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Ultra Prisms RP [1x1 with Slimemold]

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A Black-as-the-night Bulbasaur with star symbols all over his body was munching on the oran berries that came from his best friend and traveling companion's tail. The water that was spewing from inside his bioluminescent flower increased in pressure as he tasted the surprisingly moist berries in his mouth. The other Pokemon, a grass Charmander with a crown of flowers and two sticks stuck to her back, looked back at the Bulbasaur. "We're almost to the field, Bronco." she gave notice to the Bulbasaur behind her, who was now moving away from her tail and quickened his pace to be right beside her. "Tas cool. What els is new?" he asked, with food still in his mouth. Sassafras rolled her eyes and looked away from Bronco. "You could have at least saved a couple of those berries and placed them in your bag." Sassfras slowly brought her tail in to the dirt and swished it around three times as they walked. She needed to get some dirt on her tail to help grow more berries on her tail. She could only grow up to five berries on her tail at a time, and once one was plucked off her tail, a new one would grow back 7-20 days later. [If her species was in an actual Pokemon game, the HA would be Harvest]. Bronco swallowed the rest of the berries. "I was hungry, and the food so far was trash. You said you weren't hungry, so I just ate away." he responded. Sassafras sighed. "Maybe the Pokemon up there will be hungry." she mumbled. Bronco heard her despite how quiet she had gotten. "That's their problem, Sassy. They should of worried about eating before they left." They had made it successfully out of the forest safely. "Changing the subject, you remember what we need to do if these guys are more sinister than you think, right?" Bronco asked, charging in front of Sassafras. He got on his hind legs and placed his front on her chest. He stared in to her eyes. Sassafras looked away and nodded. "I remember. Launch our most powerful attacks and then escape." Bronco nodded with her after she had finished. "That's correct." He got off of her and stood back on all four legs. He moved out of the way so she could continue walking in the direction she was going. "But you know, we still have time to escape ahead of time and not even bother meeting these squirts." Sassafras placed her hands on her chest where Bronco had put his feet. "No, we need to give them a chance." she responded while looking ahead. A grin spread across her face when she had a moment of realization. "And it sounds like to me that you're less worried about them being evil, and more about just meeting some new Pokemon in general." Bronco clinched his teeth with a growl. "Don't you growl at me, mister. Everything will be fine." As she talked with the black Bulbasaur, she could see some figures in the distance, on a small hill. Giranite stood puffed his chest proudly. "My name is Giranite Embsorb Tortue!" Giranite cheered, happy to finally introduce himself. "I am Grace Ossie Odenburg." Grace said after Giranite was done. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintances." She bowed her head to Giranite, Natty, and Sachs out of respect. Giranite smiled and bowed back to her, with his hands clasped together. [Giranite and Grace both have middle and last names because they came from families. Sassafras and Bronco won't have middle and last names because they didn't have actual families.]
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Natty’s face did a poor attempt at concealing the grimace it tried to morph into upon hearing the kids across from them address themselves by using their full names –full names! Who does that, nowadays? She bowed politely nonetheless, whole body tilting down and long leaves briefly shielding her. Sachs, on the other hand, did not bow. He remained mostly blank except for the slight tilt his head slowly made as well as the squint on his left eye –a gesture that would’ve come with a raised right brow if the young Skorupi had one. ‘’We don’t need to go with full names, do we?’’ ‘’Yeah, and what’s up with all this uh, formal stuff?’’ Natty piped in bluntly, standing back upright. She shuddered. ‘’I suddenly feel like I’m in class or something’’ Now Sachs grimaced at that, the soft ‘’yikes’’ he makes hiding none of his disgust about the subject. - With spread wings and letting the strong winds carry her in a slow circular motion, Lettidee watched Grace and the other three kids chat animatedly among themselves. A pang of regret rang in her chest. She actually wanted to be down there with them. But it seemed important to her, to stay on the lookout for allies and foes alike while the rest kept in a safe area. It was a habit even, something she learned from her flock on the days they all rested on a tree or a cliff. Then though, that usually came with some prompt from her parents or another adult who was taking their shift. But here she had simply jumped into it without anyone asking her to –or maybe even needing to– and now patrolled the place all on her own and well, that was no fun. Not at all. She contemplated swooping down and joining in the conversation when a dark speck from the fringes of the forest caught her attention. She let herself be lifted further, no longer tracing a circular pattern and watched with slowly intensified curiosity as the figure moved away from the trees. What’s more, there was a second one right beside it, lighter enough for their green tone to mesh with the tall grass bordering the plains. With several flaps, the Taillow drifted lower and closer in their direction and noted as more of the visitor’s traits like the darker one being a Bulbasaur with what appeared to be a bulb of some sort and something else carried on their body –a bag?– and--- Dee halted her approach with a quick flap of her wings, eyes wide as the wind carried her upward once more in her surprise. Something about the green flowery Charmander tugged insistently at her mind, springing on with fuzzy memories that refused to be forgotten and a sense of familiarity she couldn’t explain right now. Dee blinked off her initial shock, ignored her want to alert everyone of their presence and decidedly settled on resuming her slow descent to silently inspect the duo –and especially the Charmander– from her hovering position several meters up in the air.
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The Fire-type Squirtle and the Petmy looked at each other in confusion, with the Squirtle adding a shrug. Grace looked back to the pair of Pokemon wide-eyed, and the Squirtle followed suit, but instead gave a more apologetic look instead. "Err... Well... since we're going to be traveling together for a while..." she began, as her eyes began wandering up to the sky for any sight of that Taillow, and squinted as a result of some rays of sunlight trying to get in to her eyes. "... I felt it was only natural that we gave our full names to introduce ourselves. But, I was not planning on using them." Grace looked back down to the pair of kids. "Your first name or just a simple nickname is fine." Giranite glanced back to Grace before looking to the other two kids as well. "Yeah, that's probably for the best. I am terrible with names in general. So much in fact, that I am going to have a hard time just remembering your first names... so I may give you your own nicknames as a result if I have a hard time at remembering them." The Squirtle left the spot he was standing at, and went over to where he had placed the stick. He had originally thought that it would be better to not hold it since they may be there for a while, but if they're actively searching for the rest of the party now, he figured it was probably best to get everything in order in case they had to turn in to a search party. He held it in his left hand and looked back. He stretched his tail as far it could go to the front and wrapped his tail around the stick he had given it. - "You-you-you don't know that!" Bronco yelled at her. "They could get in the way! They could be like... 6 or 7 years old!" Sassafras stopped and pinched the middle of her face in thought. "Really Bronco? So, you're trying to tell me that you believe this Pokemon told a group of small children to travel alone through forests and mountains so they can meet up with eachother and do what? Risk their lives to protect some random Pokemon?" she asked to him in a stern voice. Bronco glared at the ground. "Well, I mean.. We're still pretty young." Sassafras' eyes widened, and she silently kept walking to where she saw the figures. Bronco just as quietly kept walking behind her.

Pages: 12

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