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"Hehheh! W-well that's good.." Elizabeth smiled gently one more before she then nodded, lightly kneeling down so that she could cup some snow in her hands, lightly holding it close to her mouth before she gently blew the snow, watching as it disappeared into a small little snow flurry in front of her. She paused as soon as Braxien squeaked about the Blaziken, nodding playfully before she then lightly wrapped both hands around her parasol again. "She remembered that Ice types are weak to both fire and fighting, which she is...! So she gave it a good Close Combat and a Fire Blast and then just went super crazy on it and then it was defeated!" "....I really like that quote..!" She began, gently taking one of the fliers before she nodded lightly and then did a small twirl. She thenlightly paused once more before her attention turned towards Maggie, lightly giving her a small curtsy. "Hello there, Maggie! My name is Elizabeth! It's very nice to meet you!" She then looked back to Braxien and twirled her parasol in her hands once more before smiling again. "I would love to join! It sounds so much fun!"
Sol had also made it to Hana a few hours later after hovering from Canyon Depot. He gave a small yawn before he lightly shook it off, glancing from side to side before he arrived. It was definitely a nice scene change. "This place is....definitely nice..." He lightly nodded as best as he could for not actually having a head, but digressed and then continued to hover into Hana, quietly greeting some of the pokemon that he had passed until his eyes fell upon a Ninetales who was at the Cafe. It caught his attention, not so much the Ninetales, but the cafe. He wondered if they had a mic night sort of deal and wanted to find out. He started to hover into the cafe before he paused a moment, listening to the Ninetales as she made her poetic sentence, he lowly chimed in after that, staying still on the other side. "Upon the dim light of the moon, may destiny guide thine soul to meet another kindred spirit who wishes for peace upon others, to be blessed by Arceus' spirit...." He gently turned to look to the Ninetales, lightly bowing gently, "It appears the blossoms and autumn leaves have shifted in the winds to unite our spirits, miss Ninetales."
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Braxien couldn't help but keep her excitement, not just one, but three pokemon were already interested in joining her Guild on her word alone! She was a bit overwhelmed that she teared up a little before leaping up with a joyous cry. "Oh thank you all of you! I just know we'll all make a great team! and I'll do my best to bring out the best in all of you! I hope!" she gave a laugh at the end before she started to turn around, excited and nervous. She wanted to run and leap to the skies, she was so happy, but she held back, she didn't want to leave her new members behind. "And don't worry! the Guild isn't super far! It's over in Hana, right down thataway!" She pulled out her stick and pointed back down towards where she came from, her poster-filled mess everywhere showing brightly against the subdued colors of Tundra Town. "So we've got the adorable little Elizabeth, the cute Forrestia, the peppy Maggie and Me, the Great Leader, Braxien!" She tried to give a 'serious' and in charge pose, but it only lasted a few seconds before she burst out laughing again. She knew she couldn't hold that kind of pose, that was Sceptile's thing. "Heheh, I'm just kidding! I'm no great leader yet! I'm just Guild Master here! Well come on! Let's go to Hana and warm up a little! you guys must be cold!" Her ear turned a bit as she heard a voice in the distance, looking over to see an orange and tan dot that was another Braxien approaching her. "Oh! Hello there! You're in Tundra Town! We're heading to Hana right now to get my Guild up and running, wanna join us?"
"Ah, my Lady... there you are." A low voice seemed to call coldly from behind the group as they started to move. As the wind passed, an Absol who wore some square glasses and kept his fur extremely well kept walked forward, looking towards Elizabeth with a stern glance. "Were you planning on telling me you were leaving home today Lady Elizabeth?"
Namine had shifted her attention to the Solrock that shared her poetic stance, her brow rising for a moment as she smiled and gave him a bow in return. "Ah, greetings stalwart star." She gave him a gentle smile as she sat down, using her tails to becon him closer so he could rest by the table, notioning to a chair that allows levitating pokemon like himself to relax. "It truly appears that Arceus has smiled upon two shimmering lights in the endless cosmos to be fated to meet in such a way. I am called Naminé and I hail from Ryuka to the east, land of dancing blossoms and weeping maidens. Might I ask whom I am so lucky to find today?" She gave him another low smile before her attention turned towards the glaceon that entered the town for a moment, tilting her head, but was unsure if the ice type would appreciate a fire type like herself near her. She knew that she, and her new poetic acquaitance both eminated quite a bit of heat and didn't want to distress the pokemon.
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" Sure, i guess. I have nothing else to do anyway" Silkie replied. She was a bit embarrassed having to ask where she was, she wouldn't do that at home.
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Enness sighed, now holding the abnormally large Oran Berry in his hands. ‘How in Arceus’ name am I to carry this?!’ He grumbled under his breath for a few minutes while looking at the goshdarn thing, before deciding to head back to the hostel to put it away while he looked for his companion. After all, he did have some time to kill. And Maggie could stand her ground for a couple of hours, he supposed, while he was off doing things. ‘Yeah, yeah, she’s probably fine right now. Off being the silly little annoying mutt she is.’ The fox sighed, and trudged back to the hostel, taking a bite out of the Oran berry every now and then. But as he reached the doors of the place, he realized he already ate it all! ‘Great..! Now I have sticky paws.’ After rushing inside and running his hands under some water (and grabbing a map the hostel keeper offered him), he jogged back outside to continue his search. Opening the map, he tried to figure out where she would’ve gone. ‘Alright, Maggie likes flowers and rocks and leaves and stuff like that.. She probably went to Canopia.’ Thus, the Braixen boy closed the map, stuffing it beside his stick in his tail floof and started to head towards the humid village. - The Poochyena smiled at Elizabeth when she greeted her, and her tail wagged joyously. ‘I didn’t think they’d be so welcoming!’ She had one of those cheesy grins plastered on her face that made her look like she was in a movie or something. But upon spotting the Absol, her smile faded somewhat and her ears went back. Making a mental note to keep an eye on the seemingly suspicious Pokémon, she turned away from him and looked around instead. ‘Alright.. It’s probably about the time Enness would wake up, he always sleeps in. I just know he wouldn’t approve.’ Suddenly an idea came to her! ‘Unless..’ A devilish little smile came upon her face, and her tail wagged more than usual. She couldn’t wait to join the Guild.
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Reimu ~ Location:Ryuka Village ~ Interaction With-N/A Reimu yawned and forced herself to hop out of her nest. She swept her tiny room and fixed a couple of the bean bags. "It's a new day! Everyday is a great day!" she chirped optimistically. Reimu waddled over to the kitchen where her mother and father were happily chatting over a simple breakfast. The houses weren't the most aesthetic, per-se, but city's enviroment was enough to make anybody's jaw drop. "Morning Mommy! Morning Daddy!" she chirped and gulped down her breakfast in a flash. "You going to play outside again?" Her mother, a Dartrix called from the table. Reimu nodded and bid her parents goodbye. Reimu looked around the town and gave a small sad sigh. She decided to visit a nearby town, Hana. She had just learned how to fly and it would be good to practice it.
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"Me? Cute? Oh, you're just teasing me here*! Sooner we get there, the better!", Forrestia smirked whilst using her plants to literally stop herself from running ahead(which was all the better since she hadn't a clue where it was!) to try and find the guild before the others. *= The saying, not literally.
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