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Pokemon Mall Wars! (OPEN)

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Blueflygon's AvatarBlueflygon
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Meanwhile, Mirage began her new job at Sweetheart Smoothies. Ever since she was a Trapinch, she always enjoyed smoothies that her older brother made. She wants to help other Pokemon obtain this joy, so she knew she had to work at the smoothie shop. “I’m here for my first day!” She walked in in a gleeful mood.
Røxuls's AvatarRøxuls
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Karin watched in shock as Sammy burst into the opening of the mall. "Are you okay?"she asked from across him in the food court.
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“Oh? Yeah I’m fine just gonna see my friends” she ran towards the twins cafe “guys we need to talk”
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Sugar Sugar saw Sammy head towards Limon Shake-ups with a strange box talking to Lhyme and Lemone. Sammy must of just ordered some new stuff for her shop, I'm sure it's not that big of a deal to me. Sugar thought to herself. She looked outside and saw what looked like a dark red Floatzel tail hanging out of the tree. "I should probably check it out, it might be someone from Palmer Mall." Sugar flipped the sign on her door to close the shop and went outside. Lola Lola saw the Snivy run away from Georgette. "Oh, it's probably some kid pranking us, then." She said to herself. She noticed a Flygon head towards her shop, it was her first employee, Mirage. "So you must be Mirage! Welcome to Pedigree Mall's sweetest smoothie shop, Sweetheart Smoothies! You must be here to work with us then, right?" River "So this is where that Snivy ran off to." River was inside a tree close to Pinata Mall, watching the Snivy go inside a cafe inside the mall. He's going to have a hard time sneaking in with the mall without being spotted by someone. How is he going to get that box? He saw a Melan Lopunny head outside the mall staring at the tree he was inside. "Darn it..." He muttered quietly to himself.
Blueflygon's AvatarBlueflygon
Blueflygon's Avatar
Mirage turned around and smiled at the person who spoke to her. “That is correct! My name is Mirage and I am here for work!” She was still in an excited state. “Will you be the one to train me?”
Lola "Yup! I'm glad I got someone to work with me, I've been getting a lot of customers these days!" Lola held her wing out to shake Mirage's claw. "I'm Lola, it's a pleasure to meet you!" Sugar "Um, excuse me, I know you're here. Could you please show yourself?" Sugar asked the mysterious Pokemon inside the tree. The tree's leaves started rustling and a Floatzel/Lycanroc fusion jumped out of the tree.
Blueflygon's AvatarBlueflygon
Blueflygon's Avatar
”The pleasure is all mine!” Mirage smiled as she shook Lola’s wing. “So, what do I need to learn in order to work here functionally?” She looked eagerly at the other Pokemon.

Pages: 12345

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