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Help with Summon Item

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PokeGabert16's AvatarPokeGabert16
PokeGabert16's Avatar
I've had the items for Mew & Jirachi, but what I go to summon them, it won't work, how do I use them?
Volixagarde's AvatarVolixagarde
Volixagarde's Avatar
Have you unlocked the summons yet?
PokeGabert16's AvatarPokeGabert16
PokeGabert16's Avatar
yeah, the Gene Sash, & the Jirachi-stone thing.
Arsenal's AvatarArsenal
Arsenal's Avatar
You can summon them here If it doesn't work, navigate through the tabs and see if you have met the requirements & clicked "unlock"
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PokeGabert16's AvatarPokeGabert16
PokeGabert16's Avatar
here's another question, I did unlock them & try to use them there, but it's saying a have none of the item, is that a glitch, do I have to find or buy the item? I'm very WTH on what to do?
Mareep's AvatarMareep
Mareep's Avatar
Unlocking a summon item does not give you the item. YOu can buy them from other players or find summons you have unlocked already in boxes. They have a higher change until you've found them once, so it's pretty easy to find them usually. If you want to 'save money' try to unlock as many summons as you can before you open your boxes
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PokeGabert16's AvatarPokeGabert16
PokeGabert16's Avatar
thank you, that clears a lot of thing I need to do.

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