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Free Frosdours

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DuskEye's AvatarDuskEye
DuskEye's Avatar
If its just one per person i'd perfer anyone if not may i get a male and female? thank
Jessco1's AvatarJessco1
Jessco1's Avatar
Hello! if you have any left Id love at least 1, if you have both m/f left two would be amazing but Id be thrilled with 1, too. tysm!
Raemond's AvatarRaemond
Raemond's Avatar
I would love to receive any frosdour, thank you 💖
Miyo's AvatarMiyo
Miyo's Avatar
Could I get a male and a female one?
Delta1413's AvatarDelta1413
Delta1413's Avatar
Sure. I'll get to you asap, I'm still waiting for people to accept trades <3
The destination is an illusion
Miyo's AvatarMiyo
Miyo's Avatar
That’s perfectly fine, thank you!
I have my own to pair them with, but may i please get a male and female? looking to get a pait better than 91%
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Kyueen.Terasu's AvatarKyueen.Terasu
Kyueen.Terasu's Avatar
could I get one? Doesn't matter nature or anything! Thank you
Avatar is a sprite edit by me
AstrologyDork's AvatarAstrologyDork
AstrologyDork's Avatar
Hello, I was wondering if I could get one female Frosdour? I don't mind what berry it prefers or nature it has. Thank you!
awwcute's Avatarawwcute
awwcute's Avatar
id like one of these guys, dont really care about which one :p
avatar creds to evipona

Pages: 12345678910

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