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Ultra Prisms RP [1x1 with Slimemold]

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The Petmy stared back in to the eyes of her Celebi friend. They both kept their concentrations on one another as a mellow breeze blew past them on the hill they stood upon in the middle of a vast field with the greenest grass the two have seen around here. It was quite humorous how they were the first to get there, as Grace proved to be quite slow moving on her own. Luckily for her, Celebi knew some shortcuts here and there, which allowed Grace to make it to their meeting spot in under a week time. "Do not worry, my child." Celebi said as soon as they arrived to find no one else was there yet. "They will come soon. For the time being, we must be patient." Grace was quite annoyed at first for having to wait longer, but that's to be expected when she wanted to get there before anyone else so she could be the first to greet her future friends. But she didn't expect it to take this long! Like, an hour after she got there? Maybe two to six? She didn't expect it to take more than two days, that is for sure. Grace's antenna vibrated intensely as she felt an itchy feeling permeate through her nostrils. She knew for a fact what was coming. A sneeze. No one in this entire world was able to sneeze with their eyes remaining open. And if she was forced to close her eyes, then.... "Achoo!" Grace sneezed, letting out little spit particles comprised of water and sap in to the grass below. Hopefully, it would help that grass grow better. Celebi laughed as she pointed to the Petmy. "Haha! I win again! This game is tooooo easy!" Celebi continued giggling. Grace puffed up her cheeks in frustration. "But sneezing shouldn't count... It's rather involuntary and you don't have a choice but to close your eyes" Grace thought, but looking up at how much fun her friend was having kept her quiet. At least, one of them was. Grace was growing impatient. "How much longer now until someone else comes Celebi?" Grace asked as the Mythical Pokemon began calming down. Celebi huffed. "It should take about.... 3 hours before the next Pokemon arrives. But we're still going to have to wait for everyone else even when that Pokemon gets here." Grace sighed. At least she didn't have to wait another whole day for another Pokemon to show, but having to wait for an indeterminite amount of time for everyone else made Grace grouchy. Celebi refused to tell her when the last person would arrive, as she wanted the Petmy to grow a sense of patience. "Good things come to those who wait, Grace." The Celebi always told her. "Kind of ironic, coming from the keeper of time." Grace snickered openly. "You jump in to the future all the time. Why not just wait, like you keep preaching to me?" "What's so funny?" Celebi asked, her face now super close to Grace's. Grace squealed and jumped back in surprise. "I'm just enjoying this pleasant weather." Celebi wrapped her arms around Grace's face. "Grrraaaaccccceeee. Teeeeellllll meeeeeee." she demanded childishly. Grace squealed again and tried to shake the Celebi off of her, who began hugging on her face tighter.
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As soon as Lettidee noticed the lush prairie spread ahead on the horizon, she knew she’d arrived at her destination. It took her a while to figure out where to truly head, which winds aided on her flight and ignore the prickling sensation of static in the air whenever it called forth, lest she changed course and ended flying directly into a storm. Dark clouds stretched across a valley at her right, gathered there by the mountains that halted them from moving further away. These probably kept them from reaching the prairie, she guessed, noting the clear sky over it clash wildly as if the sceneries weren’t meant to be next to each other. Dee briefly resented the mountain’s placement. She chased the thought away with a shake of her head and reminded herself of the task ahead. The vision not only directed her to this prairie, but also a very specific spot to stay –and wait in case the others hadn’t shown up yet. So with a few beats of her wings, the swallow piqued up speed and glided through the forest below, flitting past the trees until they grew sparse and eventually give way to grass. Grass that looked way greener and healthier than any other she’d seen in her short life. She soared over the prairie in lazy circles, letting the gentle breeze carry her high while she inspected the terrain underneath. No Pokémon seemed to poke out of the grass; no rustling seemed to indicate anything other than the wind cross through it. She frowned at the emptiness. This is weird. Had no one else arrived yet? Lettidee ran the memories of the vision again. This grassland looked exactly like the one there –a feat by itself, since all grasslands looked the same to her until now. Then, she noted two small figures stand on the designated gathering spot atop the tallest hill. Relief washed over her the moment she caught sight of them and began her approach by slowly letting herself drop around them in a downward spiraling pattern. The closer she got the more features she could see from the duo. The smaller one looked pretty much like a Petilil, but the taller figure gave no spark of recognition; with their green tones and bipedal, seemingly winged shape so unlike the pink creature from her vision, Dee had no idea of what to make of this particular Pokémon. She should perhaps be concerned about them, keep some distance in case they turned dangerous. She continued descending towards them, uttering a series of chirps to announce her arrival and gauge their reaction.
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Both of the Pokemon perked up upon hearing the noise, and turned to the direction. "Oh no! I let myself get carried away!" Celebi yelled in shock and fear. The mythical quickly fluttered away to the opposite way the Taillow entered from and hid in some bushes on the outskirt of the field. Grace watched in a confused silence, but realized why she ran off when she spotted what was making that noise. "OH!" she gasped, and jumped back. After taking a few seconds to recollect herself, Grace looked back up to the airborne Pokemon. "Hello. I'm Grace. I assume you being here means that you too had a dream about lending a hand to saving a Pokemon?" She trailed her eyes to the ground and sighed. "And you probably saw her, didn't you? Please. Promise me that you won't tell anyone else. She doesn't want anyone else to find out that she is coming along with us as well." The Fire type Squirtle rested for the 9th time today on a tree stump. The worst part is that he had only been up and moving for 3 hours on this day. Giranite blamed his exhaustion on the hard ground his shell rested upon the night before, and the fact that food had became scarcer as he kept getting farther and farther away from Cinnabark town. The forests surrounding the town always had a vast assortment of berries that you could easily find. But that was nothing compared to what the town itself had to offer. All the pastries and fruits you could dream of. Thinking about it made his stomach growl, and made his mouth drool. The best of them all though was those Cinnamon Bars the town was famous for. The sweet brown cinnamon covered outside, with a gooey and rich chocolate inside. Everytime Giranite ate one, he felt a warm tingly feeling in his toes. Enough of these thoughts. He knew he would make it to the field sometime today. He would meet the Pokemon he would start a grand quest with and they'd become the best of friends. He felt a small knot in his chest when he thought of those friends. Friends... Why did something like that make him feel so complicated?
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Lettidee halted her descent in surprise, adjusting her wings to lift herself a little higher in the air. Her eyes trailed the odd Pokémon in their hurried escaping until they disappeared among some tall shrubs far ahead of her Dee didn’t know what to make of this… green Togetic? No, Togetic didn’t have see-through wings, didn’t they? Before she could decide on whether to pursue the Pokémon or not, she caught some movement from right below her. It was the Petilil, she noted upon looking down, who hadn’t fled and instead tried to get closer. Well, as close as a flightless Pokémon could to a flying one anyway. It was only after some brief consideration that Dee gently swooped down, swiftly circled twice above the other Pokémon and finally landed on a bare branch poking out of a nearby very different and just as bare shrub. Now that she noticed clearly, the Petilil standing across wasn’t actually a Petilil as she first assumed. Last she remembered, they didn’t have lilac faces, spots on their cheeks and most definitely no flowery little horns protruding from their foreheads. Dee blinked, staring at the leaf-covered Goomy in mild confusion. Then she remembered she was being greeted by said Goomy. ‘’Hello,’’ she replied in kind, though she wasn’t sure if she should introduce herself the same way. Well, more like she couldn’t decide on it because the mention of a dream caught her off guard. She leaned back minutely and gave a small nod in response, many questions forming on her mind already. The Goomy continued talking though and at the mention of ‘her’ Dee couldn’t help but briefly glance at the shrubs the green Pokémon ran into. Turning back, the Goomy –Grace, she reminded herself– now seemed upset as if Dee was never supposed to catch sight of ‘her’ in the first place, as if telling would somehow ruin something –as for what, she couldn’t imagine. Regardless of the possible outcomes, she guessed it wouldn’t matter much whether she promised or not anyway; she had no one to tell about her strange encounter. Ultimately, she decided to do so just to put Grace at ease. Before her mind wandered away with even more questions, Dee relaxed her posture, leaning down on her spot and said ‘’okay,’’ giving a firmer nod while adding ‘’I won’t tell anyone. Promise’’

Sachs + Natty

Deep within the forest and in a small clearing, a small Bounsweet-like Pokémon dashed through the grass and towards a pile of snow, leaped at its edge and landed on her feet there with the soft noise of crunching ice. A smaller green Skorupi followed soon after, doing the same as the Bounsly now watching him jump and fall flat on his belly beside her. Both knew they had an important task to take, but the sheer unbridled glee of seeing snow for the first time in their lives had overpowered them. It wasn’t an impressive thing; a small partially melted mound that survived the first stronger sunlight of early spring. Yet the moment they found it, both Pokémon marveled at the finding and jumped into the snow, letting the cold seep off the exhaustion of having to border a scorching desert and climb up a muddy cliff with little food and water sources. Both lied down there for awhile, looking absently at the oddly clear sky and the canopy gently rustling by the breeze. Or rather, only the Skorupi did; his friend had her eyes already closed and seemed about to fall asleep on her spot. Noting this, the Skorupi, Sachs, stood up to sit right beside her and ask ‘’you gonna sleep in there?’’ with a slight tone of amusement in his voice. The Bounsly, Natty, briefly opened a single eye to look at him. ‘’Nope,’’ she replied casually, closing her eye and readjusting her posture to bury herself into the snow a little further. ‘’Just resting a bit, can’t you see?’’ Sachs snorted. ‘’Yeah, yeah, gotcha,’’ he stepped back towards his own hole before a sudden thought stopped him right beside it. ‘’Hold on, I’ll check the map’’ While he got an affirming hum in response, the Skorupi jumped out of the mound and trotted towards a drier patch of dirt and low grass. He took with a pincer a worn, browned by age paper poorly held on his neck by a red ribbon-like scarf and laid it there, unfolding it to check on the little scribbling of forests and mountains and known towns the map showcased. ‘’Let’s see…’’ he mumbled to himself while tracing by sight the path they took from their hometown to the desert’s borders, some tiny villages in a huge cliff, a couple grasslands, a forest and then– ‘’Oh’’ Sachs blinked, perked up at the realization and rushed back to the mound where Natty hadn’t moved an inch from, ‘’Hey Nats!’’ he leaned onto her, using both forelegs to harshly shake her out of her –assumed– sleep in his excitement. ‘’Nats, guess what? We’re almost there! Our place’s beyond this forest!’’ The Bounsly woke up with a start and blinked blearily at all the jostling thankfully stopping the moment Sachs noticed her awakening. She frowned, briefly processing the bits she’d managed to hear. ‘’Wow, really?’’ she asked, almost gasped and shifted to a sitting position, looking just bit as excited as his friend did. ‘’Just beyond?’’ ‘’Yup,’’ he nodded energetically, then jumped off the snow again to roll his forgotten map and pick it up. ‘’We should get this done with, don’t you think?’’ Some of the enthusiasm bled out of her little by little, replaced by reluctance. ‘’Yes…’’ she said at length, looking down at the snow. ‘’But shouldn’t we rest some more first? We just found this nice snowy bed after all…’’ Sachs glanced behind his back in surprise, only to find Natty lying down again. ‘’Huh?’’ ‘’I don’t wanna be the first to reach the field, y’know?’’ She went on, crossed legs resting a bit higher on a small pile and took a pause the moment Sachs stopped beside her, only sparing him a brief glance before continuing. ‘’I mean, we won’t have anyone else to look at but each other so, doesn’t matter much if we’re here or there, right?’’ It does if they can’t find us, Sachs wanted to point out, but instead kept his mouth shut. Knowing Natty, she’d probably argue her way and wouldn’t stop at it until either she won or he got fed up. ‘’Suit yourself then,’’ he said instead, a mischievous smile already on his face that would’ve cued Natty of his intentions if she looked. True to this, Sachs took a big mouthful of snow and promptly dumped it all over the Bounsly’s face. Natty spluttered and thrashed her way out from under her snowy cover, all while the Skorupi tried to contain his laugh. She managed to sit up after some more struggle, chunks of snow clung to her ‘leaves’ and face, adding up to look of exasperation. ‘’What was that for?’’ she nearly screeched indignantly. ‘’Dunno,’’ he simply shrugged. ‘’Thought you needed a blanket?’’ Natty narrowed her eyes, practically glaring daggers in his direction. Sachs responded graciously by giving back a smile, one that would’ve easily been innocent if his tall standing posture didn’t radiate smugness. The stare down continued for a few seconds, until the Bounsly dropped it with a resigned sigh. ‘’Okay. Okay, fine, let’s finish this off before I regret it,’’ she grumbled, stood up to shake off the last of the snow stuck on her skin and took the time to glare once more. ‘’We better not be the first to arrive though. Or else I’ll be one giving a muddier blanket.’’ ‘’That’s the spirit!’’ Sachs exclaimed through his poorly held bout of laughter as he slid down the melting mound. ‘’I’ll even help you and lie down face-up so you can cover me with the thickest, smelliest mud we find’’ The suggestion managed to get a chuckle out of her. ‘’Deal’’ After some hesitation and another sigh, she walked out of the snow and waited at the edge for his directions. ‘’ You better not back off from this. Now, Mr. Eager-to-reach-the-field, would you guide me to your magical dreamland?’’ ‘’I never back off and you know it,’’ he proclaimed, sounding both proud and a tad offended by the mere thought of him being otherwise. ‘’The map sand’s this way, right ahead of these wall of trees!’’ With a wave of his tail, Sachs gestured at Natty to follow and both continued moving onward to a heavily forested part in the direction of the field.
Grace gave the Taillow a thankful smile. "I appreciate it." she said, with a little nod to her. "The others should be here soon. I have no idea when, but I feel like we'll see someone else sometime today. Until then, would you like to know a little about me? If we're going to be traveling together, it's probably best that we get to know one another, wouldn't you agree?" Celebi let out a sigh of relief. "Well she certainly doesn't need any of my help making a good first impression." Celebi thought to herself as she spied on the children from her bush. She would reveal herself to everyone in time, but she would keep herself hidden from now for Grace's sake. If Celebi revealed herself to everyone, everyone would wish to be friends with Celebi just like Grace was. Celebi wished to not take away her spotlight, and instead show herself to them after some time had passed, and a bond had been created between all of the children. Giranite had managed to find a very delectable bush containing brightly covered Rawst berries. He wasn't very fond of the taste of bitter food, but beggars can't be choosers when you're hungry. He plucked 5 of the ripest berries he could pick, and then continued on his way thorough the forest. Thoughts began swirling around in Giranite's head again as he walked through the forest and munched on some berries. He was thankful that he didn't have to remember much to get to the field. He just had to keep going in a straight line and he'd eventually reach the meeting place. There were no large bodies of water thankfully, but there were a couple rocky areas here and there that required him to put in more energy to climb. He came up with the idea of leaving his stick in the ground every night that protruded from the ground in a way that had it leaning in the direction that Giranite would have to travel the next day. He would put more clumps of dirt around it too to make sure the stick wouldn't fall over in the night and cause him to forget where he had to go. Of course, there was only the trouble in remembering to do that every night. But everytime Giranite would look at the stick he held in his spiral tail, he would vividly remember what he had used it for on the previous night. Giranite let out a gasp as he saw a clearing up ahead. He almost chocked on the 2nd to last Rawst berry he had left that was still in his mouth. Had he actually made it? Was the first step in his quest complete? From here on, he would be in the company of many other Pokemon. Some of whom would be very friendly, while others will take some warming up to before they would be able to become friends. Giranite was okay with it though. Everyone partaking in this would have something to look back on for the rest of their lives, and Giranite was happy that he could be a part of it. Putting the last Rawst berry in his mouth, and tightening the hold on his stick with his tail, he ran out of the forest on all fours, and in to Nouveau field.

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