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Pokemon Mall Wars! (OPEN)

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River "Alright, let's go." River said, heading over to Pete's Pizza, all that running around made him hungry. Lola "Oh, look at the time!" Lola said, looking at the clock, it was time for her and Sugar's break, she might as well meet up with her at the park, like they usually do. She went to the blender to make two smoothies, and took them with her. Before she left the mall, she went to Firey Tips. Blaze A Braixen watches Lola walk towards her shop, Firey Tips. She summoned a Will-O-Wisp and giggled. "Oh, this is gonna be good." She hid behind the counter and waited for Lola to arrive.
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toxin ran to petes pizza wanting a slice so much
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"yayyy!" kaji purred as her fluffy vulpix fluff recieved pats. She was colored like a Vulpix, but had the general build and look of a Fennekin (excluding the 6 tails- which were Fennekin-shaped) She then attempted to pick up the fusion, grunting and trembling. Eventually she collapses to the ground and sighs.
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Lola The Swoobat entered Firey Tips and looked around. "Blaze? Are you there? I need something." She said, calling out for the Braixen, she must be playing one of her tricks again. A blue fireball appeared right behind her and hit her, Lola screamed, almost dropping the smoothies. "Blaze!". Blaze The Braixen laughed as she got up from behind the counter. "The ol' Will-O-Wisp behind the back, works everytime!" Blaze laughed. "So, what are you here for, Lola?". River "Alright, here we are." River went inside Pete's Pizza and found a table to sit at, he grabbed a menu and read it. "Okay, so what type of pizza do you want?".
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toxin just stared at the menu. there where so many choices to choose

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