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Ultra Prisms RP [1x1 with Slimemold]

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Giranite leaned down to get a better look at the water dripping from Lettidee's body. "Hey uhh... Lettea? If you want to get dry fast, then I'm okay with you sitting on my shell. The heat will evaporate the water still dripping from you." The Goomy bounced forward gleefully now that the fighting between them had ceased. "It's Lettidee, dude!" she giggled. Sassafras stood back up to see everyone better. "You have to forgive Giranite. He has problems remembering certain things like names, for example." Sassafras explained with the same smile she had given to Lettidee, unaware that Giranite had already mentioned it to them. "But, the more he gets to know all of you wonderful Pokémon, the easier it will be for him to remember." Bronco rolled his eyes at that statement. "Yeah. We both had the vision. Well, I guess it would be more like a dream since we were asleep at the time?" he responded to the Bounsly's question. His eyes widened as she stood on the ends of her feet and began naming off the Pokémon. "Jeez, what the hell is up with this chick?" Bronco thought to himself, still being rather annoyed at this whole journeying thing. His eyes changed to a pair of more irritated ones upon not feeling his bag around his body. Sassafras however clasped her hands together and listened to Natty speak. She looked at every Pokémon the Bounsly named off all the way up to Giranite. "It's nice to meet you all. My name is Sassafras. And this brute next to me is named Bronco." She montioned both arms in his direction as if she was showing him off. Bronco responded to his name being told with a simple nod, before turning around and walking back over to where he had dropped his bag. Her smile wavered as she looked back towards Giranite. "And.. you'd be correct, Natty. We have some history together that didn't end up turning out so good." Bronco made his way back over to the group with the bag in his mouth. He dropped it in between all of them. "He left Sassafras and I behind is what the little jerk did. It caused her to have a panic attack as I couldn't do anything but be there for her and clean her face because of all the tears." He lowered his head and glared once again, but this time at Giranite. "Why did you do it? Why did you choose to leave us without so much as a goodbye? Didn't you care about her feelings?" Giranite began shaking uncontrollably from the look on the Bulbasaur's face. "Well, you see-" The Charmander's voice interuppted Giranite. "Bronco, it's alright. He left without telling us because he knew it would be dangerous. He didn't want to promise us that he would return safely, and never come back at all." Bronco shut his eyes as she spoke with a calm, neutral look of his mouth. "If that's the reason, then I want to hear it in his own words." After seven seconds of silence as Bronco waited for an answer from the Squirtle, Giranite bursted in to tears. "It's because I didn't want you two to follow me and get hurt!" he cried out. The tears stung against his face a little harder than they should have. "If I had told you I was leaving, I was afraid that you would follow me and get hurt from what we would end up facing along the way!" Giranite let out some sniffles and pulled up his hands to wipe away the tears. "I'm so sorry, Bronco." The Bulbasaur kept the same straight face as he turned around and walked to the edge of the hill that Sassafras and him had walked up. He sat on his bottom, opened his eyes, and looked up to the sky. In a mild voice to match the Bulbasaur's face he responded by saying, "I hate you, Giranite."
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Lettidee looked behind her back at the –not quite- mention of her name before fully turning to face Giranite. She blinked at his suggestion, then gave another look at her wings. They’d require some time to dry up in the sunlight; time in which she’d have to stay in the ground. Time where she’ll be vulnerable against larger Pokémon looking for a meal, a fight or simply unaware of her presence. Glancing back at the red Squirtle, he gave a single nod along with an ‘’Okay. I may scratch you a little, though’’. Despite the small warning, Dee didn’t wait for his response as she skipped to stand right next to his shell and, with a couple strong flaps of her wings, propelled herself up to land near its top. She didn’t quite reach it and almost slid down before her clawed talons stuck to a ridge in the otherwise smooth surface. The Taillow took the chance to give another strong flap and finally reach the top. Just out of curiosity, she peered down at the ridge and frowned upon noticing it wasn’t a ridge, but actually a small crack? She had no time to contemplate it further before movement from her side caught her eye, prompting her into perking up only to quickly realize it was the Charmander, who had now risen up from her previous crouched position. ‘’It’s okay,’’ Dee said with a smile while sitting down and letting the warmth remove the last bits of water off her plumage, ‘’I don’t mind getting nicknamed at all’’ The other kids –Natty and Sachs– responded in their own ways, with the former nodding happily and the latter just huffed and looked away. ‘’Right, yeah’’ Natty shuffled a single foot, then tilted a little to her side with a hum and ‘’Doesn’t sound too different, if you ask me’’ Sachs, meanwhile, remained at her side, tail twitching in frustration after his failed attempt at fighting the Bulbasaur. He heard with little interest at the conversation his friend and the green Charmander whose name he didn’t quite get and threw a dirty glare when her friend –whose name he did get- was busy searching for his bag. Noticing this, Natty gave the Skorupi a gentle kick to his foreleg and a low muttered ‘’Quit it!’’ between her teeth when he turned back to her, offended. She quickly glanced back at the other kids before he could protest and with a smile that wouldn’t read as nervous if he didn’t know better. That, along with Bronco’s arrival, prompted Sachs to huff and walk away from the little group. The shade of a nearby shrub seemed tempting, so he took refuge under it. Natty tried her best at hiding the grimace her face nearly showed, not quite sure of what to do. She watched as the bird –Lettidee– gave a couple awkward pats with a wing at the Squirtle's shell, appearing just as out of place as she felt. Her friend Sachs, on the contrary, didn't care much about the "drama" –as he'd likely call their current situation– unfolding ahead, so he kept silent on his little spot for the most part. He did scoff at Bronco's reaction, turning halfway on his feet to keep the Bulbasaur within sight. He could've let out a few scathing remarks hadn't Natty decided to interrupt him again by clearing her throat –so to say, he’s pretty sure she lacks one– in an effort to bring their attention. ‘’Look at the bright side, guys!’’ she exclaimed rather loudly, even standing taller as if determined to solve the issue on her own. ’’You now know he didn’t just abandon you and are back together again,’’ she gestured at Giranite with a wave of her head –body- as she spoke, making the rocky, leaf-like projections on her ‘stern’ wave along. ‘’And with a shared goal, even! So,’’ standing normally again, she continued in a lower voice, saying ‘’you- no, we all could try to get along, at least until this ends?’’
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"Bronco... You don't really mean that." Sassafras said as she inched closer to him. Bronco remained silent and continued looking upwards. Sassafras stopped as soon as she was behind him. His silence spoke clear, unfaltering words. Giranite on the meanwhile tried to keep his composure as he processed what the Bulbasaur had said. He had forgotten that the Electric Taillow was still on his shell as he lowered his body down to the ground and began to withdraw his limbs, head, and tail in to his shell. The heat from his shell grew slightly in temperature. "Well, uh... I guess it will just fix itself in time." She sighed as she walked back to the rest of the group. She watched Giranite as he withdrew in to his shelter. It was probably only easier for Lettidee to hang on now since the shell laid on it's Plastron. The Bulbasaur turned his head to his right to look back at Natty as she spoke about looking on the bright side of things. "Yeah. Peace." Bronco responded calmly to her, ignoring her reasons why he should be any less spiteful towards Giranite. "So, what is it that we're even doing here anyways? The Pokémon in my dream said to meet the others here. Are we supposed to wait for them to show up, or can they only communicate with us when we're sleeping?" Grace, who was staring wide-eyed at the whole display, snapped back in to reality. "Oh wow. I almost forgot about that!" she gasped. "You get used to it..." Giranite sniffled a response from within his shell. Grace glared at the Squirtle's shell for a few seconds before turning to face the back of the Bulbasaur. "I think it would be best if we camped out here for the night? So if we're just here to wait for the Pokémon, then they should be here soon... but if by chance it's only able to talk in our dreams, then we'll likely communicate with them when we all go to sleep tonight." Sassafras nodded. "Excellent idea! Either way, the Pokémon will find us and tell us what to do next." Bronco let out a soft groan as he turned his attention back to the sky.

Pages: 123

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