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The Sanctuary of Rerin

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Ebony shrugged. "We'll see what we can do I guess. None of us know how to fix it last I checked." She sped up slightly, just to make sure they weren't left behind but not enough for it to offend Spirit. ((Please help i keep spelling Ebony, Ebong))
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Boyd stopped “Do any of you guys know the way to the crystal” Why didn’t i focus on this in my studies more... “Do we need like Oranguru glue to stick the crystal back together?”
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Spirit walked in silence as she looked around at the others. She wasn't usually one to stay quiet, but truth be told, she was embarrassed to jump into something she had no idea about. She silently wished in her head that someone knew the way. Perhaps one of the group members' family told them about it. It wasn't uncommon for caregivers of the Crystal to pass on their knowledge to their descendants.
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Pages: 1234

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