. Here are the normal and shiny versions of Nuteaf. I tried to make it have a pose like it's holding a sword for battle.
LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
LeviTeh's Avatar
Sending payment~ got a double order uwu What do you want:Fakemon again

Bigg Imagge

Payment:8 ghost gems
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@Trikzter, your sprite is ready! Here's amalgamate Milotic. I hope you like it. I tried to make the antennae melty with drips at the ends, but that didn't look to good so the left became what it is now and I like how it turned out. I originally wanted both hair things to end in puddles but I think it would end up awkward. Also I hope it's clear enough that those are eyes on the tail. I was going to do mouths on milotic's lighter tail patches but I couldn't figure out how to sprite that. @LeviTehLillipup, I feel like 4 small gems is under priced for a scratched sprite of a fakemon. When I did Nuteaf I worked pretty much non-stop from when I accepted it and judging by the edit time of that post it took me about 1 hour and 23 minutes to make that sprite. I was excited at first because you were my first customer, but I don't want to keep creating fakemon from scratch for just 4 small gems.
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👌🏻, I could send a couple of medium gems if that’s better,

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