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If you could have a CS version of any pokemon based on a charact

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Oooooh, a Beetlejuice Gengar would be amazing!! Or maybe a Sandworm Ekans, or Rayquaza, or any snake pokemon really-
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I’m a weeb so I’d love to see some One Piece themed CS Pokemon, maybe a Luffy Aipom/Ambipom, a Zoro Scyther/Scizor, a Perospero Lickitung/Lickilicky, etc,, I would love it so much I’d probably cry lmao. Other than that I’d love to see Doduo get more love!
imo i think it'd be pretty cool to see a CS of roserade, themed to kurama from yu yu hakusho (kurama uses rose thorn whips, just like roserade does.)
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my starter is a big boy now but he must grow even BIGGER
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when i want a CS of any of my pokesonas,characters,adopts i just use a css skin to put them in :P (they cant be seen by anyone else tho but eh atleast i can see them)
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mimikyuu as the player character from hollow knight <3
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As a huge Mother 1/Earthbound Beginnings nerd, I'd die for a Ninten-themed Kitsunari! He's my favorite character and needs more representation (along with Duster from mom 3, he seems like a Breloom kinda guy)

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