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Logged out whenever new tab is opened

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notluck's Avatarnotluck
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Hi everyone. I was just chatting with some buddies who are also on PFQ and I mentioned how annoying it is to try and open multiple PFQ tabs at once because each instance requires me to sign in again on all tabs. An example of this would be having my WF tab open as well as my Farm tab to evolve at the same time or editing my stock (looking at the fields tab while also editing fourm post). They were confused and said that it doesn't happen to them. I'm wondering if there is an option or something I could do to avoid having to sign in every time I open a tab or if this was the norm and they are the odd ones out? Thanks
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Tarashia's AvatarTarashia
Tarashia's Avatar
This isn't normal, and it's not an option or something you can toggle on the site. Someone has a bug thread open for it right now, but I'm not sure what it could be beyond my suggestion there. What browser/device do you use?

QUOTE originally posted by Tarashia

Are you using private mode or any privacy extensions on your browser? I'm thinking your cookies aren't being shared between tabs, so you can't stay logged in?
notluck's Avatarnotluck
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I'll sub to that one, the similarities there is that I also use Ghostery and use Firefox. I also have the issue on Chrome, I'll try disabling ghostery and see if that's any better.

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