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Delta? Yeah, i can allow Delta pokemon. ^3^ They just have to follow the same rule as "fusions" do, if someone in the family line is that type then they can be that type (like the pikachu and eevee example, pikachu had a weavile parent and can be dark or ice or both and eevee who had lucario in the their family tree can be steel or fighting or both :3)
Icon made by the lovely Serpentha~ thank you <3
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~I want to start an adventure~ Username: WeaverofLies Character Name: Zephyr Character Species: Luxio Description:Zephyr has a blinded left eye which he uses a strip of cloth to cover. His skin is Phthalo colored which makes his golden bands stand out even more. Personality:Zephyr seems uncaring when he fights against others, and quite lazy when he isn’t. However, he is quite thankful for the conditions he has having fared much worse, and is putting more effort then it seems, especially when he is alone. He is levelheaded, and takes the intiative the do things. When he’s talking he comes off as empathetic and rather cheerful. Likes: Loyalty, Results, Helping Others, Sweets, Rain, and Cleanness Dislikes: Ignorance/Overconfidence and Small Spaces Other: Might add more later. White! Whoops! Forgot a spot. ^^; Used to Copy Pasting.
Hi there WeaverofLies! I would love to add you, your character seems really interesting, however, there is one small thing that is being forgotten in your form. You can go back and edit it and just let me know when you do so i can add you in :)
LesbiQueen's AvatarLesbiQueen
LesbiQueen's Avatar
yay!! thank you <3


~I want to start an adventure!~ Username: LesbiQueen Character Name: Enness [en-ESS] Character Species: Delta Ghost type Braixen Descrption: Enness is a Delta Ghost type, so he differs somewhat from the norm. He has the color scheme of Haunter, but doesn’t have the hands or anything else like Haunter. His ear floof is pinkish, and his eyes glow dark reddish in the dark. His teeth are bigger as well, and he often accidentally bites his tongue when he is speaking. They poke out like a sharks when he smiles, but not as pointy. He also has a gem necklace that isn’t actually part of his body, he just likes it a lot. Enness usually lies and says it’s part of him though, but it’s always pretty easy to see the dark string under his white neck fur. Personality: Enness is always snappy and closed off, seemingly rude for no reason at all! Despite his ghostly typing, he isn’t very mischievous at all, and is rather a no-nonsense type of guy. However, he does have a soft spot for his companion, Maggie, though he is greatly reluctant to admit it. He holds a certain disdain for young children, although he is barely an adult himself, and is very, very pessimistic. Enness is somewhat bitter, and resents being touched, especially by strangers. The Braixen is also rather sweet occasionally, but that sweetness is gone in a flash. Yes, (like the utter cliche lover I am) Enness is quite sweet and loving but only hides it because of some rather rotten life experiences he’s had. He holds deep affection in his heart, as if he was waiting for someone (maybe a/n handsome, knight/iron maiden in shining armor) to sweep him off his feet and into their arms (not that he would be that easy to love or sweep off of his feet, mind you). He is also very superstitious, and can be rather sentimental and romantic at times, but again, no one has seen this because he has no one to show it to. Likes: Dry berries, Maggie, being left alone, bugs, rocks, the dark, and rainy weather. Also dogs and foxes for some reason? Perhaps he feels a certain connection to them. Dislikes: Being touched, strangers, people he perceives as stupid or gullible, flowers and certain types of birds. Also, being exposed to really bright light. Other: red!


~I want to start an adventure!~ Username: LesbiQueen Character Name: Maggie Character Species: Poochyena Descrption: Maggie is a fairly standard female Poochyena, besides her height (and scar) that is. She’s about 1’ instead of 1’08”, and also has a large scar going diagonally from her left eye to her right cheek. She doesn’t like to talk about where it came from. Personality: Maggie is a goofy and easily lovable mutt, with her tongue and tail always wagging! She’s also a bit of a glutton, slurping and snapping up food whenever she gets the chance. Maggie can be slightly snappy sometimes (a trait no doubt rubbed off on her by her companion), usually when she’s hungry or feeling sad. She’s also rather childish - a bit like a ‘typical teenager’ but much sweeter and a bit less whiney. Maggie is rather naïve, always willing to believe whatever sob story someone tells her, but luckily she has Enness to pull her away from them before something bad happens. I also suppose you could call her a bit too persistent but Enness calls it mule-headedness. However, she still loves her companion with all her heart, despite how rude he may be. He’s like a big brother to her, and she, a little annoying (yet endearing) sister to him. Likes: Chasing birds, cats, foxes, really just chasing in general. Also food of all sorts, but mostly spicy food. Enness, water/the ocean, rocks, shiny things and plants. Dislikes: loud noises, rock type Pokémon (maybe it’s to do with the scar she has?), and dry places. Other: purple!
hewwo! im new here! my avatar is an offical sprite of slowpoke from pokemon silver!! so are the cute runners in my signature!
Yeah no problem. Unfortunately, with how Enness is described, he is classified as a fusion and cannot be accepted :( It is fine if you want him to be a ghost delta with Haunter's coloration and all, but he still has to be 100% Braxien in appearance. Maggie is accepted though if that counts for anything xD Enness does still have a chance to enter though if you're willing to make those changes, but i will by no means make you! He is your character and i respect your rights to him :)
LesbiQueen's AvatarLesbiQueen
LesbiQueen's Avatar
oh alright! it’s okay <3 I edited it, so i hope he’s alright now! is he still allowed to have Chompy Teeth, though? i mean it isn’t a quirk from his typing, it’s just a lil genetic mutation.
Yes, that works much better :) and the chompy teeth are fine! :3 Enness is now accepted ^3^ @Weaver: so sorry, but one tiny thing is still missing from the form ^^; look to Braxien for what's missing ^3^
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~I want to start an adventure!~ Username: Ecchi Character Name: Loba (Lo) Character Species: Lycanroc (Midnight Form) Description: Lo is a taller than average lycanroc for her form standing at four feet exact even though her bad slouch might not make it seem so; Unlike the smooth fur of lycanroc as well, hers is more fluffed up and sticks all over the place no matter where which makes her appear more intimidating in battle when standing at her full height. It also helps in hiding her malnourishment as the lycanroc is underweight for her species all due to being kicked out and disowned from her family in an early age for both her irregular behavior and form, forced to fend for herself with little experience of the wild but at least her thrill for adventure had begun. The rocks that wrap around her stomach like a rib cage are quite chipped and worn while a few have been broken off because of trouble that the lycanroc has gotten into with pokemon much bigger and sturdier than her, the same to be said about some scuffles and scars she has sustained as well riddling her skin. Everything else about her appearences matches that of a regular lycanroc of her form; Her claws are sharp and well managed as well as her teeth, attributes of herself that Lo cares for the most. Personality: Lo can be a frightening individual to come upon; She's cunning and manipulative, always determined to get what she wants with no fear of consequences. She isn't hesitant to exchange sweet talk for brute force when she feels she is reaching nowhere with someone though. She can tend to be a bit reckless and put both herself and her partner into trouble though sometimes it's with intentions of doing so as Lo adores the thrill of danger and rebel unlike her friend who gets dragged into the mess. Her tough but feminine exterior always is one to catch the adoring attention of anyone. But Lo has a soft side though that is rare to even experience, her partner being the only one to recieve her geniune care. She has trouble trusting anyone for her past and believes that underneath all the kindness in the world is judgement. She'd rather someone be an upfront jerk then lying to her face with a fake smile and empty praise; She actually has respect towards those who are honest with their feelings. The lycanroc cares for those weaker than others as after all, they understand how it is to be judged and stepped on; Her rough facade softens when she sees a pokemon that can't defend themself become hurt and does her best to help them toughen up so that they don't have to face the struggle of survival, unlike how she had to. She doesn't want them to feel alone. Lo adores children as well with this being because most kids don't judge in which the lycanroc feels safe around them while having a maternal protection towards those younger than her. She has a bunch of insecurities and tends to hide her emotions finding them to be a sign of weakness, the kind of Pokemon Lo doesn't want to be. Likes: Getting a Reaction Out of Others; Spicy Foods; Being The Center of Attention; Children; Rebelling or Getting in Trouble; Dislikes: Thunder; The Dark; Being Left Alone or Abandoned; 'Boring' Pokemon; Being Judged for What She Can't Change; Anything Bitter in Taste; Lies Other: Purple~


~I want to start an adventure!~ Username: Ecchi Character Name: Ladrón Character Species: Wimpod Description: Unlike the rough appearance of Lo, Ladrón doesn't stray far from looking like the average wimpod; He has a few scratches on his back due to being messed with by Murkrow and Meowths for a black ribbon tied together with a shining gold coin around his 'neck.' He prizes it out of all of his other possessions since it was a gift from his father who is a well known blacksmith. Personality: Ladrón is Lo's partner in crime as the two are stuck together like glue; While the lycanroc is the force of the group, the wimpod is the mind of reason though his 'reasoning' is a bit unconvincing being the flustered mess he is. His nerves tend to be sporadic as he doesn't have good experience in handling his anxiety, finding comfort in staying close to Lo being as she is the closest friend to him and knows how to calm him down. Despite being the coward he is, Ladrón isn't someone who you want on your bad side. He is experienced in stealing and will rob you of everything in your inventory to suit the benefit of him and his partner. The fearful wimpod could seem innocent but in a snap he can be far from that. Ladrón tries to avoid trouble though when he can though, much more concerned about consequences. He is respectful to most but can appear to be somewhat apathetic when it comes to the care of others due to his inexperience of interacting with most Pokemon. Lo was the one to break him out of his shell but he still has hardships when it comes to interacting with others, sticking behind Lo and letting her do all the talking instead. Likes: Rain Showers; Shady Places; Gold or Ores of All Sorts; Plants (Especially Bushes or Ones With Big Leaves); Reading; Collecting Stuff Dislikes: Flying Types; Being Chased; Battling; Being The Center of Attention; Anyone Rude to Him or Loba (Especially to Loba); Loud Noises Other: All darker monotone colors.
Hope all this is alright.
Icon edit is from bandorikinedits on tumblr and the game source is Bandori!
@Weaver: all is good now and you are accepted! :3 feel free to hop in any time ^3^ @Ecchi: welcome aboard! Both of your characters are accepted ^3^ hop in whenever you feel ready~
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LuckyTrefoil's Avatar
This looks pretty fun! :D
~I want to start an adventure!~ Username: LuckyTrefoil Character Name: Kasey Character Species: Mawile Description: Kasey is a regular Mawile but has longer and spikier tufts on her head similar to the Mega Form. She wears a light blue scarf around her neck. Personality: Kasey is what you call a tomboy. She likes roughhousing, going on wild adventures, hanging out with her male friends, and done some crazy things in her life. She's reckless on her own and tends to do things unpredictably. She's also loud and adventurous because she likes getting attention from others. Besides her wild nature, she's very caring to those she's close with, like her younger brother. She's pretty much fearless and will face anything heads on. Kasey only shows her soft spot towards her family simply because she doesn't like being embarrassed by anyone else. Likes: Sunny days, her family, battles, adventures, and sweets. Dislikes: Unfair fights, bodies of water
She doesn't know how to swim.
, people who makes fun of her brother. Other: Kasey and Jonathon are blood-related. She likes the color red. Username: LuckyTrefoil Character Name: Jonathon Character Species: Pangoro Description: He's a scruffy, big Pangoro who doesn't have the trademark twig on his mouth. He usually show the tough looking scowl but tries his best to loosen the face. Jonathan also has more spikier fur on his head. He carries a brown bag wrapped around his right shoulder that is used for storage. Personality: Jonathon is somewhat the opposite of his big sister. He's kind, polite, and gentle. He's also careful, as he does his best to observe things around him and watch out the items he carries. He often worries about his sister's brash attitude so he follows her in case she's in trouble. Like other Pangoros, he's also pretty tough. He prefers to fight others in need and uses his strength to move heavier things. Although he is quite sensitive. Likes: His family, sewing, helping others, Rawst berries, and adventuring. Dislikes: Seeing someone injured, breaking stuff, and high places. Other: Kasey and Jonathan are blood-related. His favorite color is white.

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