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Cat's Sprite Dump [Requests: Open]

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HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Hello! This is my gallery of all of the sprites I did. I do take requests, though don't be surprise if I don't end up doing them ^^' Sometimes, sprites don't typically work out. Requests: Open. Request List: Boop Free Sprites: Boop Link to gallery with all the sprites here: Boop

Request Rules/READ ME PLS

I mostly do Pokemon fusions (no Gijinkas) and recolors. I do play around with other stuff but I thought I should inform you of this. I am iffy about making mega or scratch sprites so keep that in mind. 1) Understand that I have all rights to take as long as I can with a request. I don't like being rushed to get a sprite done as it does ruin my motivation to so. :T 2) I can do Pokesona and specific Pokemon OCs. However, keep in mind I take way longer with those and I do have the tendency to send w.i.p images to users who own them. The last thing I need is messing up a detail that I could have caught earlier! 3) Requests are indicated by (R) next to the actual sprite. For requests the one who requested that sprite gets first dibs on it (though occasionally I may a swipe a few sprites but that's rare). If the requester state they don't want to sprite or they do not respond after two weeks pass, that sprite becomes free to claim. 3A) If you want to preclaim a sprite, go ahead. Just make a note of that and if I do it, I'll add that claim automatically to you. 3B) I do not accept preclaims for requests until after the sprite becomes free to claim. This has been a issue in the past. 4) Please. Please. Please. If you are planning to use any of free to claim sprites, tell me you are using the sprite and I will give you ownership of the sprite. Please also give me credit for the Pokemon sprite whenever you use it. 4B) You are free to edit the Sprite! I don't mind! 5)While I don't have a limit of requests, please keep in mind I won't do all of them. Yes, I will link them in my list but that's mostly for my sanity XD 5A) Since I am linking these, please do remove any requests if I did them already XD 6)You don't have to pay for my sprites. :D You can tip me but you really don't have to. 6A) However, please try not to claim too many sprites at once. ^^ Let's be a bit generous with the sprite claims.
Also, say hi to my Pokesona, Mizu~


This section is for proof of all of the credits I received. Note most of these credits involve the use of large sprite sheets so any single sprite created by one person will individually receive one sprite. Primarily Use: Conyjams- Sprite Sheet/Permission to confirm sprites are free to use Used these in the past: Noscium-Sprite Sheet/Permission to use Smogon XY Sprite Project-Permission and Sprite sheet/Permission from actual head of project Smogon Sun and Moon Project-Sprite List/Permission Zerudez-Sprite Sheet/Permission
Avatar of my oc was created by Flapple! My Journal: [x] My Sprite Dump: [x] Cosmog Sprite Project: [x]
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Here's the first set of sprites I made for my fic. These sprites are not free to use. What I based the recoloring of the Pokemon can be found in the tool tips.
Not Free to Use
The colors of this Pokemon is that of a Noivern. It gets this color from its father
It is based on the colors of a Black Belly Charmander that I saw on Tumblr and a Western Fence lizard. It has dark red stripes on its back
It is the son of two Shadow Pokemon. Hence, why it's a darker shade of purple. The spikes on his head is from his mother (Croconaw)
It is from the Panda subspecies..a species that was said to be linked to the Pancham/Pangoro family.
The color of its fur and eyes is that of a Sylveon (father) while rings is from the color from on a Arcanine (mother).
The colors of this Pokemon is that of a Turtle.
It comes from the subspecies of Emolga line based on Flying Squirrels
The colors of this Pokemon is that of a Ariados. It gets this color from its father
The colors of this Pokemon is that of a Blaziken. It gets this color from its father
The colors are based on a Skunk
It is the son of two Shadow Pokemon. Hence, why it's a darker shade of purple and why its gems are red.
Colors are based on the Idolomantis diabolica
Colors are based on a Hyena
The colors of this Pokemon is that of a Seviper. It gets this color from its father.
The colors are based on a Crocodile/Alligator
He is the son of two shadow Pokemon
The colors of this Pokemon is that of a Pidgeot. It gets this color from its father
Colors are based on Amargasaurus
Colors are that of a Gyarados. It gets its colors from its father.
The colors are based on a Pit Bull


I would like to point out the Tyrunt and Amaura sprite are sprites created by/for Smogon XY Sprite Project.
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
This is for another fic.
Not Free to Use
Recolored as Cradily
for XmoonwatcherX
Fusion of Nidoqueen, Sandslash, Rhydon and a bit of Bagon
for Vixony An
Camerupt retyped as a poison type
for Magnum-Opus
A Retype of Charmeleon as a water type
Recolored as Abomasnow
Shadow version of Bulbasaur Line
Fusion of Bisharp, Aegislash and Rapidash. Explanation of Aegislash found on first post
for MegaAbsol5
Fusion of Cubone, Arcanine, Flaffy, Charmander and Jolteon
for HowlingCat (Insert text here to see the tip for the above)
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Not Free to Use
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Alright. Last chunk for the day.
Free to Claim
Suggestion by djsnj20. A Rhydon and Meganium fusion. Was going to use Rhyhorn but..it looked stupid.
Not Free to Use
Fusion of Dewgong and Slowbro
for ShinyShinx
Suggestion made by LK. Pyroar sprite made by Noscium on devianart
for Megaabsol5
Suggestion by Z3r0. A Mightyena and Houndoom fusion
for Magnum-Opus for TNSTrittany
Suggestion by RawrMeansLoveYou. Pachirisu and Spirtzee Fusion
Suggestion by beeside. A Jolten and Combee fusion
Fusion of Landorus and Pachirisu. Suggestion made by RawrMeansLoveYou
Suggestion by RawrMeansLoveYou. A Spiritzee and Sawk fusion. Spiritzee sprite was made by Noscium..pfft eyebrows.
for RawrMeansLoveYou Types in order: Fire-Water-Grass-Electric-Ice-Fighting Poison-Ground-Flying-Psychic-Bug-Rock Ghost-Dragon-Dark-Steel-Fairy-Normal
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Dumping these before I leave in a few minutes.
Not Free to Use
Starmie with parts of its body recolored as Staryu
for Crossover Fan
Colors used are from Hyredigon
for Glimmerfang
Fusion of Roserade and Mismagius
Fusion of Eevee, Umbreon and Jolteon
for MegaAbsol5
Fusion of Eevee, Glaceon and Espeon.
For TNSTrittany
Fusion of Sylveon, Flareon and Eevee
Leafeon recolored as Glaceon
(Insert text to see tool tip]
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Free to Claim
Tyrogue recolored as Charmander
Murshna recolored as Servive. Two different recoloring styles
Munna recolored as Snivy
for NightDusk24
Grovyle Fused with Nuzleaf
Not Free to Use
Nuzleaf fused with Grovyle
for LeraviTheHyena
Servive recolored as Murshurna
Umbreon recolored as Sylveon
Vaporeon recolored as Jolteon
Jolteon recolored as Leafeon
Espeon recolored as Umbreon
Flareon recolored as Vaporeon
for Megaabsol5
Snivy Recolored as Munna
Leafeon Recolored as Flareon
Charmander fused with Bulbasaur
I am aware of white spots in certain sprites I will fix that soon.
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Not Free to Use
Fusion of Voltorb and Haunter
for Zilexion
Fusion of Rattata and Cydnaquil
forVixony An
Fusion of Aipom and Jumpluff
for Dear Blue
Fusion of Phanpy and Tauros
for MegaAbsol5
Fusion of Milotic and Charizard
-Mine -Given to Beeside
Persian recolored as Glameow
Spiritzee and Servive Fusion..had to scratch Spiritzee parts
-Given to RawrMeansLoveYou
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Not Free to Use
Shadow Eevee Line
Shadow Totodile Line
Shadow Cydnaquil Line
Shadow Charmander Line
All shadow Pokemon are for Megaabsol5
Fusion of Abra and Ralts
Mew and Arceus Fusion with alternative colors
Gallade recolored as Dusknoir
Must fix white spots in spritessss
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Going to make another large set of sprites this week so give me suggestions of five Pokemon you want me to mess around with in pm. -Note. Remove white spaces sometime after Christmas.

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