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Ultra Prisms RP [1x1 with Slimemold]

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Grace nodded to the Bounsly's question related to her name. "That's right. The one and only." she responded with a warm and friendly smile to Natty. She ignored the noise from her Skorupi friend in an attempt to become friends with the Bounsly. She seemed like the kind of Pokémon who knew how to have fun! Sassafras remained silent as she listened to the three Pokémon converse with each other, deciding that she herself would speak once they were finished to suggest what they do from there. "Oh! Speaking of food, I'm pretty good at finding berries. Do any of you have a preference on what type of berries you will eat?" Grace asked the group. The mention from Natty that they were friends caused Sassafras' back to tingle with joy. Her eyes widened with a little twinkle, and she put both hands next to her mouth in amazement. "We're friends?" she asked in a quick, gasping fashion. Was she... tearing up a little? "Oh goodness. I was hoping we'd eventually become friends throughout our travels together, but to already consider us your friends- Why you've made me the happiest Charmander in the world!" she beamed and jumped in glee. "Jeez lady, it isn't that big of a deal." Grace mumbled to herself and watched the Skorupi leave them behind. Grace shuffled after the grump- as she heard Natty call him when she went past her and Sassafras-- so he wouldn't get too far by himself. "Hey! Wait up! You haven't answered my question yeeetttt!" she exclaimed to Sachs as she was chasing after him. Sassafras noticed the two Pokémon walking away and began following them. She stopped and looked over at Natty after she had gave her friendly adivce. "Oh don't worry! I'm used to these kinds of Pokémon by now!" she said, keeping the same smile and twinkle in her eyes.
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‘’Ah, yes, that’s important’’ Natty murmured to herself upon hearing Grace’s question. Then, louder this time, she said ‘’I prefer berries that feel strong on your tongue. Y’know, like sour candy?’’ The Bounsly then looked at her side, expecting her friend to follow up with his likings. But of course, Sachs wouldn’t bother to reply her. Unsurprising, really, given he was in that one mood. Natty held the urge to not-so-gently nudge at his side. Perhaps pester him a little to get him into the conversation. Instead, she decided to let it slide and focus on the far less grumpy ids nearby. ‘’I mean, yeah?’’ she blinked and took a step back, not expecting the Charmander’s happy outburst at all. ‘’Gotta agree here, it’s not a big thing or anything’’ Even if she agreed with Grace, Natty didn’t want to play killjoy this time –Sachs was already doing a very good job with his current hissy fit– so she promptly added with a shrug ‘’but if you like having friends, then eh, who am I to step on it?’’ With both Sachs and Grace gone, she figured it was time to continue on their hunt for berries at their own pace and began following Sassafras the moment she began stepping into the grass. Returning the smile, albeit with a little less intensely –Sassafras was truly enthusiastic about friendships, it seemed-, Natty let an amused huff, saying ‘’Heh, can see why…’’ She didn’t need to pull back at all the recall the almost-fight from back at the hill. ‘’Really, what was that whole thing with the uh, Giranite, anyway?’’ she frowned, glancing ahead where, thankfully, Sachs was now out of sight. ‘’That kid seemed just about ready to rip him and also us apart for even being on his way…’’ - Sachs continued stomping his way through the tall grass, decidedly ignoring the voice trying to address him as he fumed over Natty’s words. Why was she so bent in befriending these random kids? They hadn’t even known each other for more than a few minutes and there she was, calling them ‘buddies’ and ‘friends’ already. A tiny part of him knew the turtle kid, leafy Goomy, birdy and flowery Charmander could turn out to be nice if he gave them a chance and that his issues were only with Bronco, but there was no way he’d acknowledge such a thought; anyone who treated the weird Bulbasaur or his just as weird green friend good was already on his bad side. The Skorupi didn’t stop until he reached the forest’s tree line and stood there for a bit to look for a berry tree. There was a mound of melting snow to his left –more like a puddle, really- and most to the trees across appeared to be very dead by how they had no leaves whatsoever, only bare branches and exposed twigs remained. No berries were in sight. ‘’Great,’’ he thought out loud, ‘now I came here for nothing’’ Sachs knew that it too more than just giving a glance to find berries -it was a basic skill for a would-be-explorer- yet he decided to simply turn around on his feet with a shrug and a self-satisfied smile to begin heading back to the hill where the rest stood. Natty and he could do without berries, so if any of them wanted them so badly, then they should forage around by themselves.
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Grace nodded to the Bounsly's detailed response. "I'll see if there's any Aspear or Sitrus berries growing early then." she chirped, before she left Sassafras and Natty by themselves to chase after Sachs. Sassafras hadn't heard what the Petmy had uttered under her breath, but it didn't seem important since she was already gone. Instead, the Charmander forgot all about the mission and continued conversing with Natty. "Having friends is everything where I'm from!" she cheered. "There isn't really much to do in Cinnabark except spend time with the people you care about. So, that's why I've always liked making friends. So we could keep each other company during times when we had nothing important to do. Not that developing bonds between each other isn't important." she rambled. Seeing her new friend turning back to the forest caused the current mission she gave everyone to recollect in her mind. She almost immediatly began moving in the direction that they other two had rushed off to. She turned her head back every few seconds to make sure Natty was following. "I have an issue where I get really upset when a friend leaves. Yeah, these things happen all the time, but it just hurts in every instance. Giranite leaving really did a number on my emotional state before we found out why he did it, and it seems Bronco blamed him for that." she explained. "I don't know why he's still mad at him now since we're all good but... I have a theory." she stopped in her tracks and turned around to Natty. She cupped her hands together in a fashion similar to how one would whisper something in to someones ear without getting too close. "I think Mister Macho Man was more upset about him leaving than I was." she whispered to the Bounsly, despite no one else being near them. - Grace continued chasing after Sachs, though he was going pretty fast even though he was just walking. Grace had always been a very slow mover. She was thankful that he finally stopped at the forest's edge, giving her time to catch up to him. She was less thankful when he turned around and began heading back in the direction she was in. "Yo, dude. Where are you going?" she asked with shock spread across her face. "You seriously aren't giving up now, are you?" She shuffled closer to the forest and turned around to him. "If you want to find berries then you have to get a closer look than just that!"
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Natty nodded in agreement to Sassafras' words even if she didn't felt half as strongly about making friends than the Charmander did. Quite the opposite actually, she didn't bother much in expanding her social circle and called friend anyone who wanted to hang out with her -which weren't a lot but eh, whatever. "It's nice you care about meeting kids and having lots of friends, I guess" she said eventually, tilting her head back a little. "At home all Sachs and I do is explore around because our village is so tiny there are no new faces to meet" Part of her mind was stuck on the sole fact that she was Cinnabark Town, the place famous for their lush surrounding forests and the delicious cinnamon-based sweets made in there by the locals -or so uncle cheerfully told her once. She couldn't voice it out before her new friend began talking again, so she settled on following the kid as she rambled her way to the forest. There was some distant chirping from somewhere behind, but she paid it no attention. Bird 'mons always were the noisy sort, she realized a long time ago. She stopped the moment Sassafras did and gave a snort at her words. "Such is the perk of being a tough boy." Natty sighed with a shake of her head "Well, at least birdie is around in case he does decide to go for roun--" The chirping grew louder by the second and the Bounsly stopped again to look up at the sky where, surely, was a slightly familiar little bird hovering above them. Instead of descending like she expected her to do, the Taillow circled above them a bit longer, said something like "The forest is this way" right before gliding slowly in the direction of the trees. - Sachs halted almost as soon as he spotted the leafy Goomy approach him at her slow, crawling pace and her shock only served to aggravate him further, as if he actually needed that at all. ''I'm not giving up!" He nearly spat, tail twitching a little. He then stood taller as she passed through in the direction of the forest and claimed in a haughty tone "I just won't lose my time searching around when all the trees look that dead" Deciding to show her his point, the Skorupi approached the nearest tree and stood on his hindlegs to lean on it and tap the bark with both forelegs. "I mean, look at this thing! In sure we couldn't even get sap from it!" -- (I realized I accidentally posted Lou's part, so I guess I ought to continue these c':) The first thing Lou became slowly aware of was a light tingling around his belly. Not constant enough to tickle him, but a little too noticeable to be just the wind. The second was some sort of background chirping that, the more aware he became –when did he fall asleep?-, the louder and less background-like it became. They were birds, he realized. Standing nearby? And what about the tingling? Lou opened his eyes, slowly and tentatively, and found himself face to face with a little red-headed bird Pokémon wreathed in a pale blue glow. A Fletchling, he recalled, who remained still except for the occasional short chirp accompanied by a rapid flicker of their long tail as their large black-brown eyes focused solely on him. Finding himself shrinking under the bird’s intense gaze, he let his own skate away to the side and let out a dismayed gasp at what he saw: more Fletching stood close to him, some standing stock still with their tails high and staring just as intensely as the first one while, alarmingly, others were busy pecking holes at a round red fruit. A fruit that looked a little too much like one of the apples he brought-- ‘’Ah, no!’’ the Dunsparce hurriedly rolled onto his belly to try and retrieve it, the movement causing in turn a flurry of bright colors, flapping wings and loud startled chirps as the Fletchling fled and sought refuge on a far away tree. Lou silently watched them go with a trickle of guilt, which expanded upon turning to the fruit they've left behind in their haste. He couldn't offer a pecked apple to his would-be friends, couldn't he? That'd be a pretty rude thing to do. Eating it didn't seem alright either, what with the Fletchling appearing more hungry than he was. So, deciding it was time to continue, heinstead turned to rearrange his bag before putting it back on his back and, after giving one last look at the abandoned apple, began heading towards the forest.
"Oh. Speaking of birdie..." Sassafras giggled slyly as she looked up to the sky and watched the little Taillow circle around. "It must be nice to have wings..." she thought to herself as she stared intently at the way she would flap her wings, almost as if Sassafras had gone in some sort of trance. "I'm glad to see that she's doing better already. But, we should probably go on ahead to the forest now." she spoke after a few moments of weird silence on her part. She mentally forced herself to turn her head away from the sky and look back to Natty. "Yeah. We shouldn't make Sachs and Grace do all the work. Especially with how scarce the berries are going to be around this time." she continued and began her small trek towards the direction Lettidee was leading them to. --- The Petmy watched him patiently. "Well, I wouldn't know anything about tree sap... but you can't just harvest berries by checking the outside of every bush and tree. You have to be more in depth with the flora if you want to find what you're looking for!" she exclaimed as she poked her head in to a bush that had already began growing back from the harsh winter cold. "Aha!" she cheered as she yanked out a pre-ripe persim berry from the bush with her mouth. "Bottoms up!" She flung the berry a few feet up in the air and caught it with the same thing she flung it with, before she chomped down on it whole. "Mmmmm..." she uttered as she looked back in the bush in search for more.

Pages: 1234

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