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Pokemon Mall Wars! (OPEN)

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Setup Three malls. Locked in a feud that's gone on for who-knows how long. But mayhaps this feud may soon end... (Oof sorry trying to come up with one that'll work for all three) (But y'all can post now)
Profile pic made by DreamThief. To mods: Sometimes I play this on vacay so I have a different IP adress PLEASE DON'T KILL ME FOR THIS. 70% of the world thinks warrior cats is stupid. 25% say who cares. Repost if you are part of that 5% that would take a hard cover warrior cat book and slap the other people saying, "Starclan is out for revenge!” Flare, the Wary Fire Eevee! Jolt, the Hyper Electric Eevee! Leaf, the Jumpy Grass Eevee! Glacier, the Aspiring Ice Eevee! Umbra, the Quiet Dark Eevee!
Sammy She had just opened the gates to her botanical shop and water the plants “Hope I get some customers” L&L Lhyme And Lemone had finished restocking the main ingredients and setting up the tables
Avatar Durant AFD pokemon showdown ‘Heh Kevin Durant’ *Deltarune comes out*Me: My life just got Deltaruined +*^Journal^*+ Please rp with me?
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Flick "Alright, finally time to open shop again! Felt like forever." She uses her tongue to change the sign from closed to open to open up her massage shop, Trez Riviera. Hopefully some customers would arrive soon... Nina It was just a regular day in Nina's workplace of Pedigree Pictures. She quickly opened her doors and grabbed some food to refill the snack bar. "Only hope people like mixed popcorn... it's the only type here." She began refill Latrisha With her doors already open, this laid back fuson's job was only to hand out and check tickets to people who came on the train to get to Palmer. "Ah, just another day on the job! I can only imagine who'll come today." She takes a quick sip of coffee and patiently waited for customers.
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River River sorted out the CDs and musical instruments bought in by the moving Pokemon. "Thanks guys, I'll do the rest here." He said, sorting out the items into their shelves. Sugar Finishing setting up the sweet, Sugar opened her shop. "Alright, another day of business! I wonder who'll come in today?" She sat down at her stall, checking the cash register.
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toxin walked into the palmer mall and went to the accerock to work there waiting for a costermer to come in
Giga Giga flicked on the OPEN sign on his shop, waiting for business. “I wonder who’ll come in today.” She said. Volt Volt sat down in his chair, always in the perfect position from the door to see who was coming in or going out. “Wonder who’ll i’ll prank today.” He wondered.
This Pokémon brings victory. It is said that Trainers with Victini always win, regardless of the type of encounter.
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"anyone want to prank the pedigree mall"toxin said getting a prank ready to set up
River "Good morning, Toxin." River said, watching Toxin come into the store as he inserts a CD into the radio. "Pranking Pedigree Mall again?"
Pokakat's AvatarPokakat
Pokakat's Avatar
"yet gonna do the water bucket door prank again but with silava wpthats going ti flood the pedigree mall and everyone will run out"toxin said going out the door and setting up the trsp at the pedigree mall and then running back "i did it and now the magic will probaly happen"toxin said
And, of course, shortly afterward, Delia strolled through the door. The bucket plopped right onto the Delcatty's head. She growled. "VOOOOOOOOLT!" she yowled.

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