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Setup here! A clear day. Days like these were normal in a town like Hana, and today was easily no different. The air was blowing peacefully and large fluffy clouds seemed to just float past. On days such as these Braxien, the young and eccentric leader of her own guild came tumbling out of a large building covered in several colored cloth and adorned with the "Braxien Fire Stick" by the entrance, the flame glowing brightly. "Today will be the day! Today we're gonna get some new members for the guild! I'll send out flyers to all the towns and put up the missions and, and, and--" her words trailed off as she seemed to skip off, plastering posters everywhere and sloppily pinning a few missions onto the Bulliten board near her Guild.
From Ryuka Village, a white glow seemed to eminate from within a small house near the river that cut through the village, the cherry blossom and maidenhair trees on either side of the door swayed gently in the afternood breeze. "Hm... Why do I get the feeling that something... quite grand is going to happen today? Perhaps Adventure is finally around the corner..." A beautiful white Ninetales emerged from her small home and gave a long stretch and a yawn, blinking as she saw her reflection in the water before her, causing her adjust the rose clip in her fur. "There we go. Now then... Where will the breeze take me today?"
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Just a litte further above Tundra town was a smaller town where this Kirlia had grown up. Her name was Elizabeth, or 'Lizzie' for short. She had snuck out once again because she was tired of always being held up in her room. She wanted to explore and get to know more pokemon aside from her mother, father, and doctor of the house. She gently started to entwine her fingers through her ringlets as she gently grabbed her parasol and started to make her way towards Tundra town, shivvering just ever so slightly. "It..it really is a little cold here.." She began, gently grasping her parasol a little tighter, but that wouldn't stop her. She was determined to see new sights and meet new pokemon along the way. She continued to walk, leaving little to no footprints on the ground. "I will find new things..I will!" She smiled lowly with determination. Nothing would stop her from leaving the house this time! She wasn't going out unknowingly though, she did leave a note for her parents saying she was going to take a walk, but she didn't say where or when. "If I get found i'll be in so much trouble...But...but that's a risk i'll take...! I know there's more to this world than what's in those stories!"
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Braxien had just bolted fron Hana and started to run north towards Tundra town, being a fire type she wasn't bothered by the cold at all and it was the only place she could think of that would get her away from Sceptile for a few minutes. She adored the guy, but sometimes his stuffiness got on her nerves. Running ahead she tripped over a rock that was covered in the snow and lost several of the fliers, but shook it off and laughed. "Whoops! Lookit me! Well, no time to stop and rest! Gotta get these fliers out!" Without even thinking about the fliers she's dropped she proceeded to run towards the town, plastering fliers on every post she could. Stopping a moment to see a single pokemon in the distance, only able to tell the slight hue of color but not much else. "Huh? Who could that be? Certainly not Sceptile! That's not nearly enough green!"
The Ninetales decided after she finished her stretching to head towards Hana. It's been a while since she's been there and she wondered what might've changed in the passing months since. "Perhaps, Hana has something of interest for me today? It certainly has been some time... Perhaps I could find a new friend, or maybe start a hobby?"
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Upon her travel to wherever the snowy path was leading her she paused a moment to notice a pokemon ahead of her suddenly trip. She gasped quietly and was about to do a small speed walk to see if the pokemon was okay, but paused a moment as she watched the pokemon get up. What a strange pokemon, she thought, she had never seen this type of pokemon before. She paused a moment before gently taking one of her hands off of the parasol to wave gently to the pokemon, tilting her head as she faintly called to it, hoping it was friendly. "Oh uhmm...Hello there...!" She waved a little, her ringlets lightly wafted in the snowy breeze. "Are you alright..?"
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Forrestia was quite keen on exploring Tundra Town despite her back plants being weak to the cold, but there was a few evergreen plants too. "Augh! This snow is really putting the 'an' in annoying! Where's shelter when ya need it..." She hoped her green would stand out and she would get noticed by someone. This cloak she made from tree leaves wasn't going to hold together much longer!
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Braxien continued to laugh as she tried to shake the snow off of her fur, only to have it stick like some kind of glue. This snow sure was persistent on her! As she plastered as many fliers as she could until part of the village was almost comically covered in paper she looked back towards the mysterious pokemon, seeing it wave to her, she enthusiastically waved back, more paper flying everywhere. "Hiiiiiiii! How ya doing friend?" She gave a cheery shout towards the pokemon, soon stopping what she was doing to run towards the girl, the snow finally dripping from her heating fur. "ah! Sorry! Sorry! I've been trying to shake this snow off for almost a whole minute now! It just doesn't want to come off! I'm okay though!" she gave a hearty laugh before she held a paw out. "My name's Braxien! What's yours?" She eagerly held out her paw to shake the Kirlia's hand before she noticed another green dot in the corner of her eye and jumped, mistaking it for Sceptile for a moment. "N-No way! He can't have caught up yet?! Wait... that's not Sceptile? Say, what do you think that is?" She looked back towards the Kirlia, curious as to what this newcomer had to say.
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Forrestia's mind was taken immediately off the cold and more onto the fact somebody noticed her. She made her way over to the duo, and the Braixen in particular. "Well, I've been mistaken for lotsa things but a Sceptile? I get it. It's my back plants, right? My hearing is just really good, don't mind me. Names Forrestia!" She tries to stop herself from rubbing against her heated fur, seeing people warmed her up enough.
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Elizabeth watched curiously as the pokemon started to try to shake the snow off, only to have it stick more, causing her to chuckle playfully. She tilted her head curiously to what the pokemon was placing everywhere. She nervously chuckled once again as she watched the papers fly away and the pokemon wave back frantically, she figured it must have been either a fire type or an electric type. "Oh uhmm hello...!" She said shyly again, getting a better look at the pokemon as it started to run towards her. She nodded to herself slightly, definitely a fire type. "I'm uhmm...glad you're okay, miss.." Elizabeth began before looking at Braxien carefully. She blinked and pondered for a small moment if this was some sort of weird Vulpix hybrid with another pokemon? But she digressed and then looked down at Braxien's paw, gently holding her hand out to shake her paw. "Pleased to meet you, miss uhm...Braxien..! My name is--" She then paused once again as the Braxien's attention went to another pokemon, retracting her hand a little back to her parasol. "Sceptile? I'm so sorry..I don't know of any Sceptiles...I know of a Blaziken though...! She's really strong.." She smiled faintly, a very outgoing family friend and popped into her head before she shook it off and watched as the Snivy came close to them. 'Interesting...' She thought to herself, lightly twirling her parasol gently in her hands, 'I haven't seen this type of pokemon before either...! This is getting exciting....!'
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The Poochyena slowly roused from her deep sleep in the small hostel in Canyon Depot she and her companion had been staying at for the last two days. The village look nice enough, the neighbors were kind and welcoming - Maggie simply didn’t understand why Enness wouldn’t let them stay here!! ‘Then again, it is Enness.’ She sighed, and scratched her ear with a back paw. The Poochyena turned to his sleeping form across the room - curled up in a fetal position like always. Stretching a bit, she crept towards him to check if he was really sleeping, and then backed off quickly. The Fox was an incredibly light sleeping Pokémon - Maggie was surprised on more than one occasion when he would block her from trying to sneak out at night. ‘Alright, I’m safe.’ She slowly crept, step by step by step out the door. The Poochyena closed it even more slowly, the door creaking ever so quietly. ‘Yes!!’ Maggie thought, and quickly greeted the hostel-keeper as she jogged out the main door. She wagged her tail as she smelled the fresh morning air, and started to walk in no particular direction. She saw a small wad of Pokémon and stopped for a moment. Maggie was far enough away that she could roughly see their outlines and also not be detected so easily. ‘I think that’s a.. a Braixen! Like Enness but they look.. so orange? What’re those two weird green blobby things? Grass types, surely!
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Braxien gave a friendly laugh and nodded as the Kirlia, spinning around happily. "Yeah! I'm fine, it takes a lot to get me down! for long!" she smiled warmly towards the Kirlia, ready to take her hand in a shake before she noticed the Kirlia retract her hand a little when the Snivy came closer. Looking down towards the Snivy she blinked, definitely not Sceptile. She was much too small, so she shook her head. "Oh, sorry about that! I can't see things very well from far distances! So I just saw you were green like my friend Sceptile is. I didn't even know you had those cool vines on your back!" "Blaziken?" She looked back towards the Kirlia. "You know a Blaziken? that's super cool! I wish I could meet her some day!" her tail started wagging as she started to emanate heat around her, the snow finally melting off of her fur. She gave another twirl and held out her flame stick, placing it over her shoulder playfully. "You know, you two seem like you want adventure! Right?" Her eyes sparked with excitement, a possible prospect in her mind. "Have either of you thought of exploring the world and helping other pokemon in need?" She was asking both of the pokemon before her, not even noticing the small greyish dot in the corner of her vision.

Pages: 123

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