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Saltea's art stall

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saltea's Avatarsaltea
saltea's Avatar
Saltea's art stall Status: Open but limited
First of all, I'd like to welcome you all to my art shop and thank you for your interest in checking out my shop. Feel free to have a look around and of course order anything that you'd like. However, don't forget to read the rules before you do so because they are very important. Thank you and have a great day. <3


1. All PFQ rules apply. 2. Please remain courteous and polite. 3. I will only ask for payments after I finish your order. I am also not a fan of you giving half of the payment first because then I will feel pretty rushed to finish your art. Please wait for me to finish before paying. 4. Please be patient and do not message me to ask where the art is. I can only do art in my free time and that free time is not a lot. Please do note that digital drawings will take more time than traditional drawings. 5. It is a first come, first served system. 6. I have every right to reject some commissions. Art is not something that can be forced, and if I do not want to draw something, I will not do so. (i)I generally prefer drawing humans, animals and Pokemon over furries and settings. (ii)I generally do not prefer drawing furries because I have little to no experience in drawing them. 7. Please do not complain about the prices in my art shop. Drawing takes a lot of effort and I try my best to make them reasonable. 8. I have every right to ban whoever that does not follow the rules. There would be two warnings, and if the offense is repeated, there would be a ban. 9. The completed drawing will be posted here, or DMed to you on PFQ or on Discord based on your preference. Depending on the drawing, it might be uploaded on my Deviant art (VanillaSkittyKitty) or Instagram. (@/elysa_ng) If you do not want them uploaded there, please do specify in your order. 10. Please do not edit, change or steal my art in any way. The watermarks exist for a reason, and I do not appreciate it if it is erased. 11. Do not forget to subscribe to this thread. I am not obliged to hunt you down whenever the drawing is done. 12. I go by the conversion price of 1ZC/5GP/5,000C. Please note that I generally prefer ZC as payments.


Type of Drawing: Please feel free to scroll down in the menu to find out which type of drawing you would like to order from me. There are five types of drawings to choose from, although right now, digital drawings are closed. Characters: Which characters do you want me to draw? Do you want me to turn your Pokemon OC into a gijinka? Additional characters: Do you want any additional characters/Pokemon if you're requesting some human art? Form of payment: What will you be paying in? GP, credits or ZC? I generally prefer ZC as payments, thank you ^^ Others: Any other details you want me to include in the drawing?


1. Pokemon Traditional Sketch
[No image yet, sorry]
A sketch of any Pokemon of your choice. It could be your Pokesona, or even your Pokemon OCs. One Pokemon: 20ZC/100GP/100k credits Additional Pokemon: 5ZC/25GP/25k per extra Pokemon 2. Human traditional sketch


A traditional sketch of any human/trainer of your choice. If you have a Pokemon OC, I am willing to design a gijinka version of them too. Half body sketch: 35ZC/175GP/175k credits Thigh-up sketch: 40ZC/200GP/200k credits Full-body: 45ZC/225GP/225K credits Pokemon: Additional 5ZC/25GP/25k for every Pokemon in team added. 3. Human traditional sketch (Inked)


An inked traditional sketch of any OC/trainer of your choice. I am willing to design a gijinka version of them too. Half body: 50ZC/250GP/250k credits Thigh up: 55ZC/275GP/275k credits Full body: 60ZC/300GP/300k credits Pokemon: Additional 5ZC/25GP/25k for every Pokemon in team added. 4. Human traditional color


A colored traditional drawing of a trainer/OC of your choice. Drawing material used will be my Copics. Please note that ordering this will take a while! Half body: 150ZC/750GP/750k credits Thigh-up: 175ZC/874GP/875k credits Full-body: 200ZC/1000GP/1000k credits Pokemon: Additional 20ZC/50GP/50k credits for every Pokemon in team added. 5. Human digital traditional art


A digitally colored drawing of a trainer/OC of your choice. Note that it will take a while! It might take up to two-three weeks for me to completely finish this. This is because my digital drawing process sometimes can be incredibly long because I typically spend 15-20 hours on a single piece. The drawings need to be drawn traditionally before being transferred. Line-art has to be redone and coloring takes a while. Note that right now, digital drawing orders are Closed Half body sketch: 300ZC/1500GP/1.50mil credits Thigh-up: 350ZC/1750GP/1.70 mil credits Full-body: 400ZC/2000GP/2mil credits

Waiting List/Slots open

1. Delta (Requires copics, not available rn)
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CatEnergetic's AvatarCatEnergetic
CatEnergetic's Avatar
Type of Drawing: Human traditional color! Characters: Katt! Additional characters: None! Form of payment: 100zc! Others: I'll PM you some outfit ideas ;p
Janyne's AvatarJanyne
Janyne's Avatar
Wonderful pieces ♡ Placed an order via PM!
Shiro-san's AvatarShiro-san
Shiro-san's Avatar
I really like you style so I'd love to order some art. Type of Drawing: Traditional Sketch(inked)-Fullbody Characters:My dearest Boy If he's too hard I can change it. Form of payment: Gp. I'll gladly pay double for the complexity charge. Others: I'd love if he could be sitting holding a cup of green tea and softly smiling. If you don't want to do that then feel free to do whatever you think would fit him best.
All art and coding by me.Adopt Shop-My Art/Life Journal
Saving credits for a Type:Null hunt.Swapping gp for credits 1:1k, buying ultra beasts 150gp each, null vouchers ,1,000gp! Just send a trade or pm!
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Lucario31's AvatarLucario31
Lucario31's Avatar
*slides in* Hiii, I hope its not a bother if I place an order? Your art is amazing OwO Type of Drawing: Pokemon Traditional Sketch Characters: *gently points at pfp* Additional characters: A Delphox with a feather stuck in his ear fluff Form of payment: ZC :3 Others: If possible, can you draw the Delphox huffing and frowning at Skyla while she's snickering?
Hi!! Please call me Luca or Yuki~ Only my best friends are the ones who can call me Luca-chan~
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saltea's Avatarsaltea
saltea's Avatar
Okay, all orders accepted and currently being processed. Until further notice, this shop will be closed
saltea's Avatarsaltea
saltea's Avatar
@CatEnergetic: Your order is ready ^^ I designed the costume to the best I could, although I also wanted something that reflects Katt's character? I hope you like it <3


Drawings that do not require copics will be processed by the end of this week. Thank you for your patience.
Janyne's AvatarJanyne
Janyne's Avatar
Thank you for the fabulous piece ♥ Hope to have a chance to order again in the future!
saltea's Avatarsaltea
saltea's Avatar
@shiro-san: Your order is ready. I apologies if I took a really long time for your order. Your character was really elaborately designed and I wanted to perfect him because his design was simply just beautiful. I actually sketched him 4-5 times but I wasn't satisfied with the result. The wings and his legs were the hardest ones, according to me because I wasn't the best at feathers. This is the result that I liked the most out of all the drafts, and I hope you're satisfied by it. Thank you for ordering in my shop.


@luca: Your order will be coming soon <3 To everybody else: The prices in my shops will be bumping up. However, for those who have ordered before, you don't have to change any prices and it will still remain the same!
Shinobu's AvatarShinobu
Shinobu's Avatar
sorry ignore this, my site skin doesn't blend well with red so i couldn't see it was closed, my mistake ^-^"
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